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Top 10 Movies Based on Real Life Events (suggested 5 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

Top 10 Most Common Real Life Events Made Into Movies

Submissions should be specific, for example; instead of "A War" you put "World War 2" or instead of "Political Assassination" you put "Assassination of John F. Kennedy"
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    1World War 2 suggested byTrevor J Maguire

  • 2Titanic suggested byTrevor J Maguire
    are there more movies ???

  • 3Vietnam suggested byTrevor J Maguire

  • 49/11 tragedy suggested byTrevor J Maguire

  • 5Life of Sports stars suggested byTrevor J Maguire

  • 6Great Depression suggested byTrevor J Maguire

  • 7Life and death of Political Leaders suggested byTrevor J Maguire

  • 8The Holocaust suggested byAngel21

  • 9Biography of famous people suggested byDirector22

  • 10Kidnappings suggested byDirector22

  • 11Tragic mishap survival, (127, Alive etc.) suggested byHarivaindaran K. Veeriah

  • 12slavery suggested bytyrone@y

  • 13Space launches suggested byTrevor J Maguire

  • 14American Revolution suggested byTrevor J Maguire

  • 15The Girl Next Door suggested byRobintheFrog

  • 16war on terrorism suggested byalman124

  • 17Solved or Unsolved mysteries suggested byDirector22

  • 18People being stranded or lost in both nature and water suggested byDirector22

  • 19Organized Crime suggested byAnzar Lateef

  • 20Korean War suggested byTrevor J Maguire

  • 21The October Revolution suggested byZeno Sklivas

  • 22American Civil War suggested byZeno Sklivas

  • 23American Civil Rights Movement suggested byZeno Sklivas

  • 24Assassination of John F. Kennedy suggested byZeno Sklivas

Top ten movies based on real life events

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    1Gangs of New York suggested bylitermaso

Top 10 Movie Portrayals of Real Life Events

  • Top 10 Movie Portrayals of Real Life Tragic Events

  • Top 10 Movies Based on Real Life Events

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      1Valkyrie suggested bySomeGuyDownTheRoad

    • 2United 93 suggested bySomeGuyDownTheRoad

    • 3The King's Speech suggested bySomeGuyDownTheRoad

    • 4The Social Network suggested byAleksander Kazecki

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