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Top 10 Reasons Why Star Wars The Last Jedi,Game Of Thrones Season 8, And The Last Of Us Part 2 Did Not Deserve The Hate They Got

Why All Three Did Not Deserve The Extremely Negative Reception They Got From Audiences
Note That All Three Have Individual Lists On This Subject If You Want To Check Them Out
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    1All three of these works had way too many expectations put on them by fans suggested byDaniel Lewis
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  • 2Some Of The Hate Being Prejudice
  • 3The Actors And Creators Did Not Deserve To Be Harrased
  • 4You Can't Force Creators To Redo Something No Matter How Many People Sign A Petition Or Send Money
  • 5Okay So You Didn't Like How That Character Died, But In Real Life We Mostly Never Like How Someone Dies And These Are Fictional Characters Who Are Reflections Of Real Life
  • 6Not Everybody Hated Them And The People Who Did Hate Them Should Accept That
  • 7Just Because A Writer Or Creator Doesn't Do What The Fans Want Doesn't Make Them Lazy Or Bad
  • 8These works all went through grueling development times and production suggested byDaniel Lewis
    And last of us part 2 had very realistic graphics and solid gameplay, both of which required a ton of hard work from graphics designers and tester to make work
    The game of thrones writers ran out of source material since the show is based on books and the author was taking way too long to write the last two novels of the series
  • 9The directors of these works intended for these works to be divisive suggested byDaniel Lewis
  • 10The characters who are accused of being out of character are actually not out of character at all suggested byDaniel Lewis
  • 11All Three Of Them Wanted To Do Something Different And If That Didn't Work For Everybody That's Fine But They Should Accept Them For What They Are
  • 12Some of the hate is coming from people who did not even watch or play these works suggested byDaniel Lewis
  • 13Characters Die In Fiction All The Time But We Should Remember They Are Not Real
  • 14Some Fans Purely Based Their Opinions On Spoilers Either From Leaks Or Other Fans After They Were Released
    Which is why leaking plots and spoiler stuff before its even released is a very bad thing to do
  • 15There Are Healthier Ways To Express Disappointment But Argubly If Some People Can Get Over It They Will See That These Works Are Not Bad Or Not As Bad As People Think
  • 16Some People Clearly Need Therapy If Their Going To Get This Worked Up About Works Of Fiction
  • 17Creators Can't Do Everything The Fans Want Because Individual Fans Want Different Things And It Would Make The Plot Too Predictable
    And it constricts the creative freedom of the writers
  • 18The creators cant please everyone and that is the same with all other forms of fictional works suggested byDaniel Lewis


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