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Top 10 Survivor Moments (suggested 3 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

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Top 10 Survivor Moments

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    1Jonny Fairplay lies about his Grandmother's Death (Survivor Pearl Islands) suggested byBzilla56
    Without doubt one of the cruelest and devious plans ever made.

  • 2Parvati Plays two Immunity Idols - Survivor Heroes vs Villains suggested byBzilla56

  • 3Erik gives up Immunity- Survivor Miconesia suggested bygogmen10000

  • 4James gets voted out with two Immunity Idols - Survivor China suggested byBzilla56

  • 5The rat and snake speech suggested byCelticGriz32

  • 6Boston Rob convinces Lex to save Amber and blindsides him suggested byCelticGriz32

  • 7Ozzy Blindsided (Survivor Micronesia) suggested byBzilla56

  • 8Brandon and Phillip fight - Survivor Caramoan suggested byBzilla56

  • 9Mike Skupin falls in fire suggested byNick Carpenter

  • 10Jenna and Heidi strip naked for peanut butter suggested byCelticGriz32

  • 11Tyson Blindsided - Survivor Tocantins suggested byBzilla56

  • 12"He's a Jew" - Survivor Africa suggested byBzilla56

  • 13Hidden immunity idols negate all votes and result in Kimmi's elimination suggested byAnonymous

  • 14Butch accidently burns down the camp - Survivor The Amazon suggested byBzilla56

  • 15Greg's exit - Survivor Borneo suggested byBzilla56

  • 16Caleb is medically evacuated- Survivor Kaoh Rong Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty suggested byAnonymous

  • 17Shane Blindsided - Survivor Panama suggested byBzilla56

  • 18Stephanie is sole survivor of her own tribe suggested byCelticGriz32

  • 19Ciera votes out her own mother suggested byNairn Lemonade

  • 20Andrew Savage blindsided- Survivor Cambodia Second Chance suggested byAnonymous

  • 21Jessica draws the black rock- Survivor Millenials Vs Gen X suggested byAnonymous

  • 22Will blindsides Zeke- Survivor Millenials Vs Gen X suggested byAnonymous

  • 23The Hanaphu Tribe barters for rice: Survivor- San Juan del Sur suggested bycjsoliven

  • 24Jenna suggested byPete Fabio

Top 10 Survivor moments

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