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Top 10 Reasons Star Wars The Last Jedi Is Not A Bad Movie Or Is Not That Bad

This List Is Mostly To Defend The Flaws Or What Fans Hated About The Movie And Point Out The Good Things About The Movie.
Why It's Not A Bad Movie Or For Those Who Didn't Like Why It's Not The Worst Movie Ever Made.
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    1The Movie Found A Way To Combine Empire Strikes Back And Return Of The Jedi So That Episode 9 Can Be Anything
    This is Also What Force Awakens Did, But This Movie Also Went Through The Major Events In Those Movies But Gave Them Almost The Opposite Results.
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  • 2The Reveal Of Rey's Parents Has The Same Impact On Her As Luke Finding Out Vader Is His Father
    And A Point About Her Character Is That She Wanted Important Parents Who Had A Good Reason For Leaving Her Or Just To Know Who They Are.
    And The Reveal Was Also Telling Her That Despite How Powerful She Is, She Isn't Special.
    Like She Wants Someone Like Luke Or Han Or A Legendary Jedi To Be Her Parent, But She Had To Accept That Her Real Parents Just Didn't Care About Her.
  • 3Mark Hamill Gave A Good Performance Even If The Character Feels Out Of Character For Some Fans
  • 4The Movie Has A Great Message About The Nature Of Failure And Learning From It
    A lot of fans failed to acknowledge that last Jedi takes place 30 years after return of the Jedi. That is a lot of time for a character to change something about themselves
  • 5The Movie Did It's Job Of Being Thought Provoking
    Because Even If You Didn't Like The Movie It Did Give You A Lot To Think About
  • 6Luke's Death Is Poetic And Allows Him To Become One With The Force On His Terms And Be At Peace
    And It Isn't Really That Different From How Obi Wan And Yoda Died And In Away Being A Combination Of How They Both Died.
  • 7The Plot Twists Do Work Because Fans Expected The Twists To Go The Opposite Direction
    Like expecting Snoke To die in the next movie, Luke and Rey being like Yoda traing him,or Rey's Parents being someone important
  • 8The Movie Actually Knew And Anticipated How Original Star Wars Fans Would React To Certain Moments
    For Example They Knew Fans Would Be Angry With What Luke Became After 30 Years Because That Is How Rey Felt.
  • 9It was Carrie Fishers last film suggested byAnonymous
    And She Gave A Good Performance Had A Good Final Scene With Mark Hamill As Their Characters.
  • 10It Deconstructed The Flaws And Cliches Of The Franchise But Also Paid Homage To It As Well
    Mainly acknowledging all the criticisms of the past movies
  • 11The Movie Explores All The Flaws Of The Heroes Including Rey And Has Them Overcome Them In The End
  • 12The Movie's Message Wasn't To Let The Past Die But To Learn From It And Move Forward
  • 13It Explores The Grey Areas Of War And People
  • 14The Movie Showed Luke As A Flawed Individual Who Gave Up Hope But Gets It Back In The End
  • 15The Movie Does Have Humor, But It's Just To Keep The Movie From Being Too Dark
  • 16The Point Of The Canto Bight Subplot Was To Show A Darker Aspect Of The Universe And Truly Have Finn Join The Resistance
  • 17Rose Tico Was Supposed To Symbolize A Fan Being Able To Join In The Adventure And The People Who Work Behind The Sceens To Help The Resistance
  • 18The Movie Makes The Force Mysterious Again Like it Was In The Original Trilogy Before The Prequels Gave Explanations For It
  • 19The Significance Of Kylo Killing Snoke Is That He Accomplished Something Darth Vader Wanted Which Was To Take Over As the Leader And Not Be A Servant Anymore
  • 20The Movie Does Give Luke Some Badass Moments Just Not In A Way That Contradicts The Story
  • 21The Movie's Message About Failure Is Also A Metaphor For The Failures Of The Prequels And The The Previous Movie
    Basically that Disney is attempting to learn from the mistakes of the past movies
  • 22The Rey And Luke Subplot Also Acts As A Metaphor For The Division Between New And Old Fans With Rey Representing The Old Fans
    Also consider Luke as a metaphor for fans who gave up after the prequels
    She also justs expects that things will go the same way things went for him with getting trained, redeeming the villain, and having important family
    Rey represents the old fans with what she was expecting from him.
  • 23The Only Feminist Message It Has Is Showing Men And Women As Equals And Having Them Learn From Each Other
  • 24The Movie Utimately Wanted To Do Things That Needed To Happen So That The Franchise Can Continue On A New Slate
  • 25Ultimately The Movie Is About Passing The Franchise To A New Generation Of Fans
  • 26It Is The First Sequel To Not Do A Huge Time Skip Between Movies
  • 27Rian Johnson Is A Star Wars Fan And Made A Movie Based On His Point Of View Of The Franchise And Was Trying To Please The Fans But Also Tooned Them Out So He Can Work
  • 28Rian Leaves Certain Moments Open To Interpretation So If Episode 9 Wants To Change Something It Could
  • 29You Weren't Supposed To Trust Holdo But Her Reasons For Not Telling Anyone Was To Make Sure The Order Didn't Suspect The Plan And Poe May Not Have Agreed With It Because Of His Reputation
  • 30Luke's Temptation To Kill Ben Is Meant To Be Similar To His Brief One To Kill Darth Vader And He Stops Himself Just Like Last Time


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