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Top 10 Shows Canceled Or Screwed Over By Cartoon Network

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    1ThunderCats (2011)
    In another example, the 26-episode season was cut in half by a hiatus, and Cartoon Network tried to hype the last thirteen episodes as the promised second season. It was officially canned by Cartoon Network in March of 2013. By the way, the series left on a twist that didn't resolve any of the major plot points. Toonami managed to bring the show ba
    CN apparently couldn't find a toyline note which is a very weak excuse given that Bandai signed on very early on and produced a lot of action figures, as well as third party manufacturers producing things like razor scooters and bicycles, despite promises that the show was supposed to get 52 episodes (it got 26).
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  • 2Young Justice suggested bybobbylashley18
  • 3Generator Rex
    was pulled off the schedule seven episodes before the season finale, including a planned hour of new episodes towards the end of February. It finished its run on iTunes, which is practically salt in the wound, and finally returned to the channel proper ten months later, which still failed to air all seven episodes (two episodes were skipped).
  • 4Grojband
    aired over the summer of 2013, then mysteriously stopped for unexplained reasons despite still having several episodes to go. The show returned to Cartoon Network nearly a year later, but rather than airing on TV it was limited to the channel's mobile app, then got pulled off a couple months later, then returned to the mobile app again on June 30,
  • 5Megas XLR
    Titmouse and Williams Street both tried to either convince CN to let them air episodes on [adult swim] (due to high demand, no less) or at least purchase the rights to the show. Their response? A letter informing them that all inquiries of the show, at all, will be ignored due to them having written the show off in an effort to save money.
  • 6Sym-Bionic Titan
    It's been said that the real reason the show was cancelled was because of a dispute between Cartoon Network and Tartakovsky regarding the tone of the show.
    (rumor has it that no toy company would produce it due to a female lead in what would otherwise be a boys property being considered unprofitable; gender profiling in the toy industry is nothing new, having happened with the original Transformers toyline and Avatar: The Last Airbender) and creator Genndy Tartakovsky has left Cartoon Network for Sony
    was first moved off the Friday night action block to Wednesdays at 7pm, which is an incredibly awkward timeslot. Then it was moved to Saturday mornings at 9:30 AM, with absolutely no advance warning. After that, it was cancelled because it wasn't selling toys, even though there were no toys even made for it (rumor has it that no toy company would p
  • 7Tower Prep suggested bybobbylashley18
  • 8Level Up suggested bybobbylashley18
  • 9Unnatural History suggested bybobbylashley18
  • 10Ben 10: Omniverse
    They put one of the flagline shows up at 6 am in the morning, the last 3 out of 8 seasons of it.
  • 11Code Lyoko
    Didn 't show the last 7 episodes of the show on the website, and there was an executive who hated the show for no reason.
  • 12The Life and Times of Juniper Lee
    People didn 't even know there was a second season.
  • 13Beware The Batman
    You know it's bad when freaking Batman can't manage half a season.
    The first half of the season actually went to DVD before they finished airing it. Meanwhile, its counterpart, Teen Titans Go!, is Adored by the Network and not only has a primetime slot, but had its own slot on DC Nation and stole Beware's slot when that show was pulled, before going on to dominate the network's schedule. You know it's bad when fre
    It only got 11 episodes out of 26 on the air, then after many promises, Cartoon Network randomly took it off the air. Toonami went to save it, then CN wrote it off, and they put the last unaired episodes on one night, giving a show that didn 't get love from its own network what it needed.
  • 14Green Lantern The Animated Series suggested bybobbylashley18
  • 15Ben 10 (Made an awful Reboot) suggested byMatsLP
  • 16Storm Hawks suggested byRazorRex
  • 17Uncle Grandpa
    It was announced that the show was being renewed for a fourth season, but as Cartoon Brew reported the show's production crew had already been laid off, the series was canceled (but not publicly), and its remaining episodes would be aired as three 26-episode seasons. Reportedly, even people who didn't like Uncle Grandpa were disgusted with Cartoon
  • 18Sonic Boom
    It got even worse. New episodes continue to air on Boomerang, but Cartoon Network has stopped airing the show altogether. After The Biggest Fan aired, Sonic Boom's 6 AM timeslot was replaced by, who would've guessed it, Teen Titans Go! Cartoon Network has been silent about this, and the executives of the show don't seem to know anything either.
    The second season ended up premiering on Boomerang, a channel barely anyone has, instead, with new episodes airing a week before they do on CN with an even earlier time slot than last season. Unfortunately, the CN premiere was held back yet another week in favor of a weekend-long Teen Titans Go! marathon
    CN decided to be lazy and placed it during Saturday mornings on the 7:00 AM timeslot, when hardly anybody is awake, sandwiched between more Teen Titans Go! reruns. Adding to the misery is that the show's advertising campaign is pretty much nonexistent, with the promo for the first episodes airing after they were aired.
  • 19Teen Titans suggested byEmily Hepworth
  • 20Clarence
  • 21Stoked
  • 22The Secret Saturdays
  • 23Super Noobs suggested byDaniel Lewis

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