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Top 10 Smartest Decisions in TV Shows

Decisions made by TV characters that pay off either immediately or down the line in a big way
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    1Gibby proves to Mrs. Benson that Sam and Freddie are dating in order to upset her and force them to break up so that she will stop picking on him as a replacement to Freddie - iCarly (2007-2012) suggested bymac121mr0
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  • 2Raven disguises as Sassy's General Manager in order to work with Chelsea to get a racist confession out of Chloe for unjust job discrimination - That's So Raven (2003-2007) suggested bymac121mr0
  • 3Eating sandwiches is used a metaphor for smoking cannabis in order for future Ted to tell his stories to his kids - How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014) suggested bymac121mr0
  • 4The Boys Befriend Eleven - Stranger Things
    Eleven's bond with the boys and Hopper improves all their lives, and she's able to use her powers to defend them and many others.
  • 5Ian & Mickey blackmail a homophobic pastor by secretly recording a video a him being blown by a gay guy after being tricked and seduced by Mandy - Shameless (2011- ) suggested bymac121mr0
  • 6Dwight demonstrates a fire simulation in order to expose the office's lack of emergency preparedness - The Office (2005-2013) suggested bymac121mr0
    Stanley has a heart attack though!
  • 7George Decides to Do the Opposite - Seinfeld
    He gets a girl, his dream job, and everything goes well for him.
  • 8Listening to Legasov - Chernobyl
    The disaster is able to be contained.
  • 9Megan purposely lies on the floor and screams in order to frame her brothers Drake and Josh to their parents when she doesn't have her way in Alien Invasion - Drake and Josh (2004-2007) suggested bymac121mr0
  • 10Teal'c Betrays Apophis - Stargate SG-1
    His defection ultimately leads to freedom for millions of Jaffa.
  • 11Dennis decides to attend a boat party because of the implication - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005- ) suggested bymac121mr0
  • 12Performing an autopsy on a pig to take down Melanie Hawkins suggested byJack Ferrett

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