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Top 10 Signs That A Video Game Is Gonna Suck

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    1It Was Rushed
    That's not a sign, it's an assumption.
  • 2Majority of content as DLC suggested byJamie Murphy
  • 3The Company Keeps Pushing Back It's Release Date
  • 4The trailers show little to no game play suggested byNorris Vaughn III
  • 5It's A Dark & Gritty Reboot Of A Family-Friendly Series
  • 6It has microtransactions suggested byBrian Walsh
  • 7Review Copies Aren't Given Out suggested bybackup368
    Let's not forget, some publishers/developers decide not to send copies individually, because of a negative review of another game.
  • 8It Was Ruined By Executive Meddling
  • 9It's Based On Licensed Property (Cartoons, Comic Books, Movies, Toys, etc.)
    We are looking at you LJN
    Not really...At east not anymore...THe Arkhan Franchise is there to prove you wrong
  • 10It is the basically the same as the last game in the franchise suggested byMr.Paçoca
    I'm looking at you MvC:I....Basically the same but with no X-men
    Same for EA Sports' franchises like Fifa and Madden.
  • 11It has a Bad Announcement Trailer
  • 12Heavy marketing campaign suggested byShooky101
  • 13Loads of bugs and glitches suggested byCHEESY124 Ugorji
  • 14It Contains DRM
    But it's only PC games that contains DRM
    Literally all full release video games contain DRM.
  • 15Early access suggested byAleksander Kazecki
  • 16Open world suggested byAleksander Kazecki

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