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Top 10 Smartest Decisions Made By Characters on The Walking Dead

The most clever, though-out, and strategic decisions made by any character, good or bad, on The Walking Dead (2010- )
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    1Rick Grimes Buries A Bag of Weapons Outside of Terminus - A
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  • 2Negan Escaping His Cell Was All Part Of Carol Peletier's Plan To Get Close To Alpha In Order To Kill Her - Silence the Whisperers
  • 3Negan Lures Alpha To A Shack That He Pretended To Have Lydia Held Up Inside In Order To Slit Her Throat - Walk With Us
  • 4Carol Peletier Kills The Wolves Who Invade Alexandria While Disguised As One Of Them - JSS
  • 5Carol Peletier Resourcefully Uses Axel's Corpse To Shield Herself During Prison Shootout - Home
  • 6Rick Grimes and Michonne Hawthorne Use Steel Cable To Drive By Tons Of Walkers - Rock in the Road
  • 7Carol Peletier Ambushes Saviors By Shooting From The Ceiling Panels Above - Some Guy
  • 8Carol Peletier Impersonates Paula In Order To Trap Five Saviors And Burn Them Alive After Tricking Them - The Same Boat
  • 9Rick Grimes And The Group Were Lying In Wait And Return To Ambush Gareth And The Rest Of The Terminus Group At The Church - Four Walls and a Roof
  • 10Rick Grimes and Glenn Rhee Use Walker Cloaks To Sneak Through A Horde - Guts
  • 11Eugene Porter Sabotages Bullets He Made For Negan So They Backfired On His Army And Created An Opening For Rick - Wrath
  • 12Alpha Cleverly Lures Carol And The Group Into Her Horde Cave Trap - The World Before
  • 13Daryl And The Survivors Use Luke's Makeshift Sound System To Lure The Horde Away From The Tower So People Inside Can Escape - A Certain Doom
  • 14The Whisperers Forced Soldiers From Echo Post To Give False Information About The Horde So The Survivors Would Leave Alexandria And Weaken The Inner Defense When Beta Infiltrates Via Secret Tunnels -
    Episode: Stalker
  • 15The Whisperers Strategically Use Flammable Tree Sap To Burn Hilltop During The Horde Invasion - Morning Star
  • 16Alden and Aaron Stay Behind At Alexandria To Spy On Beta's Horde Invasion At Alexandria And Strategically Keep Gabriel Informed - The Tower
  • 17Merle Dixon Ambushes The Governor's Ambush By Using A Car Alarm And Radio To Slowly Lead Walkers Towards His Army - This Sorrowful Life
  • 18Daryl Dixon Listens To Noah's Advice About Not Interfering With Carol Being Taking Away By The Police - Consumed


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