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Top 10 Physics Defying Movie Moments

also part of: Top 10 Movies with Broken Physics
Enlist those moments in movies when physics was completely ignored, or if the stunts were later proven to be impossible or illogical in real life. Only those moments when physics is important counts, so this rules out magic, miracles, and cartoons.
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    1Bullet Time- The Matrix suggested byIan McGill
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  • 2Various Stunts - Bourne trilogy
    several experiments were conducted, and plenty of Bourne's stunts were proven impossible, including riding a car downstairs, falling from several floors by using a corpse as a coushin, and jumping between buildings through windows on different floors.
  • 3Too long Runway - Fast & Furious 6
  • 4The Basilisk Scene- Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets
    If Ron could copy the parsel-tongue, anyone could've, which makes no sense because snakes cannot detect sound whatsoever.
    It is illogical: snakes cannot hear, so the thing with parsel-tongue is pure nonsense. They also have strong senses, so Harry would've died several times even if the Basilisk was blinded, as it was supposed to have either smell Harry or detect his bodyheat.
  • 5The Exploding Gunshot Gastank - Various
    Sniper specialists have shot gastanks full of gasoline several times in the row, and no explosion occured. The sparks that were supposed to trigger the blast occur very, very rarely in real life, but almost every time in movies.
  • 6Exploding Oxygen Tank - Jaws
  • 7Lighter-Than-Air Propane - Panic Room
  • 8Running Away From Explosions - Various
  • 9Jumping Buildings & Bending Bullet Trails - Wanted
  • 10Reversing Time by Reversing Earth's Rotation - Superman

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