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Top 10 Reasons The Suicide Squad Is Good

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    1Unapologetically Violent and Gruesome
    Boy, this film does not play around when it comes to the violence and gore. Since this is a world about villains and anti-heroes, there's going to be all kinds of violence going on. And if it involves various ways of killing and maiming, there's no way that blood and guts wouldn't be involved. In most comic book films, the violence is toned down to
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  • 2Good Character Development
    Unlike "Suicide Squad", the characters in this film get to truly develop and we as the audience end up getting to know them better. As a result, we end up rooting for them. Because of this, there have been many people who have one, two, or several favorite characters from the film. This is a testament to how good the writing and acting are.
  • 3Rated R
    The film proves that sometimes, the R rating is better. There are some material and content that just couldn't work with a PG-13 rating or lower. Even though the PG-13 rating brings in more money and a bigger audience, it's still very limited on what it's allowed to show concerning story and the characters. With the R rating, despite earning less m
  • 4Surprisingly Has Heart
    Despite being extremely humorous, the film is also surprisingly balanced out by heart. One wouldn't think that a movie like this would have such heart. But, if director James Gunn is involved and if the Guardians of the Galaxy films are any indication, there's going to be some heartwarming and even emotional scenes that will leave you in tears.
  • 5Hilarious
    They say that laughter is the best medicine and this film proves it. The film is packed with so many hilarious scenes that there's too many to count. Yes, there are dark comedy scenes and jokes. But they are balanced out by the silly and cartoony comedy scenes and jokes. The gags and one-liners are numerous and you can't help but laugh.
  • 6Action Packed
    For those who love constant action, this movie has got you covered. Once the action starts, it never stops. It's adventurous, thrilling, and intense. And at times, it's hilarious in a wacky way.
  • 7WB Gave James Gunn Creative Freedom
    Learning from their mistakes with "Suicide Squad" and messing over David Ayer, once they hired James Gunn, WB allowed the director creative freedom and did not interfere with his vision. Considering that he turned Marvel Studios' once-obscured characters, the Guardians of the Galaxy, into beloved icons, WB knew that Gunn has the capabilities of doi
  • 8Everyone Got To Shine
    The beauty of James Gunn as a director and screenwriter is that he allows all of the characters, whether they're the main characters, secondary characters, or small characters to stand out in some way. He doesn't focus on just one or two characters. He make sure to focus on as many of the characters as possible without taking up too much time, and
  • 9It's Fun
    Sometimes, it's good to have fun. And that's what this film had pulled off. This film is like a rollercoaster where you don't want to get off of because you feel so excited and entertained. The film doesn't take itself too seriously which is a positive.
  • 10Surprisingly Deep
    In a film involving all kinds of crazy hijinks, the last thing anyone expected were any deep messages about how human nature is and how governments can use their own citizens as pawns for nefarious things. When you really think about it, the film makes you question what type of the morals people who run governments truly have and who can you really
  • 11Great Acting
    Despite the film being filled with so many wickedly hilarious moments, there are times where the acting during dramatic moments really stood out. Much of the cast pulled off surprisingly strong performances during serious and intense moments.

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