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Top 10 Reasons South Park Elementary Should Expel Eric Cartman

Boeing there are a lot of list consisting on what kind of punishment Eric Cartman should get oh, I know he technically deserves a lot of these.
I don't think it should count if it didn't happen on school grounds or during a school-sponsored function; that would be overreaching on the part of the school...
this video should also be called worst things Eric Cartman did part 2
And also, if you're not caught up with south park, consider this a spoiler alert
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    1Got Some Students Killed
    It happens anytime.

  • 2Taking Too Far with Hall Monitor

  • 3Almost Destroyed the School

  • 4Got Mr. Mackey in Laxative

  • 5Making Fun About Breast Cancer

  • 6Sets Up Fights Among Students

  • 7He pretended to be transgender so he could use the girls bathroon suggested byAnonymous

  • 8Field Trip Disasters

  • 9He handcuffed a student to the school flagpole and made him cut off his leg suggested byAnonymous
    He must had gotten that idea from Saw.

  • 10Burned a Preschool Teacher
    That also happened before Cartman was enrolled in South Park Elementary...

  • 11Sued the School

  • 12Took Advantage of Chef

  • 13Caused Several students to commit or attempt suicide suggested byAnonymous

  • 14Vandalism

  • 15Mocked Wendys breadth cancer awareness project suggested byAnonymous

  • 16He turned one of his presentation projects into a hate speech against ginger kids suggested byAnonymous

  • 17He gave Kyle AIDS suggested byAnonymous
    Didn't happen on school grounds or during a school sponsored function (dance, sporting event, etc.)...

  • 18He kept cheating off of Token during school tests suggested byAnonymous

  • 19Frequent anti-Semitic comments and actions suggested byzendaddy621

  • 20Pooped on his teachers desk suggested byi eat toast

  • 21He hit Token in the head with a rock suggested byAnonymous

  • 22Public Nuisance

  • 23Shitty Mess

  • 24He slandered Wendy and wrote naughty books about her to sell on school grounds suggested byAnonymous

  • 251% Problem

  • 26He Drove the Teachers and Staffs Insane

  • 27For often impersonating Hitler OHH NOO suggested byBilly Lucius

  • 28He made the school faculty poison cafeteria food with laxatives suggested byAnonymous


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