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Top 10 Things Myths About Dinosaurs

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    1The Velociraptors were man-sized killing machines
    fact: Velociraptors were turkey-sized predators about as dangerous as small wolves; the Jurassic Park versions were actually modeled after the Deinonychus;

  • 2They are terrible lizards
    FACT: Dinosaurs are archosaurs, whereas lizards and snakes are lepidosaurs. For reference, living specimens of archosaurs includes crocodiles, as well as birds which are the dinosaurs' closest relatives and only surviving subgroup.

  • 3They lived alongside cavemen
    FACT: Dinosaurs went extinct some 65 million years ago. Modern hominids only appeared some 200 000 years ago, and the oldest thing that can be considered humanoid lived some 3 million years ago. There was never a time in history when humans and dinosaurs co-existed, with birds being the sole exception.

  • 4They were covered in scales
    They were not reserved for some isolated crests or the occasional mane, either, but covered the whole body in a full plumage with the same fluffy effect as fur in mammals.
    FACT: Dinosaurs were more bird-like than most people would be comfortable with, including the fact that they had feathers. We now know of several dinosaur species that had definite feathers, or at least some more primitive form of them, even in dinosaurs that don't resemble birds such as the Triceratops. They were not reserved for some isolated cre

  • 5Pterosaurs, Ichtyosaurs, Mammoths, Dimetrodons etc. were dinosaurs
    Mammoths, mastodons and smilodons, often incorrectly called the sabertooth tigers, are all mammals that existed dozens of millions of years after the dinosaurs went extinct, and Dimetrodon was an ancient synapsid with mammalian features that lived long before the dinosaurs showed up, and was more closely related to us than with either lizards or di
    FACT: Not every massive extinct animal is a dinosaur, in fact most of them aren't. Pterosaurs were a more ancient clade of archosaurs that evolved alongside dinosaurs, but were not dinosaurs themselves. Most extinct marine reptiles such as Ichtyosaurus and Pliosaurus were actually lizards adapted to marine life. Mammoths are extinct mammals that ex

  • 6Spinosaurus was bipedal
    FACT: Spinosaurus was a quadraped dinosaur, walking on the phalanges of his front legs like a gorilla would. It was also the only dinosaur that we know of that was adapted for life in water.

  • 7They were cold-blooded
    FACT: Dinosaurs were not anything like lizards, as mentioned earlier, and they weren't cold-blooded either. There's numerous evidence suggesting they were homeothermic, including the presence of feathers and the structure of holes for blood vessels in their bones.

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