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Top 10 Mechs in Anime

*didn't produce their own fair share of giant robots, but we'll get to those in a seperate list.
To define what we're looking for, it's giant robots and/or cybernetic weapons that are piloted by people. Robots with a personality that require no pilot are excluded, and so are, unfortunately, the IS units from Infinite Stratos because they look more like mech-suits than mechas. Also, only mecha-anime allowed, not that non-mech anime didn't produ
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    1EVA-01 - Neon Genesis Evangelion
    *it's still a piece of tech that requires driving, so yes, it counts. This 80m tall robot comes equipped with a nearly inpenetrable forcefield, a vibrating knife, guns and a berserker mode. Bad sides: it requires a giant cable in order to recive power, it has little other remarkable features aside from its sheer size, and its pilot is... just the w
    I personally dislike the entire franchize, and the EVAs are, robot-wise, just impractical and ugly in my opinion. But that doesn't change the fact that there are some cocoos out there that find this robot marvelous. And I use the term "robot" loosely, it's technically a colossal cyborg. For those that complainabout it, it's still a piece of tech th
  • 2RX-78 Gundams - Gundam franchize
    I have a feeling this mech will make it to number 1 slot simply for being synonimous with giant robots in anime. Gundam is practically another word for Japanese Giant Robot, and there are several incarnations of this model over various versions of the franchize. also, they appear to be incredibly powerful.
  • 3Gurren Lagann - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    I am going to be mad if this mech does not make it as at least number 3. It's a red samurai-headed fighting machine with the most badass attack in anime history, that can operate on willpower, combine with other mechs into colossal robots, one of which is the largest fictional mech in history! Ridiculous? Maybe. Badass? Hell yes!
  • 4Escaflowne - The Vision of Escaflowne
    Medival robot that looks like a knight and transforms into a dragon. Just let that sink in fror a moment.
  • 5ARX-7 Arbalest - Full Metal Panic!
  • 6RM-011 Valvrave I "Hito" - Valvrave the Liberator
    Okay, honestly, this vote is sheer bias, as I'm not sure how many people saw this show, but the robot is awesome! Swords, hooks, missles, generating hardlight afterflash, the Harakiri Blade move, plus the pilot gets to become a body-switching, nearly immortal vampire. How's that for awesomenes?
  • 7Red-5 - Majestic Prince
  • 8Z-01 Lancelot - Code Geass
    *that make this robot an excellent kicking machine. Lelouch is said to be one of the most intelligent anime characters to date, and this is the robot that always screws up his plans, and until Guren showed up, it never lost a fight.
    At least one Code Geass mech has got to make it on this list. I personally prefer the Guren, but Lancelot s simply more of a trademark to the series. I'm not sure if you've seen the show, but this machine drives smoothly: grappling harkens, laser swords, flight mode, turbo wheels, and a modifiable giant cannon are just some of the features that mak
  • 9Lion Voltron - Voltron: Defender of the Universe
  • 10Big O - The Big O
    If Bruce Wayne had a giant robot instead of being Batman, this is the mech he'd use... probably.
  • 11Gunbuster - Gunbuster
  • 12Mazinger Z - Mazinger Z
    This one is a classic, and one of the first mechs ever introduced... but it is not the best looking. Being classic is not always a good thing.
  • 13Dancougar Nova - Juusou Kikou Dancougar Nova
    I like the animal theme of this machine. It's original purpose was to collect the data of all lifeforms on Earth, then carry them on like the Noah's Ark, but the pilots instead used that data to gain power and save the world from a rogue alien AI.
  • 14Rayearth - Magic Knight Rayearth
    The Rune Gods such as Rayearth are cool looking magical robot-like deities that serve the Magic Knights. Personally, I think Celes and Windam are better looking, but their combined form is pretty awesome too.
  • 15God Gravion - Gravion
  • 16AV-98 Ingram - Patlabor
  • 17Giant Robo - Giant Robo the Animation
  • 18RahXephon - RahXephon
  • 19Captain Earth - Captain Earth
  • 20Nirvash - Eureka Seven

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