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Top 10 Reasons Why The Fantastic Four Reboot is Hated

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    1Misuse of Dr. Doom

  • 2The tone is wrong

  • 3Fox tried to keep rights to the franchise

  • 4Behind-the-scenes drama

  • 5Too Much Dark Lighting suggested byRazorRex

  • 6Unlikable characters

  • 7Lack of chemistry

  • 8Reshoots suggested byRazorRex

  • 9Too Much Nothing Happening suggested byRazorRex

  • 10Waste of a Talented Cast suggested byRazorRex

  • 11Rips Off Scanners suggested byRazorRex

  • 12Too Boring suggested byRisk Gambler

  • 13Not including footage that was in the trailer suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH2

  • 14The run-time is too short

  • 15The one year time jump suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH2

  • 16The Thing being naked suggested byBrennan Young

  • 17Bad acting
    It wasn't bad, they just didn't have the right material to work with

  • 18Attempts at being multicultural

  • 19It has no middle act suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH2

  • 20Rigged to Fail suggested byMultiplying Link
    It was sabotaged.

  • 21Special effects are subpar for a modern superhero film suggested byLyleVSXyle
    The Thing looks realistic though

  • 22The final act is an absolute mess suggested byLyleVSXyle

  • 23The group doesn't team up until the very end fight suggested byLyleVSXyle

  • 24Dumb Origin of The Thing's Catch Phrase suggested byRazorRex

  • 25Rehash of the 2005 film

  • 26Very little action suggested byTristan Hartup

  • 27It ruined Josh Trank's reputation suggested bypopculturejunkie261@
    Everyone deserves a second chance. I just hope he doesn't screw up with Fonzo

  • 28Emotionally unengaging suggested byLyleVSXyle

  • 29It was anti-climatic suggested byRay MacElroy

  • 30It didn't lived up to Josh Trank's potential as a director and storywriter suggested byRay MacElroy
    His potential wasn't well explored

  • 31It had an unique origin story, straight up from sci-fi horror, but is lost on bad exposition suggested byRay MacElroy

  • 32The CGI Thing looks realistic, while the rest looks awful suggested byRay MacElroy

  • 33To much exposition suggested byAlexander David Bourns

  • 34Too Many Continuity Errors suggested byRiver Perron

  • 35Worst Ending suggested byMultiplying Link

  • 36Miles Teller was a great casting choise, but it was little explored suggested byRay MacElroy

  • 37Josh Trank has potential, which wasn't well explored suggested byRay MacElroy

  • 38It's another origin story suggested byBrian Kaslewicz


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