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Top 10 South Park episodes (suggested 11 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

Top 10 South Park Episodes

murder porn
Woodland Critter Christmas
The Ungroundable
Scott tenorman must die
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    1Make Love, Not Warcraft suggested byJoshua Vestergaard Sørensen
    This episode is worthy of being #1.
    Clyde* not Craig
    Craig quits to look at a Playboy Magazine. Best episode ever.
    Love it
    If Blizzard themselves can like it, then I think Trey and Matt did their job
    + 2 comment(s)

  • 2Scott Tenorman must Die suggested bypoopsicle
    Most overrated South Park episode in my opinion
    Radiohead. That is all.
    Dude, Radiohead was in it
    this should be number one
    Nah nah nah nah nah nah I made you eat your parents!!
    + 13 comment(s)

  • 3The Black Friday Trilogy suggested byBzilla56
    Haaaaaated them. So boring.
    great eppisode
    The Trilogy was nominated for an Emmy Award

  • 4Good Times With Weapons suggested byNewdomtanner
    Loved this
    South Park in anime form.

  • 5The Coon Trilogy suggested byBzilla56
    It's not a trilogy it's four episods, the first one of the three you're reffering to is called Coon 2: Hindsight, if you don't watch "The Coon" on Season 13 first you will be pretty lost. This is important for people to know because there's a video game coming out about this.

  • 6Imaginationland episodes suggested byJoshua Vestergaard Sørensen
    A perfect blend of all the creativity, shock value and humour which has made South Park one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

  • 7Medicinal Fried Chicken suggested byJoshua Vestergaard Sørensen
    One of the better episodes in Season 14

  • 8Trapped in the closet suggested byJonathan Hughett
    One of the best episodes must be in the top 10 at least
    Tom Cruise won't come out of the closet!
    AND IM GONNA PUT MY GUN IN THE AIR... then I'm gonna put it away...

  • 9Woodland Critter Christmas suggested byEsther
    should be higher
    this is a classic
    A South Park classic

  • 10Chinpokomon suggested byCharlie Wittke

  • 11Fishsticks suggested byJoshua Vestergaard Sørensen

  • 12All About Mormans suggested byNewdomtanner
    Creative idea for the Book of Mormon musical
    *All About Mormons

  • 13200/201 suggested byrma2098
    "what are you talking about, muslims did not show the world what Jesus "looks like." Christians are the ones who drew the very first picture of Jesus.
    muslims can show jesus but no we cant show muhammad, this is a free ass world we can say what we want

  • 14The Passion of the Jews suggested byNewdomtanner
    Jew* god so many South Park noobs here
    Message-wise, this episode was very deep.

  • 15Towelie suggested byJeronimo Davo
    you wanna get high or else you're a towel

  • 16Christian Hard Rock suggested byNewdomtanner
    *Christian Rock Hard

  • 17ManBearPig suggested byPaul Meier

  • 18Cartoon Wars suggested byrma2098

  • 19Cartman Gets an Anal Probe suggested byPaul Meier

  • 20The return of the fellowship of the two towers suggested byOscar Vega
    Awesome episode
    one of the best

  • 21You Have 0 Friends suggested byJoshua Vestergaard Sørensen

  • 22Cartmanland suggested byCharlie Wittke
    You see, while perhaps not considered by many to be worthy of the top 10, I believe that this, along with Goodbacks, is Trey and Matt's best work. Both of these episodes have just the right balance of comedy and cleverl satirical moments.

  • 23awesom-o suggested bybutters23

  • 24Cancelled suggested byNewdomtanner
    A must see episode for anyone that calls themselves a fan of the franchise. Also builds upon the re-occurring Easter Egg of an alien appearing in every episode.

  • 25Butters' Very Own Episode suggested byBzilla56

  • 26Osama Bin Laden has Farty Pants suggested byBzilla56

  • 27Ass Burgers suggested byOwen Paul Sloane
    really good. shows trey & matt aren't just toilet jokes
    This episode is not funny, it's not trying to be funny, along with the first part episode of this 2 parter, 'You're Getting Old'', it actually tells the story of the show's creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. It is a message about depression for people everywhere, but is a metaphor about the relationship between the creators of South Park and the

  • 28Crème Fraiche suggested byJoshua Vestergaard Sørensen
    This is the episode where Randy is watching Food Network on TV and masturbating to fucking food.
    This episode is what made me go back to watching the show... Shake Weight was teaching that woman how to jerk a dude off LMAO hilarious yo

  • 29Kenny Dies suggested byBlazikenGod
    This is the first episode where the boys actually care that Kenny is dying. Kenny's death is played out really seriously, but we still get some laughs from the side plot of Cartman trying to sell a bunch of aborted fetuses in his backyard. All in all, it was a well rounded episode, in my opinion.
    omg they killed kenny, you basterds!!!!!

  • 30Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut suggested byThe Starkiller
    A classic

  • 31Casa Bonita suggested byHerro Prease

  • 32The List suggested bybutters23

  • 33HumancentiPad suggested byJoshua Vestergaard Sørensen

  • 34Insheeption suggested byJoshua Vestergaard Sørensen

  • 35Insecurity suggested byToby Clamp
    You should have left our wives alone. Now let's go for a drive... great episode, hilarious

  • 36Bebe's boobs destroy society suggested byCRA1G1NAT3R

  • 37The Ring suggested byvyzyl3

  • 38Le Petit Tourette suggested byCharlie Wittke

  • 39Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy suggested byvyzyl3

  • 40Tsst suggested

  • 41Black Friday Trilogy suggested byMichael Busani
    Perfect satire of Game of Thrones and perfectly shows the horrors of Black Friday

  • 42Butters' Bottom Bitch suggested byCampos7

  • 43A Ladder to Heaven suggested byNatalie1729

  • 44Die Hippie, Die suggested byNatalie1729

  • 45Asspen suggested byNatalie1729
    You're gonna have a bad time.

  • 46The Death of Eric Cartman suggested bytop10fan

  • 47Something You Can Do With Your Finger suggested byCharlie Wittke

  • 48It's a jersey thing suggested bylolziekitten

  • 49Go God Go suggested byBzilla56
    Being the first of a two part story, Go God Go explores what the world would be like if there were no spiritual beliefs - and shows the world would be just as messed up. Needless to say, with Cartman being the character transported into a possible aethiest future while trying to get his own Nintendo Wii, his effects on an aethiest war lead to numer

  • 50mystery of the urinal duece suggested byvyzyl3

  • 51Timmy 2000 suggested byHerro Prease

  • 52Pink Eye suggested byJosh Kidd

  • 53Guitar Queer-o suggested byKenzie Molera

  • 54Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo suggested byMichael Busani

  • 55It's Christmas in Canada suggested byEsther

  • 56Wacky Molestation Adventure suggested byPaul Meier

  • 57The Hobbit suggested byMarguerite Jarrett Marks

  • 58The Cthulu episodes suggested byJoshua Vestergaard Sørensen

  • 59Chickenlover suggested byHerro Prease

  • 60My Future Self 'n' Me suggested byNatalie1729

  • 61Child Abduction is not Funny suggested byhyprmania52

  • 62The Terrance & Philip Movie Trailer suggested byJosh Kidd

  • 63Rainforest Shmainforest suggested byNatalie1729
    Aahh, a good early season episode. Who can forget Jennifer Aniston as the teacher

  • 64With Apologies to Jesse Jackson suggested byNCFan1231

  • 65Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs suggested byJosh Shelby

  • 66Pre-School suggested byhyprmania52

  • 67city sushi suggested byMike Pim

  • 68World War Zimmerman suggested bydrjdawg18
    This episode was ok but not as good as the ones above it
    This episode was amazing! How has it not been upvoted more!

  • 69The Biggest Douche in the Universe suggested byhyprmania52

  • 70Trapper Keeper suggested byNatalie1729
    Surprised this so low. Great commentary on the Florida voting situation and the Terminator/Space 2001 parodies are hilarious.

  • 71It Hits The Fan suggested byLukas Reed

  • 72Grounded Vindaloop suggested byBlake.Carr1
    this should be higher even though it's so confusing

  • 73Cherokee Hair Tampons suggested byNatalie1729

  • 74Fantastic Easter Special suggested byNatalie1729

  • 75Pandemic Part 1 & 2 suggested byNatalie1729

  • 76Coon and friends trilogy suggested byJoshua Vestergaard Sørensen

  • 77Sexual Healing suggested byToby Clamp

  • 78Faith Hilling suggested byJoshua Vestergaard Sørensen

  • 79Best friends forever suggested byEsther
    This episode actually won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program, it would be a travesty not to add it onto the list

  • 80Succubus

  • 81Mecha-Streisand suggested byhyprmania52

  • 82Cripple Fight suggested byhyprmania52

  • 83The Jeffersons suggested byThedarkKnight180

  • 84The Death Camp Of Tolerance suggested byupcauseway

  • 85Raising the Bar suggested byCris Lie

  • 86How to Eat with Your Butt suggested byhyprmania52

  • 87Sexual Harrassment Panda suggested byJosh Kidd

  • 88The Return of Chef suggested bytop10fan

  • 89Red Sleigh Down suggested byJR Cusher
    It's a mix of Black Hawk down and Three Kings. Jesus and Santa kick ass. And Kenny comes back

  • 90Cock Magic suggested byBlake.Carr1

  • 91The Cissy suggested byBlake.Carr1

  • 92Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus suggested byhyprmania52

  • 93Lice Capades suggested byNatalie1729

  • 94Cartman Finds Love suggested byNatalie1729
    This episode just says "Kyman!" all over it!

  • 95Cartman Joins NAMBLA suggested byContributor101

  • 96The Losing Edge suggested byHerro Prease

  • 97Red Badge of Gayness suggested byJosh Kidd

  • 98Fun with Veal suggested byNatalie1729

  • 99Douche and Turd suggested byhyprmania52

  • 100#HappyHolograms suggested byBlake.Carr1

  • 101Medical fried chicken suggested byEric Guzman

  • 102Marjorine suggested byupcauseway

  • 103Gluten Free Ebola suggested byBlake.Carr1
    Love this one!

  • 104Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics suggested byCHEESY124 Ugorji

  • 105Tweek x Craig suggested byAllen Smith

  • 106Chickenpox suggested byhyprmania52
    the monkees i'm a believer is in it and i love that song

  • 107The Magic Bush suggested byBlake.Carr1

  • 108Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride suggested byThe Starkiller

  • 109CORRECTION: Christian Rock Hard suggested byNatalie1729

  • 110Death suggested byhyprmania52

  • 111go fund yourself suggested byChastity Buckland-Walsh

  • 112Fatbeard

  • 113Butterballs suggested byEddie Namiguchi
    The only good part about this episode is jackin it in San Diego

  • 114Volcano suggested byJosh Kidd

  • 115Spookyfish suggested byHerro Prease

  • 116Grey Dawn suggested bytop10fan

  • 117Eat, Pray, Queef suggested byRaymond Leduc

  • 118Die Hippie Die suggested byJosh Kidd

  • 119oboma wins suggested byandrew sutherland

  • 120South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut suggested byjhwoe6
    This is the movie. Not an episode, genius

  • 121Britney's New Look suggested byNewdomtanner

  • 122Proper Condom Use suggested byarandomguy46

  • 123Conjoined Fetus Lady suggested byhyprmania52

  • 124Canada on Strike suggested byJonathan Goonan

  • 125Blackfriday trilogy suggested byDragonman123

  • 126Broadway Bro Down suggested bySean Corrigan

  • 127Chef Aid suggested byJosh Kidd

  • 128#Rehash suggested byBlake.Carr1

  • 129Overlogging suggested byBronyDrumming

  • 130Gnomes suggested byRussian Space Goat

  • 131Major Boobage

  • 132South Park is Gay suggested byCHEESY124 Ugorji

  • 133Freemium Isn't Free suggested byBlake.Carr1

  • 134Child Abduction isn't Funny suggested byJesus soto

  • 135Sponsored Content suggested byDavid Heiser Jr.

  • 136Cartman Sucks suggested byAzzan Shand

  • 137Super Phun Tyme suggested byGj_film

  • 138Peruvian flute bands suggested byDylan Wolfe

  • 139Pinkeye suggested byRomain Phay

  • 140Black Friday, A Song of Ass and Fire and Titties and Dragons suggested byJoel Hanley

  • 141Royal Pudding (Canadian Royal Wedding) suggested bySam Wilson

  • 142poor and stupid suggested bydbskeetdude37@yahoo.

  • 143super best friends suggested bySpinksy

  • 144Your getting Old suggested bymrsuns10

  • 145You're Getting Old suggested byDuuv Corviel

  • 1461% suggested bySean Corrigan

  • 147PC Principal Final Justice suggested byJessica McKenzie

  • 148Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers suggested byJessica McKenzie

  • 149Goobacks suggested bygxrene

  • 150Handicar suggested byBlake.Carr1

  • 151The Chinese Problem suggested byDragonsblood23

  • 152Safe Space suggested byLuna Benzer

  • 153The Ungroundable suggested byYuki Productions
    it hits the fan
    Burn down the Hot Topic! I'm surprised this wasn't already on the list!

  • 154201 suggested byJessica McKenzie

  • 155the one with a Dalek in it suggested bydan23

  • 156the one where Kenny dies suggested bydan23

  • 157the ep with kenny's funeral in it suggested bydan23

  • 158the 100 episode suggested bydan23

  • 159the pilot suggested bydan23

  • 160200 suggested byJessica McKenzie

  • 161Cat Orgy suggested byJessica McKenzie

  • 162Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub suggested byJessica McKenzie

Top ten best South Park episodes

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    1Scott Tenorman Must Die suggested byBrant Pierce

  • 2It hits the fans suggested byBrant Pierce
    Best episode!

  • 3Make Love Not Warcraft suggested byBrant Pierce

  • 4Best Friends Forever suggested byBrant Pierce

  • 5The Coon Trilogy suggested byEric Norris

  • 6Ginger Kids suggested byhyprmania52

  • 7Medicinal Fried Chicken suggested byBrant Pierce

  • 8You got F'd in the A suggested byBrant Pierce

  • 9Goobacks suggested byBrant Pierce

  • 10Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants suggested byEric Norris

  • 11Cartman Joins NAMBLA suggested byContributor101

  • 12Imaginationland Trilogy suggested byEric Norris

  • 13South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut suggested byjhwoe6

  • 14ManBearPig suggested byBrant Pierce

  • 15Super Best Friends suggested byBrant Pierce

  • 16Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000 suggested byEric Norris

  • 17Cartoon Wars suggested byEric Norris

  • 18Christian Hard Rock suggested byEric Norris

  • 19A Million Little Fibers suggested byhyprmania52

  • 20#REHASH suggested byKarma

  • 21Freemium Isn't Free suggested byKarma

  • 22Quintuplets 2000 suggested byEric Norris

  • 23Cartman Gets Anal Probe suggested byEric Norris

  • 24Go Fund Yourself suggested byMadelief Bron

  • 25Cripple Fight suggested byBrant Pierce

  • 26Cancelled suggested byEric Norris

  • 27Good Time with weapons suggested byMadelief Bron

  • 28The Tale of Scrootie McBoogerballs suggested byMadelief Bron

  • 29Fat Butt And Pancake Head suggested byAgustin Gomez Scaldaferro

Another Top 10 South Park Episodes

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    1Good Times with Weapons: Season 8

  • 2Imagination Land: Season 11

  • 3Cartman joins NAMBLA: Season 4

  • 4Cartoon Wars: Season 10

  • 5Cartman Get an Anal Probe: Season 1

  • 6The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs: Season 14

  • 7South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut suggested byjhwoe6

  • 8Woodland Critter Christmas:Season 7

  • 9Make Love, Not Warcraft: Season 10 suggested byThePenguinGamez

  • 10W.T.F: Season 13

  • 11The List: Season 11 suggested byLaceylacepod

  • 12#1 Scott teaterman eats his chili parents suggested byzacharywhitt420

  • 130 Friends: Season 14

  • 14I Should have Never Gone Ziplining: Season 16

  • 15The Death Camp Of Tolerance suggested byupcauseway

  • 16200/201 suggested byViewerOnline101
    Best episode(s) ever!

  • 17Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics suggested byViewerOnline101

  • 18Casa Bonita suggested byViewerOnline101

  • 19Breast Cancer Show Ever suggested byViewerOnline101

  • 20Stanley's Cup suggested byViewerOnline101

  • 21You're Getting Old/Ass Burger suggested byViewerOnline101
    Very deep.

  • 22Christian Hard Rock suggested byViewerOnline101

  • 23With Apologies To Jesse Jackson suggested byViewerOnline101
    Was praised for it's impact on racism.

  • 24Lice Capades suggested byViewerOnline101
    Great storyline.

  • 25Sarcastaball suggested byViewerOnline101

  • 26HumancentiPad suggested byViewerOnline101
    Funniest episode ever!

  • 27Free Willzyx suggested byViewerOnline101

  • 28Super Fun Time suggested byViewerOnline101

  • 29Jared Has Aides suggested byViewerOnline101

  • 30Creme Fraiche suggested byViewerOnline101

  • 31It%u2019s a Jersey Thing suggested byJeremy Drafall

The Top Ten South Park episodes

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    1Black Friday Trilogy

  • 2The Coon Trilogy

  • 3Woodland Critter Christmas suggested byTim Campbell

  • 4Ginger Kids suggested byTim Campbell

  • 5200 & 201 suggested bySteelers FTW

  • 6Cartman Joins Nambla suggested byContributor101

  • 7Make Love, Not Warcraft

  • 8Cancelled suggested byLocke Smith

  • 9Imaginationland Trilogy

  • 10South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut suggested byjhwoe6

  • 11The Poor Kid