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Top 10 Serious End Credit Scenes (suggested 3 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

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Top 10 Serious End Credit Scenes in Film

There should be another list only for marvel movies with their respective end credits because there many of them.
Kill Bill
Marvel shouldn't count
Fast and furious 6 - Tokyo
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Smaug Awakes
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    1The Avengers - Thanos reveiled suggested byMichael Watts

  • 2Captain America 2: the winter soldier - Loki's staff, Scarlet Witch, and Quick Silver suggested byDirector22
    What could it mean for the marvel cinematic universe?

  • 3Wall-E - Humans return to earth
    This is not an end credits scene

  • 4Thor The Dark World - The collector suggested byMichael Watts
    Not as Serious as the other Marvel Cinematic Movies.

  • 5Fast and furious 6 - Tokyo suggested bymiffy96

  • 6Iron Man suggested byChance Ellison

  • 7X-Men Origins: Wolverine suggested bylv
    What about the scene with Stryker?
    Deadpool lives

  • 8Captain America 2: the winter soldier - Bucky at the museum suggested byDirector22

  • 9The Grey - Liam Neeson and the wolf post fight

  • 10Finding Nemo suggested bylv
    That one with the little fish swallowing the big fish was meant to be funny not serious.

  • 11X-Men Days of future Past - Apocalpse and his four horsemen suggested byJay Newcomb

  • 12Shrek 2 - Donkey and Dragon's babies suggested byMichael J. Gillespie

  • 13Kung Fu Panda 2 suggested bylv

  • 14Coraline suggested bylv

  • 15Thor the dark world- the collector receives one infinity gem suggested byOscar Garcia C

  • 16Guardians of The Galaxy- Howard The Duck suggested byDragonsblood23
    I thought it was funny and liked it but it's not serious
    The worst end credit scene ever
    remove spoiler please

  • 17Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Closeup of Gilderoy Lockehart's new book "Who Am I?"

  • 18The Wolverine suggested byDirector22
    X-Men Days of Future Past teaser

  • 19Fight Club suggested byI smellLikePineapple

  • 20Kung Fu Panda suggested bylv

  • 21The Fast And The Furious suggested bylv

  • 22Daredevil - Bullseye kills a fly with a syringe

  • 23American Gangster - Frank Lucas shoots the audience to eliminate all witnesses

  • 24Flags Of Our Fathers suggested bylv

  • 25Free Willy - Willy waves his fin as he swims away

  • 26Star Wars suggested byTommy Diaz-millan

  • 27Loki's alive - Thor suggested byDirector22

  • 28Good Will Hunting suggested byScotty Arbour

  • 29Star Wars Episode 3- The Construction of The death star suggested byMichael Watts

  • 30The Dark Knight Rises - Dick Grayson aka Robin suggested byMichael Watts

  • 31Iron Man- Thor's Hammer suggested byMichael Watts

  • 32Insidious - A shot of the old woman jumping at the audience to scare them

  • 33The amazing spider man suggested byDirector22

  • 34Thanos - The Avengers suggested byDirector22

  • 35The X-Files - Rowboat with Mulder and Scully inside

  • 36Buried - Shot pans to the coffin revealing a name

  • 37Clerks suggested bylv

  • 38Winter's Bone - Home video of Ashlee playing as a young girl

  • 39Lethal Weapon 3 suggested bylv

  • 40Wild Things - Movie is explained suggested byChris Davis

  • 41Kick-Ass 2- The Motherfucker lives suggested bycabeman

  • 42Any pokemon Movie- Preview of the next film suggested byMichael Watts

  • 43Dragon Ball Evolution- They Thought They Were Getting a Sequel suggested byJoel Miller

  • 44Sinestro - Green Lantern suggested byDirector22

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