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Top 10 Reasons Star Wars The Last Jedi Doesnt Deserve The Backlash It Got

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    1It Was Doing Something Different After Fans Complained Force Awakens Was Too Much The Same
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  • 2It Has Legitimate Flaws But No Movie Is Flawless And People Love It Despite Them
  • 3It's Ultimately Just A Movie
  • 4People Don't Have To Like The Movie But Should Let Other People Who Do Enjoy It
  • 5The Franchise Has Never Been Perfect
    For Example You Think That Flying Leia Was The First Unintentionally Funny Moment That Has Happened In The Franchise.
  • 6People Don't Have To Like A Character But That Doesn't Give Them The Right To Harass The Actors Who Play Them
  • 7The Creators Were Not Intentionally Trying To Offend The Fans
    The Movie Just Anticipated How Fans Would React To Certain Moments And What They Expected To Happen.
  • 8The Fans Need To Consider The Consequences If Their Demands Are Met
    And They Are Not Considering How Fans Who Liked The Original Movie Would Feel About The Changes Resulting In The Movie Still Being Divisive.
    And How Long It Take To Reshoot Everything And Recall Thousands Of The Original Cut DVDs.
    Like How Much It Would Cost To Get The Actors And Crew Back, The New Effects They Would Have To Create, Not Being Able To Reshoot Carrie's Scenes, And Even Just Having To Rewrite Things Under The Pressure Of Pleasing The Angry Fans.
  • 9It's Carrie Fisher's Last Movie And Should Get A Little Respect For Giving Her Tribute
  • 10Mark Hamill And The Other Actors Gave Great Performances Yet Some Fans Want To Throw Their Scenes In The Trash And Make Them Do The Movie All Over Again
  • 11While Not As Divisive As This Movie, Empire Strikes Back And Return Of The Jedi Had Fans That Didn't Like Them
  • 12A Minority Of Fans Made Up Their Mind They Were Going To Hate The Movie And Didn't Give it A Fair Chance
  • 13No Matter What The Movie Was Never Going To Answer All Questions Or Give You A Satisfactory Answer For Everything
  • 14We Can All Agree That The Movie Did Have Great And Memorable Moments
  • 15The Movie Was Obviously Leaving Some Things Open For Episode 9
  • 16There Is A Lot More People That Love The Movie Than The Other Fans Think And Specifically Not All Star Wars Fans Hate It
    There Are Fans Who Loved The Original Trilogy Who Also Love This Movie
  • 17Threatening The Studio And The Creators Is Not Going To Change Anything And They Would Be Condoning The Bad Behavior If They Did Meet Fan Demands
  • 18The Movie Was Never Going To Be Able To Give All Fans Everything They Wanted Because Everyone Wants Different Things
    And If The Movie Was Changed It Would Piss Off THe Other Fans Who Did Like The Movie
  • 19Some People Hate The Movie For Racist And Sexist Reasons So Their Criticisms Shouldn't Count
  • 20The Movie Was Deconstructing The Whole Franchise But It Was Also Paying Homage To It As Well
  • 21A Minority Of Star Wars Fans Are Almost Unpleasable Which Was Why Rian Decided To Make The Film He Wanted Without Worring About Pleasing Fans
  • 22Some People Let Their Political Or Social Beliefs Keep Them From Enjoying The Movie
  • 23Most Critics Liked The Movie And It's Not Because Disney Paid Them
  • 24Fans And The Creators Actually Have Explanations For The Supposed Plot Holes In The Movie
  • 25The Movie Ultimately Allows Episode 9 To Be What Ever It Wants To Be
  • 26Some Of The Answers The Movie Gives Us Are Open To Interpretation And Can Turn Out Different In Episode 9
  • 27The fanbase has grown highly toxic over the years and it was bound to blow up eventually suggested byAnonymous
  • 28Rian Actually Leaves It Open For Episode 9 To Do Whatever It Wants Even If It Takes Back Things He Did In This Movie
  • 29Some Fans Are Too Focused That The Movie Didn't Do Everything They Wanted, So Much That They Are Ignoring What The Movie Did Right
  • 30Some Of The Reasons The Movie Is Hated Don't Bother The Rest Of Us
    Not All Of Us Are Attached To Luke Skywalker Or Are Trying To Analyze How Things Work We Just Enjoy The Movie.
  • 31Ultimately Most Fans Are Still Going To Watch Episode 9 Just Like They Watched Revenge Of The Sith After Attack Of The Clones Sucked
  • 32Fans Had To Accept The Prequels As Canon, So They Need To Accept This Movie As Well
    Just We Can't Go Back And Fix The Problems With The Prequels We Can't Fix The Problems With This Movie
  • 33The Studio Never Forced Anybody To Put So Much Work In Predicting The Plot Of The Movie
  • 34Rian Wanted Fans Too Discuss And Debate The Movie Not To Cause A Fan War
  • 35Effects Artists Worked Really Hard On The Film
  • 36Most New And Casual Fans Liked The Movie
  • 37It's Not Really The Movie People Are Mad At But The Current State Of Society They Are Mad At
  • 38No Matter How Bad You Think The Movie Is, It Didn't Kill And At The Most You Wasted 20 Dollars And Gas Money To Get To The Theatre
  • 39Fixing The Last Jedi Could Cause The Problem When George Lucas Fixed The Original Trilogy But Fans Didn't Like The Changes


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