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Top 10 Things People Get Wrong About Star Wars The Force Awakens And The Last Jedi

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    1Rey Is Portrayed As Perfect And Does Everything Perfectly
    And She Also Came Very Close To Losing Her Fights With Kylo, Luke, And The Guards And Only Won Because Of Using The Force And Quick Thinking
    Like She Fails To Redeem Kylo Because She Thought Thinks Would Go For Her Like They Did For Luke And She Was Tempted To The Dark Side Because Of Her Issues With Her Parental Abandonment.
    For Example The Last Jedi Actually Does Show Rey Failing At Something And How She Does Have Some Issues With Using The Force And Her Lightsaber Skills.
    Also she does crash the falcon a couple of times getting it off the ground and has a lot of close calls flying it.
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  • 2Finn Would Have Been Able To Destroy The Drill By Ramming It
    Dialog From Rose And Poe Try To Make It Clear That If He Went Through With It He Would Not Cause Much Damage And He Would Die For Nothing
  • 3How Much Focus Is Put On The Female Characters
    Technically There Are Still More Male Main Characters Than Female
    Only Rey, Leia, And Rose Are The Ones That Get The Most Focus But Mostly Through Their Interactions With The Male Characters.
    While There Are More Female Characters They Are Mostly Paired With The Male Characters And Most Of Them Just Got Killed Off or Are Just Background Characters
  • 4Rey Never Did Anything To Earn Her Skills And Powers And The Movies Never Explained Why
    Her Staff Skills Are Why She Was Able To Use The Lightsaber Which Was Shown In Last Jedi When She Practiced On A Rock
    One theory is that the things she had to do to survive growing up are also things that she would have to do in Jedi training
    Even Finn Was Able To Use A Lightsaber Because Of Melee Combat Training He Got As A Stormtrooper But Also Never Used A Saber Before
    And Hasn't It Been Implied That Mostly All It Takes To Use The Force Is To Believe In It Or As Yoda Says Do Or Do Not There Is No Try.
  • 5Rey Was Specifically Being Set Up To Be A Skywalker, A Kenobi, Or The Child Of Another Important Force User
    But it was stated that he had her parents being nobody in mind according to Daisy
    JJ Hinted At the Possibility But He Didn't Have A Specific Answer In Mind But We Will See What He Does In Episode 9.
  • 6Rey Should Not Have Won Her Fights With Kylo And Luke Because Of Not Having Proper Jedi Training And Experience
    Lightsaber Fights Have Also Have Been Won Just Because of One Move Even If The Opponent Is More Powerful In The Force
    There Has Been Several Lightsaber Fights Where An Opponent With Less Experience Has Beaten Someone With More.
    But Also Kylo Was Injured And Emotional, Luke Hasn't Used The Force And Fought In Years, And The Guards Don't have The Force And Kylo Was Helping Her.
  • 7Rey Can Only Be Powerful In The Force If Her Parents Are Force Sensitive
    Generally The Force Chooses Random People Just Like With Anakin Who Didn't Have A Father At All
    Mostly All Jedi Have Normal Parents And They Don't Know Them Like Rey Didn't Know Her's
    All The Skywalkers Had One Parent That Didn't Have The Force
  • 8The Last Jedi Contadicts Everything In The Force Awakens
    For One Thing The Movie Established That Luke Went Into Exile Because Of His Guilt Over Ben Joining The Dark Side.
    There Were Also Hints That Rey's Parents Were Dead And Were Regular People By Rey Being Told They Were Not Coming Back And That She Should Move On
  • 9Luke Was Completely Out Of Character And Had No Good Reason To Be So
    He Also Realized That As A Jedi Masters He Was Just Repeating The Mistakes The Jedi Made With Anakin And Ben Was Going Down The Same Path And Considered Killing Him To Prevent It.
    His Reason Was He Was Tempted To Kill His Own Nephew And Ended Up Causing Most Of His Students Getting Killed And Ben Truly Joining The Dark Side Because Of It.
    Also Remember That Luke Never Embraced The Jedi Practice Of Blocking His Negative Emotions If You Only Look At The Original Movies As Canon So He Was Still Capable oF Feeling Fear And Anger
  • 10Holdo Didn't Have A Good Reason Not To Tell Poe The Plan
    It's Also Not Her Duty Tell Anyone It Is Everyone Else's Duty To Follow Orders Even if They Don't Agree With Them
    She Was The Leader And Poe Was Recently Demoted For Disobeying Orders That Cost Several People Their Lives
    But it was also a plan that required secrecy and it is Poe's fault the Order finds out about it
  • 11The Holdo Hyperspeed Attack Could Have Solved All The Problems In Previous Movies
    Also the ship Holdo used had a new type of shields and other technology that wasn't in the original movies
    The Attack Caused Damage But Didn't Completely Destroy All The Ship And Alot Of Soldeirs Survived So It Wouldn't Have Destroyed The Death Star Or The Other Weapons.
  • 12Canto Bight Was Entirely Pointless Because Of The Mission Failing
    Technically in Empire Strikes Back Han and Leia Went On A Mission That Failed And They Also Went Through Weird And Pointless Stuff
  • 13The Force Awakens Is Just A Remake Of A New Hope And Does Nothing Different From The Original Trilogy
    It Technically Also Uses Plot Elements From The Sequels And The Prequels
  • 14Rose Saved Finn For The Selfish Reason Of Being In Love With Him
  • 15Rose And Finn Could Have Freed The Child Slaves
  • 16Luke Should Have Been Happy To Get His Old Lightsaber Back
  • 17Snoke Was Going To Be Revealed As A Know Character From Star Wars Canon
  • 18The Knights Of Ren Were The Guards And Now They Won't Be In Episode 9
  • 19The Last Jedi Was Purposely Disrespecting The Fans
    Not Really But In A Way Luke's Character Was A Metaphor For Fans Who Quit The Franchise Because Of The Prequels And Don't Want Anything To Do With The New Movies
  • 20Luke Could Have Gotten Off The Planet To Fight Kylo
  • 21Luke Is Powerful Enough To Take On The First Order By Himself
    But he probably could have took them on in a ground Battle but just like with the Jedi he can get overwhelmed
    Generally Force users have limits even Darth Vader who was the chosen one
  • 22Luke Would Never Make The Decisions He Did Because He Redeemed Vader And Became A Perfect Jedi Master
    Just because you made right choices when you were young doesn't mean you will never make mistakes again
  • 23How Different The Last Jedi Is From Previous Movies
    And The Rey And Luke Relationship Is Similar Too Luke And Yoda's And The Canto Bight Subplot Isn't That Different From Leia And Han's Subplot That Also Ended With Failure Because Of A Betrayal.
    It Does Things Differently But It Also The Same Plot As Empire Strikes Back With The Twists Being Similar
  • 24The Message Of The Last Jedi Was To Kill The Past Or Just Forget That The Past Movies Happened And They Don't Matter Anymore
  • 25Luke Didn't Train Rey And Rey Didn't Learn Anything New That Would Explain How She Does The Things She Does Later
    Generally She Learned To Connect With The Force A Little Bit Better But Of Course Took The Books Because She Still Needed To Learn More
    She is also shown practicing with the Lightsaber on a rock including the moves she uses later.
  • 26Kylo Losing His First Lightsaber Fight With Rey Means That The Next Time They Fight She Will Clearly Win Easily
    If He Is 100 Percent In Episode 9 Rey Might Actually Have More Of A Challenge
    As Stated He Was Injured And Emotional Which Was Why He Lost But He Could Have Won
  • 27Rey Is More Powerful Than Kylo And Luke
    She Is Actually Equal To Kylo In Power And It Is Implied That Luke Could Have Beat Her With The force Even Though She grabbed The Lightsaber.
  • 28The Male Characters Were Dumbed Down And The Female Characters Are Portrayed As Flawless In Last Jedi
    And We Can Ultimately Say That Holdo Not Trusting Anybody Was A Flaw That Caused Problems And We Weren't Meant To Like Her At First
  • 29The Holdo And Poe Subplot Is Meant As A Women Are Better Leaders Message
    It was more a soldeir learning to be a leader message.
  • 30Gravity In Space
  • 31Everything Would Have Worked Out If Holdo Told Poe The Plan
  • 32Rey Is A Mary Sue And What A Mary Sue Is.
  • 33The Movies Are Politically Correct And Designed For The Social Justice Warriors
    And Technically The Sequel Trilogy Talks Less About Politics Than The Prequel Trilogy
    And Yes Kathleen Wanted To Earn More Female Fans And Give More Of Them Jobs But The Characters Never Address Gender Or Gender Politics
    No The Movies Were Trying To Be For Everybody Which Is Why There Is More Diversity
  • 34Nobody Is Shown Mourning Han
  • 35Snoke's Explanation Of Light And Dark Doesn't Explain Anything
    And this possibly explains why snoke was powerful to be an equal to Luke's light.
    Generally this explains why the sith was so powerful.
  • 36Mark Hamill Hates The Last Jedi
  • 37Only Social Justice Warriors And Their Supporters Like The Movies
  • 38The New Force Powers Have Never Been Seen In Star Wars Before
  • 39Luke Planned On Killing Ben/Kylo The Moment Before He Entered The Tent
  • 40Ben Was Completely Innocent Before Luke Was Tempted To Kill Him
  • 41Rey Had A Flawless Victory Over Luke And Kylo In Their Fights
    And Kylo Came Very Close Too Killing Her But He Took A Moment To Tempt Her To The Dark Side And She Took Advantaged And Beat Him With A Surprise Move.
    Technically Luke Beats Rey But He Ended Up Tripping And Falling When She Suddenly Force Pulls The Lightsaber.
  • 42Luke Had Cowardly Reasons For Staying Out The War And Going Into Hiding
  • 43Luke Clearly Was The One Who Left The Map So Him Being Surprised Rey Found Him Is A Plot Hole


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