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Top 10 Missed Opportunities With Game Of Thrones Seasons 7 And 8

Missed Opportunities That Would Have Made The Final Seasons Better
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    1Cersei Actually Sending Her Army To Help With The Night King And Then Betraying Danaerys After His Defei
    Also It Would Have Been A Smarter Plan On Her Part To Beat Both Him And Danaerys
    Like She Still Has Euron Secretly Build Dragon Killing Weapons And An Army

  • 2Bran Using His Warging Abilities In The Battle Including Using The Dragon Or Summoning Direwolves
    Also Noting They Originally Wanted To Use The Direwolves But Didn't Have Time To Do It Right
    This Would Have Also Helped Earn Him Becoming King In The End

  • 3Seeing Wight Versions Of Hodor And Other Past Characters And Wight Animals And More Giants
    Especially The Ice Spiders As Big As Hounds

  • 4Bran Getting More Character Development And Being More Part Of The Plot Make Your Case
  • 5How And When Certain Characters Died Make Your Case
  • 6Having A War Between Danaerys And The North Make Your Case
  • 7The Mission In Beyond The Wall Is Actually An Assasination Mission To Kill The Night King Before He Crosses The Wall
    Specifically Jon Actually Takes An Army With Him And Danaerys Is Already There With Her Dragons To End The Conflict Quickly
    And They End Up Trying To Make A Truce With Cersei Because They Lose And Of Course Bring A Wight To Prove What Is Going On

  • 8Characters Like Bronn, Yara, Gendry, And Others Having A Bigger Role Make Your Case
  • 9Using Time Skips Or Making Them More Clear
    For Example A One Year Time Skip After Missandei Dies Or After Danaerys Takes Kings Landing

  • 10Benjen Being The One Who Saves Jon And The Others When They Are Trapped By White Walkers On The Frozen Lake
    And he Sacrifices Himself To Buy Time So Everyone Can Get On The Dragon
    It would have solved the Danaerys traveled there too fast problem if they were with him for a few days before she arrives

  • 11Jon Doesn't Tell Anybody He Is A Targaryen Until After The Fight With The Night King And He Tells His Family First Make Your Case
  • 12Danaerys Actually Arrives In Winterfell In Season 7 And Her Conflict With Sansa Happens Instead Of The Arya And Sansa Conflict Make Your Case
  • 13Rhaegal Is Killed During The Kings Landing Battle After The Bells Ring For Surrender Make Your Case
  • 14Hearing Danaerys's Thoughts Or Seeing Her Hallucinate While She Is Starting To Go Mad
    For Example She Hallucinates Missandei Or Her Brother Telling Her To Burn Them All.

  • 15Danaerys And Cersei Having More Scenes Together Make Your Case
  • 16Danaerys Doesnt Confront The Night King Until The Long Night And She Loses One Of Her Dragons In That Battle Instead
    Since she is supposed to start going mad after the battle it would have helped if she lost two of her dragons more closely together

  • 17Benjen Stark Lives Until The Long Night And He Is The One Who Gives Jon Information On The White Walkers Make Your Case
  • 18Danaerys Expressing Guilt Over Burning Kings Landing But Still Justifying It As Something She Had To Do Make Your Case
  • 19Jaime And Cersei Actually Get Captured And Danaerys Executes Them Together In Front Of Tyrion Make Your Case
  • 20Jon Actually Doesn't Give Danaerys The North Still Stating The Other Lords Need To Agree
    Even though it was to show that he believes in her now he is also honor bound to discuss it with the lords first

  • 21Bran Actually Being Bran Showing More Human Emotions Make Your Case
  • 22Jaime Going Back To Cersei To Try And Save Their Unborn Child
    Basically He Leaves Brienne Not Because He Still Loves Cersei But Because He Wants To Save His Child

  • 23Having The Council Election Be That All The Kingdoms Become Independent And All The Lords Will Be Elected In The Future
    And Bran And Tyrion Are Still Given Control Of Kings Landing So They Can Help Rebuild It

  • 24Danaerys Should Have Been More Devastated About The Deaths Of Her Dragons More Specifically The First Death Make Your Case
  • 25Jon's Decision To Kill Danaerys Happens During A War Between Her And The North And There Is One More Battle Make Your Case
  • 26Yara's Fleet Helping Defeat Euron's Fleet And She Is The One Who Fights Him Make Your Case
  • 27Danaerys Deciding To Attack King's Landing Before The Night King Arrives After Learning Cersei Is Breaking Her Promise
    Then present her burning it as a pragmatic move so that she can get back to Winterfell and help defeat the white walkers
    Then everybody finds out what she did after and this is what causes her conflict with Sansa and leads to the other things that happened

  • 28Bran Is The One Who Sends A Raven To Danaerys To Save Jon Beyond The Wall Instead Of Gendry Because Of Seeing It Before It Happens
    Better explain how she got there in time

  • 29Danaerys Starts Going Mad Over Her Desire For Vengeance Towards The Night King For Killing Her Dragon Make Your Case
  • 30Missandei And Rhaegal Die During The Long Night Make Your Case
  • 31Danaerys Burns The Red Keep First To Try And Kill Cersei Make Your Case
  • 32Arya Attempts To Kill Cersei But Spares Her Because She Begs For The Life Of Her Unborn Child Make Your Case
  • 33It Is Sansa Instead Of Tyrion Who Is Being Held Prisoner By Danaerys And She Is The One Who Convinces Jon To Kill Her Make Your Case
  • 34A Twist Where The Night King Actually Flies Straight To Kings Landing Make Your Case
  • 35A Twist Where Danaerys Gets Turned Into A White Walker And Becomes A Night Queen
    Fans Probably Would Have Accepted This Explanation For Why She Became A Villain
    And Of Course Jon Is The One Who Has To Kill Her.

  • 36Arya's Ending Being She Becomes A Knight And Takes Clegane's Former Title Make Your Case
  • 37If Another Character Became King Or Queen Bran Could Have Been The New Master Of Whispers Make Your Case
  • 38Almost All The Lannister Soldiers Refuse To Bend The Knee To Danaerys, Not Just The Tarlys And She Burns Them All Make Your Case
  • 39Grey Worm Dies And Missandei Is The One Negotiating With The Council Over Jon And Tyrion's Fates Make Your Case
  • 40Danaerys Burns Kings Landing Because Cersei Refuses To Surrender And Her Army Is Losing Make Your Case
  • 41Ghost Being In The Crypts Along With Some Soldiers To Protect The Citizens Make Your Case
  • 42Arya Vs Night King Fight Or Jon Fighting Him Or Participating Make Your Case
  • 43Jon Being Reunited With His Uncle Going Longer Make Your Case
  • 44The Dothraki Army Actually Being Wiped Out Make Your Case
  • 45Having Season 7 End With The Defeat Of The Night King And Season 8 Focusing On The Conflict With Cersei And Danaerys Becoming The Mad Queen
    If you think about it if season 7 was 10 Episodes this might have happened

  • 46Season 8 Being A Two Part Season Including Extra Episodes
    Like what was done with the Sopranos

  • 47Episodes Like Beyond The Wall And The Long Night Could Have Been Two Part Episodes Make Your Case
  • 48Danaerys Defeating Cersei Before The Night King Arrives
    For Example Danaerys Actually Uses The Meeting Over The White Walker War To Set A Trap And Win The War Without Having To Hurt Citizens

  • 49Littlefinger Dying In Season 8 Instead And Him Manipulating The Conflict Between Sansa And Danaerys And Other Events That Caused Danaerys To Go Mad
    Like him setting up the trap on Danaerys and having him die around the time Varys was executed

  • 50Going Deeper Into Danaerys' Decision To Burn King's Landing And Her New Willingness To Murder Innocents To Accomplish Her Goals Make Your Case
  • 51Jon's Decision To Kill Danaerys Happens During A Between Her And The North Make Your Case
  • 52Theon Being Able To Take Out At Least One White Walker In A Fight Before Being Killed By The Night King Make Your Case
  • 53White Walkers Participating In The Battle Of Winterfell Make Your Case

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