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Top 10 Most Interesting Fan Theories on Joker (2019)

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    1Alfred knew all about Thomas Wayne's affair with Arthur's mom Penny
  • 2Everything we saw in the movie was Arthur's way of seeing things, which might be a concocted story that might not even have one ounce of truth in real life because after all Arthur suffers from severa
    -l mental disorders that distort the way he perceives reality. His killing of Randall, appearance on the Murray Franklin show, Arthur's subsequent rescue, Gotham riots, and Batman himself might have all been delusions in Arthur's twisted mentality.
  • 3The ending of the movie shows the real Joker. Joaquin Phoenix's character transformation towards the end is the genuine Joker, and he just made up this character called Arthur Fleck to toy with the pe
    -ople trying to treat him. After all, he is a villain who still suffers from various mental disorders, but whose actual IQ is well above the portrayed Arthur in the story. He's the kind of villain who could mastermind and execute sophisticated attacks on Gotham.
  • 4At three points in the film the clocks read 11:11, a number which to some represents the awakening of the soul. Arthur smashes a clock with the time 11:11 midway through the film, and from ther his Jo
    -ker persona takes over. The clock break signified Arthur's full transition and also alluded to the Jermiah 11:11 fragment in the Bible.
  • 5Joker drew on his real world surrounding to add substance to his story when he spoke to the psychiatrist at the beginning of the movie and the psychiatrist at the end of the movie. The psychiatrists b
    -oth have similar skin tones and other similar physical characteristics. He may have drawn from his real world surroundings with Sophie to win her affection just like he won Harley Quinn's heart with a bunch of his stories in the comics.
  • 6The ''You Wouldn't Get It.'' quote has ambiguous meaning. The psychiatrist doesn't get the joke because the joke is that Bruce Wayne is just as crazy as Joker after losing his parents, and Jokers know
    -s this and finds his archenemy's life just as funny as his own. Otherwise, Joker implied that killing her is the joke because she wouldn't find her own death funny at all.
  • 7The movie actually takes place years after the rest of the movie and after the birth of Batman. Joker is actually just recalling his past and has the realization that the events that shaped him into t
    -he Clown Prince of Crime also gave birth to Batman. He's laughing throughout the movie because he's finally figured out who Batman truly is and how has he become by piecing together his own dark past. Joker just found out that he indirectly gave birth to Batman. Joker finds all of this ironic and funny, which inspired the many ways he can now torm
    -ent his nemesis.
  • 8Arthur is actually the son of Thomas Wayne and brother of Bruce Wayne. Thomas Wayne relies on his trusted butler Alfred in order to protect his heir and empire. In The Dark Knight (2008), Joker is lau
    -ghing at the irony that while Batman is lecturing him that people are inherently good, his own father was an asshole who was largely responsible for the riots in Gotham and Alfred has been keeping the truth from him and the world about his brother his whole life. Then again, in Joker (2019) Thomas Wayne was running for mayor, so the drama around h
    -aving Arthur is an abandoned son would have ruined his chances of becoming mayor.
  • 9The events in Joker (2019) really did happen and the movie itself is a prequel to The Dark Knight (2008). The violence and chaos in Gotham is proof that the people of Gotham have a history of respondi
    -ng to such symbols, most notably when a clown sparked off a period of violence, chaos, corruption and lawlessness that has lasted over 20 years.
  • 10Arthur Fleck is nihilistic instead of mentally insane even though nihilism and insanity can be perceived as the same thing

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