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Top 10 Reasons Star Wars The Last Jedi Was Going To Be Divisive No Matter What

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    1Fans Would Have Complained It Was Too Much Like Empire Strikes Back If It Went The Safe Direction
    Even though the movie already is like empire strikes back mixed with return of the jedi it's Twists made it different from them
    Going the more safe direction would have made the Twists more predictable
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  • 2Would Have Complained It Had Too Much Fan Service
  • 3Fans Have Been Divided Ever Since The Prequels
    Ultimately the prequels have ruined the franchise for some fans and nothing will change their minds.
  • 4Some Fans Just Don't Want To Give Disney A Chance
    Basically they would have always found reasons to hate the movie.
  • 5The Movie Would Have Had A Longer Runtime If It Tried To Answer All Questions And Focus On More Characters
    Like For Example Developing The Knights Of Ren, Exploring Snoke's Identity, Rey And Kylo's Background, And Why Luke Went Into Exile.
  • 6No Matter What One Of The Original Characters Were Going To Seem Out Of Character
  • 7If Luke Stayed The Same There Still Would Have Been The Question Of Why He Ran Away
    Like If He Was This Perfect Person Than Fans Believe Him To Be Why Would He Make Such A Questionable Decision
  • 8The Luke Fans Wanted Would Have Overshadowed The New Protagonists And He Would Have Been A Deux Ex Machina
  • 9If Some Of The Fan Theories Turned Out Right It Would Have Created More Plot Holes
  • 10Luke's Reasons For Going Into Exile Could Have Been Too Much Like Yoda And Obi Wan's Reasons
    Mainly Once Again Too Much Like Empire Strikes Back
  • 11Fans Would Have Saw All The Plot Twists Coming And May Have Been Disappointed By It
  • 12There Was Always Going To Be A Dark Reason Why Luke Went Into Exile
  • 13Could Have Ended Up Being Hated By Critics But Loved By Fans
  • 14Certain Things Happening Differently Would Have Took Conflict Out Of Episode 9
  • 15Leia Dying In Space And Basically Having Her Final Performance In The Movie Cut Out Would Have Upset People
  • 16Luke Using The Force To Destroy An Army Would Be Just As Divisive As Using Force Projection For The Same Reasons
  • 17Answers To Snoke's Origins May Not Have Been Satisfying Or Would Have Left More Questions
  • 18The Question Of Why They Abandoned Rey If Skywalker Or Kenobi We're Her Parents
  • 19Rey Joining The Dark Side Would Have Upset Some People
  • 20Fans Wanted To Boycott The Movie The Moment It Started Advertising
  • 21If There Was Less Humor The Movie Might Have Been Criticized For Being Too Dark
  • 22Hype After The Force Awakens Was Too High
  • 23No Guarantee JJ's Ideas Would Have Been Better
    He Probably Would Still Have Left The Fans With A Lot Of Questions To Get Them To Watch Episode 9
  • 24The Movie Had To Live Up To The Empire Strikes Back
  • 25Rey made a promise to meet Finn again in the previous movie and it would not have been kept if Rose allowed Finn to sacrifice himself suggested byAnonymous
  • 26The previous movie elaborated in a subtle tone on why Luke went to exile suggested byAnonymous
    That He Left Out Of Guilt For Failing To Prevent Ben From Turning To The Dark Side
  • 27Pleasing The Dedicated Star Wars Fans May Have Alienated The New Fans And Casual Viewers
    Like putting in things they only understand
  • 28No Matter What Reason Why Luke Was On The Planet It Really Wouldn't Justify Abandoning Everyone To Fight The First Order By Themselves
  • 29The Female Characters Would Have Got A Lot Of Focus No Matter What
  • 30If The Movie Was Made Without The Political And Social Issues And Left Out Some Character Development Fans Would Have Complained It Was A Senseless Action Movie
  • 31Generally Because It Is A Sequel In A Billion Dollar Franchise With Millions Of Dedicated Fans Who Grew Up With It
  • 32Some People Would Have Been Mad If Finn, The Only Black Main Character In The New Trilogy Was Killed Off
  • 33Giving The Characters From The Original Trilogy More Screen Time Would Have Hurt The Development Of The New Characters
  • 34The Movie Could Have Ended Up Being Where You Have To Have Seen The Original Trilogy And Read The Expanded Universe Novels To Understand Whats Going On
  • 35If Luke Was Killed By Kylo Fans Would Have Complained That He Shouldn't Have Won Because Luke Is More Powerful And Has More Experience
    Or That It Is Too Similar Too Obi Wan Being Killed By Vader
  • 36Without The Canto Bight Subplot The Would Have Just Been A Long Space Chase And Rey On The Island
  • 37Ending Would Be Depressing If Finn Died And Having Rey Be Sad About That And Failing To Redeem Kylo
    A Less Hopeful Ending
  • 38The Implication Of Rey Having To Train Harder Than Luke Did In The Original Trilogy
  • 39The Knights Of Ren Being In The Movie Could Of Caused A Too Many Characters Problem
  • 40Might Be Disappointing If The Movie Just Ended OnA Cliffhanger Or Holdo's Plan Working With No Problems
  • 41Wouldn't It Feel Uneasy If Poe Was Celebrated For Sacrificing Several Bombers
  • 42Kylo Would Be More Unsympathetic If It Was As Luke Says That Kylo Just Betrayed Him Just Because Of The Darkness Within him


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