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Top 10 TV Shows We Hope to See End in 2020

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    1Keeping Up with the Kardashians (2007-)
    this should be the number one answer
    it was ok like in 2007 but it's getting old now time for a new relatilty family
    I agree wit this one. I never watched this show. I find it boring and repetitive.
  • 2Teen Titans Go! (2013-)
    We want the oringal show back
    Daniel Lewis, the oringal might come back it was teased at the end of movie
    Okay, the hate on this one is 100% misjudged. It's NOT a reboot. It's NOT aimed at the original fans.
    it's utter shit, It takes the piss out of what was an amazing show
    i love the show and the movie
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  • 3The Simpsons (1989-)
    They renewed it for another 2 seasons back in Feburary, don't expect it to end in 2020.
    it is great show
    @Johnny Fountains the voice of Marge (Julie Kavner) is still doing her voice look it up
    @Johnny Fountains the voice of Marge is still alive please check your facts before you post somthing like that
    Sausagelover99, argeed great show
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  • 4The Walking Dead (2010-)
  • 5SpongeBob SquarePants (1999-)
    This show should have ended a LONG time ago! It's just so mean spirited and not really appropiate for children.
    Now that the original creator is gone, they may as well end it
    Im ready to say goodbye to spongebob as a series. The character will always be with us.
    It is time for SpongeBob to retire!
  • 6Family Guy (1999-2003; 2005-)
    no because fans will be pissed like back when it was first canceled
    I used to love the characters, now I hate them
  • 7American Dad! (2005-)
    Daniel Lewis, fun fact American Dad! was was a replacement for Family Guy until fans wanted Family Guy back on air
    End American Dad!!!! Now!!!!
    seth MacFarlanes king of the hill ripoff
  • 8Grey's Anatomy (2005-)
    Renewed... for season 16... AND 17.
    this is not going anywhere
  • 9South Park (1997-) suggested byzendaddy621
    I think the fan base for this show is too big for it to be cancelled now!
    I think this show is still clever, The creators know how to keep up to date
    End South Park now! This will make my mom so happy!!!
    Too cheesy and poorly animated
  • 10Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs: The Series (2017-) suggested byTommy Lopez
  • 11Mr. Pickles (2014-) suggested byTommy Lopez
    It's been renewed for Season 4
    Nobody asked for Season 4
  • 12NCIS (2003-)
    It's been renewed for Season 17.
    NCIS is ending this year.
  • 13Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles suggested byRisk Gambler
    They had April O'Neil in blackface. That's racist.
    The new versions don't match to the original characters we used to know. Here's your answer.
    Just because the characters here don't match the ones of the original, doesn't mean this show should automatically be hated because of it. These are new versions because it's a new show; they're supposed to be different.
    It's not that bad! It just needs to grow on you. Remember, we all thought the 2012 series was going to be terrible but instead we got pure gold
  • 14The Powerpuff Girls (2016) suggested byJamie Gibson
    Daniel Lewis, because old fans of the oringal show hate the rebbot and want the oringal vocie actors and oringal back
    The original was great, but watching a bunch of little girls twerking is really uncomfortable
    Daniel Lewis, reboot is hated because old fans of the oringal show like oringal better
  • 15Flash (2014-)
  • 16The Real Housewives of... suggested byCelesteK
    Seriously, the women on this show are shallow and petty!
  • 17Peppa Pig suggested byMultiplying Link
  • 18Real Rob (2015-) suggested byTommy Lopez
  • 19Supernatural (2005-) suggested byRazorRex
    Their next season is their last one.
    Umm these are all opinionated. The person who made this list obviously never researched these "hated shows"
  • 20Big Mouth suggested byAnonymous
    People can want this show to end, but its not going to. People call it out for pedophilia but need to grow the fuck up, These are teenagers getting into shit that everyone did. Its puberty as its most realistic. People need to grow the fuck up
  • 21Steven Universe suggested byRisk Gambler
    This show still has a lot to give so no
    nah too big of a fan base to end fan will be pissed off if it ends
  • 22The Loud House suggested byMultiplying Link
    Johnny Fountains, i love this show and i'm an adult and some of my friends love this show and they are adults
    nah i don't think it's gonna end since kids, teens and even adults love this how so much and it has a big fan base
    Not gonna end! It got renewed plus a spinoff
    It should stop while they're still ahead.
  • 23Power Rangers suggested byRisk Gambler
    I don't see that happening anytime soon!
  • 24Vikings suggested byMultiplying Link
  • 25Empire suggested byRisk Gambler
    good riddance
  • 26Bob's Burgers suggested byJohnny Fountains
  • 27The Bachelor (2002-) suggested byJesse Goodwin
    time for it to go
  • 28The Bachelorette (2003%u20132005; 2008-) suggested byJesse Goodwin
  • 29It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia suggested byRazorRex
  • 30American Idol (2018) suggested byJesse Goodwin
    @dbskeetdude37@yahoo. yep
    @Daniel Lewis everyone like the old better nodoy asked or a revival
    a revival nobody wanted
  • 31Wonder Park suggested byMultiplying Link
    That is a terrible reason; you shouldn't put a show on a list if you didn't like the movie and the show hasn't even aired yet. Get outta here with that.
    It's about to become a cartoon. So it should last about one season.
  • 32F is for Family suggested bypopculturejunkie261@
    Plus, it is way too generic and cliched especially for Netflix
  • 33American Housewive suggested bypopculturejunkie261@
  • 34Modern Family suggested byRisk Gambler
  • 35Paradise PD suggested byRazorRex
  • 36Blindspot suggested byRisk Gambler
  • 37Schitt's Creek suggested byRisk Gambler
    CelesteK, On March 21, 2019, it was renewed for a sixth and final season lol
    This show is already ending since the show's creators Daniel and Eugene Levy thought that it should end!
    @Jesse Goodwin I know. But Dan Levy has a note on his Instagram, @instadanjlevy, that says the show is ending in 2020.
  • 38South Park suggested by635535
    Didn't know it was already on the list.
  • 39Hawaii Five-O (2010-) suggested byMegalon73
    Please cancel this! It's not even Jack Lords and James MacAurthur!
    downhill since the departure of Daniel dae kim and grace park
  • 40General Hospital (1963-) suggested byJesse Goodwin
  • 41Supernoobs (2015-) suggested byRazorRex
  • 42Last Man Standing suggested bypopculturejunkie261@
    Nope; Fox inexplicably resurrected this neo-conservative dumpster fire masquerading as a sitcom...
  • 43Arthur suggested by635535
    Daniel Lewis, i love the show because it teaches kids great lessons in life.
    Daniel Lewis, no it did not run out of ideas. best show ever the only thing is the animation has changed but it's still a great show
    no best show ever only thing is the animation has changed but it's still a great show
  • 44Spliting Up Together suggested bypopculturejunkie261@
    Already Cancelled.
  • 45I Feel Bad suggested bypopculturejunkie261@
    Already Cancelled.
  • 46Total Drama Island suggested byCelesteK
    Another mean spirited show that should have been cancelled years ago.
    @Daniel Lewis, Total Dramarama is a prequel spin-off lol
    No! No! No! No! No! And NO!
  • 47Maybe - Fresh off the boat - I love the old episodes - I love Constance Wu - I think eddie needs to leave the show suggested byJohnny Fountains
  • 48Just a Question - Which episode of the canceled cleveland show has - Krysten Ritter in it ? suggested byJohnny Fountains
    Just cut it out already, Johnny...
  • 49Hour of Power suggested by635535
  • 50Counting On suggested byIcequeen NinjaWarrio
  • 51Sesame Street suggested by635535
    Heck to the no!
    not goning anywhere along with the muppets
    It's celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, so it's not going anywhere for a long time...
    They never should have continued it after Jim Henson died!

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