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Top 10 Things Fans Get Wrong About Star Wars The Force Awakens And Last Jedi

Or also things fans believe about what happened behind the sceens or in promoting the movies
Mainly These Are Things That Were Considered Plot Holes Or Fans Interpreted Them Differently Than The Directors Intended.
Things that fans who loved or hated the movies get wrong about them.
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    1Rey Never Being On A Ship Before
    And She Is Also First Seen Scavenging Parts From Dead Ships To Also Show How She Knows How To Fix Them And how They Work
    If You Listen She Actually States That She Has Flown A Ship Before But She Just Never Left The Planet Before
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  • 2Rey Beats Kylo And Luke Because She Was Better
    And she was struggling because of both of them having more experience and ultimately beat them because of a surprise move with the lightsaber and Luke and Kylo didn't want to kill her for different reasons
    And closely examining both fights Rey was struggling to beat both of them as Luke had a good defense technique and Kylo was using a strong offense fueled by rage.
    Technically Luke Won His Fight With Her When He Disarmed Her Staff And Probably Could Have Still Beat Her Even Though She Grabbed The Lightsaber But Wasn't Trying To Hurt Her.
    No Kylo Was Injured And Emotional Which Was Why He Lost
  • 3Rey Is Good At Everything For No Reason
    And the producers have stated that she learned how to to use some force powers when Kylo went into her mind and she ended up going into his and probably got more information from the force bond.
    And she was using her skills with the staff to use the Lightsaber
    The Force Is Guiding Her And She Learned Stuff Growing Up On The Planet Including How To Fix And Operate Ships
  • 4Luke Was Being A Coward
    And Unless He Pulled His Ship Out Of The Water And Fixed Years Of Water Damage He Was Not Getting Off That Planet Unless Someone Came To Pick Him Up.
    And Because He Cut Himself From The Force He Was Unaware How Bad The War Got Including That Han Was Killed And Learning This Made Him Feel More Guilty And More Determined With His View That The Jedi Way Needs To End.
    In Luke's Mind Since It Was Living By The Jedi Way That Caused The War In The First Place That It Would Be Best That The Jedi Went Extinct With Him.
  • 5Kylo Lied About Rey's Parents
    The Whole Point Of The Scene Is He Got Her To Admit This As She Was In Denial About It, So It Wasn't Kylo Lying To Her It Was Revealing That She Was Lying To Herself.
  • 6Luke Throwing The Lightsaber Was Meant As A Joke
  • 7They Put Too Much Focus On Women
    Technically there are still more male main characters than female
    When you really think about they killed off most of the major female characters off with only Rey, Rose, And Leia Being Alive While Others Are Just Minor Characters
    And Argubly The Male Characters Get More Development While Being Supported By The Female Characters.
    Actually the female cast are equal to the male cast and actually die just as much as the male characters do.
  • 8Canto Bight Was Entirely Pointless
    And The Point Was Also Developing Finn More And Helping Him Become More Apart Of The Rebellion Instead Of Just Being Motivated To Help Rey.
    The ultimate point was showing the force sensitive child slave and how he could potentially be a future Jedi.
  • 9Leia Was Flying In Space
    she was pulling herself with the force
  • 10Luke Clearly Was The One Who Put The Map In R2 To Find Him
    Also It is Possible That The Map Was Hidden Way Before Luke Disappeared.
    In the Last Jedi he is actually surprised that R2 found him implying someone or maybe the force is responsible
  • 11There Was Gravity In Space When They Bombed The Ship
    They had magnets and their own gravity
  • 12Luke Would Have Been Powerful Enough To Defeat The First Order
    Despite How Powerful He Is, The Blasters Would Have Killed Him If He Was Actually There And He Is A Old Man And Even Yoda Had His Limits For His Age.
  • 13Luke Died For No Reason
    It Was Also Mentioned By Kylo That The Effort To Force Project Can Kill You When He Assumes That Is How Rey Is Communicating With Him.
    Technically He Died From His Age And Using A Lot Of Power To Force Project
    And he became one with the force just like Obi Wan and Yoda did so he also technically chose it.
  • 14Luke Didn't Train Rey At All
    He Taught Her Meditation And Connecting To The Force Which Was How She Was Able To Lift The Rocks In The End
  • 15Nothing Changed At The End Of Last Jedi
    Also the fact Kylo has become supreme leader and will truly be the main villain in episode 9
  • 16How Much Time Past In Last Jedi
    Also consider Finn being in the coma and Kylo's scar being healed
    For example Rey might have been on the planet longer than it seemed since she left looking for Luke way before the attack by the first order
  • 17The Force Awakens Never Set Up The Posiblilty That Rey's Parents Were Nobody
    She also was told that her parents were not coming back which forshadowed that they were Dead.
    And some fans accurately predicted that this would happen
    Actually He Left All The Posiblities Open
  • 18JJ Abrams Had A Clear Plan For What The Force Awakens Was Setting Up
    The Movie Was Also Rushing To Release On The Release Date And He Didn't Start Coming Up With Sequel Ideas Until The Movie Was Released
    He Was Actually Making Thing Up As He Went Along And Ideas For The Last Jedi Weren't Written Yet Until After The Force Awakens Was Released
  • 19JJ Abrams Had Nothing To Do With The Last Jedi And Rian Never Consulted Him
  • 20Mark Hamill Doesn't Like The Last Jedi
    He has stated that he didn't understand what Rian wanted to do with Luke but he has made it clear that after watching the movie he now does understand and has praised Rian for his vision.
  • 21Luke Could Have Gotten Off The Planet Anytime
  • 22Rey Shouldn't Have Been Able To Beat Kylo Because Kylo Has Been Trained And Is More Experienced
    And Obi Wan Was An Apprentice When Defeated Darth Maul Who Was Clearly A Better Fighter And Killed His Master
    By This Logic Luke Shouldnt Have Been Able To Beat Vader Since Vader Had More Experience And Luke Was Ony A Jedi For About A Year
    But also remember he lost because he was injured and he was not acting rationally after killing Han
  • 23Luke Was Actually Going To Kill Ben/Kylo
    Basically it is implied that if Ben didn't wake up Luke would have continued to train him and get rid of his darkness the Jedi way.
    As he states he thought about after seeing his future but quickly changed his mind but Ben woke up at the wrong moment.
  • 24Han Solo's Death Is Pointless
  • 25We Never Got Badass Luke Skywalker
    He Beats Rey's Staff Using An Antenna.
  • 26The Force Awakens Never Set Up Rey's Parents Not Being Or Being Someone Important
  • 27The Holdo And Poe Conflict Was A Women Are Better Than Men Message
  • 28Rey Never Struggles
    She Actually Struggles With Finding Out She is Connected To The Force And Struggles With The Realization About Her Parents.
  • 29Finn Sacrificing Himself Would Have Destroyed The Drill
    So even if Luke didnt show up Finn sacrificing himself would have been senseless and wouldn't have stopped the order from getting in or at most wouldnt have gave everyone more time to get away.
    Some fans on youtube have pointed out that the way his ship was falling apart he would not have caused too much damage to it and Poe even tells him this and orders him to back off.
  • 30Holdo Had No Reason To Not Tell Poe The Plan
    And He Also Recently Got In Trouble For Getting A Lot Of Pilots Killed To Destroy One Ship And Blatantly Disobeying Orders To Stand Down.
    As Some Fans Explained He Was Demoted And Because Of The Chain Of Commands She Wasn't Required To Tell Him And She Just Expected He Would Follow Orders Like A Soldeir Is Supposed Too.
    Also A New Theory Is She Hadn't Fully Formed The Plan Yet So Really Couldn't Tell Him What She Was Going To Do
  • 31Luke Never Acted Like His Old Self
    He had a sense of humor, he had self doubt which was what he had originally, and there was how he intereacted with the original characters.
  • 32Luke Would Never Be Capable Of Making The Decisions He Makes In The Last Jedi
    And for all we know he reacted that way when he saw Kylo kill han.
    In the Original Trilogy Luke Had Self Doubt And While He Wanted To Redeem Vader He Almost Killed Him When He Threatened Leia.
  • 33Rey Can't Be That Powerful If Her Parents Are Normal
    This is wrong because technically all Jedi's parents were normal and the whole thing in the prequels was they tracked down the children and basically convinced the parents to let them be raised as Jedi and the children never even remember their parents.
    And it was a rule that Jedi had to be celibate
  • 34Rey Has No Training So She Shouldn't Have Been Able To Use Force Powers
    I mean from what I saw in Return Of The Jedi it seems that he didn't return to Yoda after the events of Empire and it was their first time seeing each other since then.
    And Luke also figured out how to do some of the powers on his own when you remember that he didn't return to yoda until after they saved Han which means he taught himself how to use the mind trick and how to make his own lightsaber.
    When you really think about it did the first ever Jedi and Sith have someone to train them or did they figure it out themselves like Rey did.
  • 35Rey Is Portrayed As Flawless And Perfect
  • 36The Praetorian Guards Are The Knights Of Ren
  • 37The Knights Of Ren Were Never Mentioned
    Not by name but their origins as former students of Luke is mentioned
  • 38The Force Awakens Didn't Set Up That Luke Gave Up On The Force
  • 39The Last Jedi Never Shows Why Rey Can Fight With A Lightsaber Without Training
  • 40The End Of Last Jedi Implies That Rey Doesnt Need More Training And Has Made Her More A Mary Sue
    Generally it is shown that she is capable of training herself
    Her having the Jedi texts implies that she will continue to train using them and Leia might teach her things she knows.
  • 41Holdo's Hyperspeed Attack Could Have Solved All The Conflicts In Previous Movies
    Specifically the Idea they could have destroyed the death star with the attack
  • 42The Force Awakens Doesnt Do Anything Different And Doesnt Take Risks
  • 43DJ Planned On Betraying Them
  • 44Yoda Could Have Appeared Before Luke Anytime
    Because Luke was closed off from the force Yoda could not communicate with him
  • 45Rey was clearly being set up as a Skywalker not a nobody
    JJ Left The Possibility Open He Wasn't Specifcally Saying One Answer Would Be The Answer
  • 46Leia And Rey Hugged Because They Knew Each Other
  • 47Poe Would Have Went Along With The Plan If Holdo Told Him About It
    But At The Same Time This Is Open To Interpretation As A Moment With Leia Implies He Would Have.
    It's Implied He Wouldnt Have Because When he Finds Out He Assumes She's Being A Coward By Running Away And He Probably Would Have Still Went With The Canto Bight Plan Because If it Worked They Would Have Still Had Their Ships.
  • 48Canto Bight Was Meant As An Animal Cruelty Message
    It's Mostly Supposed To Represent How War Makes People Suffer And How Some Wealthy People Profit From Suffering.
  • 49Everyone In The First Order Are White People
    Finn being a former stormtrooper implies their might be diversity among them
  • 50The Whole Plot Of Force Awakens Is Just A Remake Of A New Hope
  • 51Women Are Portrayed As Being Wiser While The Men Are Dumber In The Last Jedi
  • 52Luke Would Never Make The Decisions He Made Because A Jedi Master Would Never Do Those Things
    Mace Windu Tried To Kill An Unarmed Palpatine, Yoda And Obi Went Into Exile, And They All Have Been Tempted By The Dark Side
  • 53How Different The Last Jedi Is From Previous Star Wars Movies
    And It's A Little Bit Like Revenge Of The Sith As Well
    It Really Isn't That Different As It Does Repeat Plot Elements Of Empire Strikes Back And Return Of The Jedi
  • 54Luke Had Given Up Hope That Kylo Can Be Saved At The End Of Last Jedi
    He was just saying that he can't save him but implies to Leia that there is still hope
  • 55Rose And Finn's Plan Never Had A Chance Of Working
  • 56Snoke was being set up to be someone important
  • 57The Last Jedi actually wants you to let the past die and forget the past movies
  • 58Rey Should Have To Go Through Hard Training To Become A Jedi


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