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Top 10 Reasons Game Of Thrones Season 8 Has Made Fans Rage Quit

Warning! This list may contain spoilers below.
Reasons why some fans consider season 8 to be the worst season of Game Of Thrones.
  • 1Filming Mistakes Such As Forgetting A Coffee Cup And How The Darkness In A Battle Appeared On Certain TVs
    When it comes to the darkness scenes the intention was for us to be there with the characters having a hard time seeing because of the night but having TVs on certain settings made it too dark.
    Yes I agree that the intent of the darkness scenes was to make things realistic and try to immerse us but because of the fact that people had different tv types and setting, this plan did not work
    They did edit it out.
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  • 2Daenerys Becoming A Villain In Some Fans Opinion Out Of Nowhere
    Ultimately Some Fans Wanted Her Too Win And Felt She Was The Hero She Seemed To Be And Felt This Turn Was A Betrayal To Her Character.
    The One Thing They Really Hated Was Her Killing Children And Innocent People When In Previous Seasons While She Could Be Ruthless She Refused To Kill Innocents.
    There were hints though that she would turn out this way as evidenced by her throne of ashes vision and the fact that she had two people torched for refusing to bend the knee to her
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  • 3Unsatisfying Character Deaths And Exits
    Examples They Wanted Cersei To Die Brutally And Didn't Like Jaime Going Back To Her.
    Felt More Characters Should Have Died In The Long Night.
    Now There Is Even The Death Of Danaerys And Jon Going To The North When Some Fans Feel One Or Both Should Have Become The Ruler Of The Seven Kingdoms

  • 4The Idea That The Plot Is Being Rushed
    Generally Most Agree Everything May Have Been Better Received If They Did A Full 10 Episode Season Or Just Did A Couple More Seasons
    Even People Who Love The Season Feel This Way

  • 5Prophecies Seemingly Being Ignored
    Though It Can Be Argued That They Did Come True But With A Twist
    One particular prophecy was the idea that a chosen one would be the one who saves the world by killing the night King but now it seems it will be whoever kills Danaerys
    I think the valonquar was Jaime because he was born after Cersei and that choking the life out of her was him hugging her the moment the walls collapsed and killed both of them. Prophecies are open to interpretation until the moment they are actually carried out

  • 6Poor Decision Making From The Characters
    And There Is Tyrion Who Continued To Make Decisions That Made Things Worse For Danaerys And Partly Causes Her To Become Evil
    There Is Also That Danaerys Lost A Second Dragon And Later Her Friend Just Because She Wasn't Paying Attention And Should Have Spotted The Ambush From Euron Before It Happened
    For Example Their Battle Tactics That End Up Getting People Killed

  • 7The Show Not Ending The Way They Want
    I just cant believe that a lot of fans want Game Of Thrones To Have a Disney like happy ending ending for many characters. Game of thrones is not that kind of show and it has been making itself clear on that since the first season
    Ultimately the ending is going to be bittersweet just like George promised and some fans wanted the traditional happy ending.
    They also wanted it to be the characters fighting the night King and his defeat or victory being the end.
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  • 8The Idea That The Writers Were Just Being Lazy
    It is also stated that George actually told them how he wants to end the books but not how he intends to get there.
    I think they were actually tired. They had to work without source material to back them up and the episodes were longer than usual
    Generally That They Didn't Put In As Much Work As Previous Seasons
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  • 9Feeling Like The Way Certain Story Arcs Concluded Was Anticlimactic
    And of course the Night King situation where he almost wins but gets taken out by a sneak attack with a knife and the White Walkers never even fight anybody.
    Even Jon killing Danaerys and then after all the build up of him being the true King he ends up back at the night watch and Bran who hasn't really done anything becomes king
    For example Cersei and the Golden Company being built up as a credible threat when they killed a dragon but Danaerys defeats them in minutes and they just surrender

  • 10They Generally Feel That Every Episode After Episode 2 Were Terrible
    Even the Critics feel that way

  • 11Feeling Like They Could And Should Have Made More Seasons
    It Was Actually Stated That HBO Offered To Let Them Make More Seasons But They Refused
    In Hindsight The Night King Conflict, The War With Cersei, And Danaerys Becoming The Mad Queen Could Have Been Better Received If They Had Happened In Separate Seasons.

  • 12Not Getting To See Certain Moments Happen
    Like Jon Telling Arya And Sansa About His Heritage And How They Reacted

  • 13Feeling Like The Season Should Have Been Better Than It Was Because Of Taking Two Years To Make It Make Your Case
  • 14Feeling Some Scenes Were Unnecessary
    Like The Sex Scenes Or Everybody Drinking After Surviving The Long Night
    The only thing I did not like about season 8 was Jaime and Brienne having sex. I felt that this scene was shoehorned in and betrayed Briennes ideas and portrayal of her strengths as a fierce woman

  • 15Bringing Fan Favorite Couples Together Just To Tear Them Apart Make Your Case
  • 16Feeling 6 Episodes Was Not Enough To Justify Everything That Happened In The Season
    More Episodes Also Could Have Gave Characters More Development Into Why They Ultimately Made The Decisions They Made
    Specifically That Things On This List Would Have Been Better Received If It Was 10 Episodes Or Had Another Season

  • 17The Idea That The Show Lost It's Realism
    Also Rhaegal Getting Killed By Three Perfect Shots But The Next Episode They Can't Even Hit Drogon
    Example Many Characters Surviving The Long Night Despite Overwhelming Odds
    Well drogon is the most fierce and powerful of the dragon trio
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  • 18The Night King And His Army Being Killed In One Episode After Years Of Build Up
    And some felt that the night King should have been the true final villain and wanted to know more about him.
    It especially bothers fans that he is killed by a sneak attack instead of in a fight and it was Arya and not Jon who killed him.
    He ultimately was a plot device to get everybody together and set up future events revolving around the throne

  • 19Things That Happened Ultimately Made Events In Past Seasons Pointless
    Like Last Season Danaerys Really Could Have Easily Won Against Cersei Without Harming Innocent People
    And Jon Being A Targaryen Was Only Used To Cause Conflict With Danaerys And Became Irrelevant When He Was Sent Across The Wall.

  • 20The Fact That Even Some Critics Are Not Liking The Season
    Season 8 Overall Is The Lowest Scored Season
    The Final 3 Episodes Got Low Rotten Tomatoes Scores

  • 21All The Work They Put In Too Theories Being For Nothing Make Your Case
  • 22Generally Feeling The Show Should Have Waited For The Books To End
    Well they could not at this point because many of the characters such as Bran and Arya were still very young and a lengthy timeskip would throw the pacing off. Plus Martin takes an extremely long time on his books. He had 5 to six years to finish winds of winter and he blew it

  • 23Just All The Wasted Opportunities With The Plot And Characters
    A lot of fans feel they should have done some things differently

  • 24It May Or May Not Be How The Book Series Ends And The Books Might Do It Better
    We cant say for show because George R.R Martin has a reputation for taking a very long time writing his books
    Ultimately If How The Show Ends Is How The Books End The Show Gave It Away

  • 25The Unfortunate Implications Around The Female Characters
    But some people just misunderstood what Sansa was saying.
    Like Danaerys Going Crazy,The Only Black Female Character Getting Killed, Or The Misinterpretation That Sansa Is A Stronger Person Because She Got Raped.

  • 26Certain Characters Being Sidelined
    And some of the actors becoming more expensive so their screen time was shorter to save money
    But this might be because of how more of the actors have busy schedules such as shooting movies and couldn't be used more.

  • 27Not Answering Certain Questions
    And the final leaves us with more questions

  • 28Feeling That The Characters Wouldn't Make The Decisions They Ultimately Made
    In the finale there is even the question of why would Grey Worm keep Jon and Tyrion alive
    Like Jaime Going Back To Cersei, Danaerys Murdering Children And Innocent People.
    There Was Even Bronn Threatening To Kill Jaime And Tyrion Despite Their Friendship

  • 29Feeling That Certain Moments Were Just For The Sake Of Fan Service
    Like Clegane Bowl, Arya Being The One Who Kills The Night King, And Generally Just Confirming Certain Fan Theories
    Even Danaerys Becoming The Mad Queen Was Something Some Fans Wanted.

  • 30Things That Happened In The Season Just Don't Make Sense Too Them Make Your Case
  • 31Character Development Going The Opposite Direction Than What Was Set Up Over The Years Make Your Case
  • 32Feeling Like Certain Character Arcs Should Have Ended Differently
    Generally The Fact Certain Characters Did Not Get A Happy Ending
    Once again the Danaerys And Jaime situation

  • 33The Leaks Especially The Possible Leak Of The Ending
    Though It Is Also Rumored That They Filmed Multiple Endings To Avoid The True Ending Being Spoiled
    Ultimately The Leaks Gave Away That Bran Would Be King And The Fate Of Other Characters
    Whoever is leaking that stuff is not being nice because they are prematurely spoiling things for everybody. This kind of behavior makes the quality of the show look lower than it actually is

  • 34Feeling That HBO Should Have Just Got New Showrunners And Writers To Continue The Series To End It Properly Make Your Case
  • 35Feeling Certain Characters Were Just Pointless Or Terrible
    Some fans question what was the point of Bran's Powers in the season
    Especially Euron Greyjoy

  • 36Feeling That They Could Have Written It Better Than The Writers
    Because of their theories and close studying of the books and show is why they feel this way

  • 37Ultimately Some Being Unsatisfied With The Ending Make Your Case
  • 38The Plot Building Up To Certain Things Happening But Ends Up Going In Another Direction Make Your Case
  • 39Bran Stark Ultimately Becoming The King Of The Seven Kingdoms
    Even the question of if his rule would even fix everything
    Mostly because of his strange personality and the scary possibility that he set it up to happen.
    Technically The Six Kingdoms

  • 40The Showrunner's Reasons For Why The Season Went The Way It Did Make Your Case
  • 41The Leaks Especially What They Said About The Possible The Final Ending
    Do not trust what leaks say until the episode actually comes out

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