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Top 10 TV Couples (suggested 22 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

Top Sitcom Couples

Top 10 TV Couples

Top 10 "Will They/Won't they?" TV couples

Top 10 Couples on TV

Top 10 TV Sitcom Couples (Not Married)

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    1Ross and Rachel - Freinds suggested byRachel Bloom

  • 2Leonard and Penny - Big Bang Theory

  • 3Michael and Sara - Prison Break suggested byRongeta

  • 4Zack and Kelly - Saved by the Bell

  • 5Laura and Stephan Arkel - Family Matters

  • 6Corey and Topanga - Boy Meets World

Top 10 Cutest TV Couples

And by relationship, I mean either dating, living with each other, or married
They have to be in a relationship with each other
They have to be in a live-action TV show

top ten tv couples

Top 10 Television Couples

top 10 will-they-won't-they couples

  • Top ten fictional couples

    Top 10 TV Couples (Doesn't have to be married)

    Top 10 Will They/Won't They TV Couples

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      1Jim and Pam-The Office

    • 2Ross and Rachel-Friends

    • 3George Micheal and Maebe- Arrested Development

    • 4Nick and Jess-New Girl

    • 5Sam and Diane-Cheers

    • 6Jeff and Britta-Community

    • 7Leslie and Ben- Parks and Recreation

    • 8Julie and Matt-Friday Night Lights

    • 9Nancy and Andy-Weeds

    • 10Brody and Carrie-Homeland

    top ten most will they/wont they couples in tv

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      1jim and pam halpert

    Top 10 TV Will They/Wont They Couples

    Top 10 T.V. Couples

    Top 10 Fan Favorite TV Couples

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      1The Doctor x Rose Tyler

    • 2Dean Winchester x Castiel

    • 3Kurt Hummel x Blaine Anderson

    • 4Arthur Pendragon x Merlin

    • 5Spock x James T. Kirk

    • 6Sherlock Holmes x John Watson

    • 7Stiles Stilinski x Derek Hale

    • 8Lacey x Mr. Gold/Belle x Rumplestilskin

    • 9Damon Salvatore x Elena Gilbert

    • 10Clark Kent x Lois Lane

    top ten couples in tv show

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      1Booth and Bones (Bones)

    • 2monica and chandler (Friends)

    • 3ross and rachel (Friends)

    • 4Homer and Marge (The Simpsons)

    • 5carrie and Mr Big (Sex and the city)

    • 6Doug and Carol (ER)

    • 7Meredith and Derek (Grey's Anatomy)

    • 8Al and Peggy Bundy (Married with children) suggested byehurtt79

    • 9carrie and brody (Homeland)

    Top 10 Couples That End Up Together

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      1Ross and Rachel - Friends

    • 2Aang and Katara - Avatar the Last Airbender

    • 3JD and Elliot - Scrubs

    • 4Fry and Leela - Futurama

    • 5William Riker and Deanna Troi - Star Trek The Next Generation

    • 6Michael Weston and Fiona - Burn Notice

    • 7Jimmy and Cindy - Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (T.V. Show) suggested byKghie

    • 8Tenth Doctor and Rose - Doctor Who

    • 9Mulder and Scully - X-Files

    • 10Jack and Kate - Lost

    • 11Niles and Daphnie - Frasier

    • 12alice and spencer parks - resident evil suggested by

    • 13Cory & Topanga - Boy Meets World suggested byTrisha Biswas

    top ten non-married tv couples

    top ten non-married sitcom couples

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      1Ross Gellar and Rachel Green - Friends

    • 2Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly - The Office

    • 3Chandler Bing and Monica Gellar - Friends

    • 4Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti - That 70's Show