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Top 10 Moments from Agents of SHIELD

This month we're nearing the final season of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. This list is about the most shocking heartbreaking & memorable moments from the show and its characters.
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    1Fitz Reveals His Feelings to Simmons
  • 2Skye is an Inhuman
    When the mist hit them many of thought they were goners but as it turns out it didn't destroyed them but transformed them into Inhumans with Raina's physical appearance changed while Skye/Daisy gained quaking abilities
    However we learned that only the worthy (or in this case the people with possible Inhuman DNA) are able to touch it & Raina & Skye aka Daisy can
    The Obelisk/Diviner was first shown as an object was f destruction whenever someone touches it.
  • 3The Truth About Tahiti
  • 4Ward is HYDRA
  • 5Deke Shaw is FitzSimmons' Grandson
  • 6Fitz Killed Agnes
  • 7Jiaying's True Colors
  • 8Mack & Bobbi Working with the "Real" SHIELD
  • 9HIVE Controls Ward's Body
  • 10Daisy is Swayed by HIVE
  • 11The Team Traveled to the Future
  • 12Ghost Rider's Introduction
  • 13Framework HYDRA
  • 14FitzSimmons Wedding
  • 15Skye Becomes an Agent
  • 16The True Destroyer of Worlds
  • 17Mace is NOT an Inhuman
  • 18Elena Kills Ruby
  • 19Coulson is Dying (Again)
  • 20Phil & Melinda's ACTUAL Kiss
  • 21Melinda Tells Phil "I Love You"
  • 22Andrew Garner is the Inhuman Lash
  • 23Bobbi & Lance's Goodbye to SHIELD
  • 24Fitz's Mental Health
  • 25Lincoln's Sacrifice
  • 26The Truth About Skye's Parents
  • 27Robbie's Uncle Caused the Explosion
  • 28The Team Travels to the Past
  • 29What Happened at Bahrain
  • 30May Vs. May (Agent 33)
  • 31The Alien Symbols are a Map to a City
  • 32What is Theta Protocol?

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