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Top 10 Unanswered Questions in Disney Movies

also part of: Unanswered Disney Questions
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    1Why didn't Ariel just write on paper to communicate with Prince Eric? - The Little Mermaid Make Your Case
  • 2Why didn't Aurora's parents just invite Maleficent to that party? - Sleping Beauty Make Your Case
  • 3How did Elsa even get her magical powers? - Frozen
    Sequel will probably introduce her real mother.

  • 4If Buzz Lightyear honestly believed he was a Space Ranger, why did he abide by the rules of toys, like freezing whenever a human was around? - Toy Story
    Especially Since It Was Revealed They Can Come To Life In Front Of Humans When They Scared Sid.
    Super Carlin Bros have a theory on this.

  • 5How does Pocahontas speak English if she's never met anyone outside her tribe before? - Pocahontas Make Your Case
  • 6How come Timon and Pumbaa didn't seem to age, even though Simba clearly got older? - The Lion King Make Your Case
  • 7Did Rapunzel honestly never question why she was locked in a tower? - Tangled
    She actually did in the movie which was the purpose of the song mother knows best, which is basically Mother Gothel felling lies about why Rapunzel was locked up

  • 8What do the dwarfs do with all the diamonds they mine every day? - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    Maybe they sell them at local villages

  • 9What would have happened if some other woman fit into that glass slipper before they got all the way to Cinderella's house? - Cinderella
    If other women fit into that slipper, especially more than one the. That would just narrow down the candidates but the fact that only Cinderella possessed the other slipper was more than enough to prove that she was the one who Prince Charming danced with at the ball

  • 10What happened to the rest of Andy's toys - Toy Story 3 suggested byAdam Garfinkel Make Your Case
  • 11When the Beast told Belle to go to her ailing father, why didn't she just promise to come back? - Beauty and the Beast Make Your Case
  • 12Why Did The Enchantress Curse The Servants When They Didn't Do Anything Wrong - Beauty And The Beast suggested bybobbylashley18
    Its because they were responsible for the prince's upbringing. The live action movie answers this question.

  • 13What Happened To The Boys Turned Into Donkeys - Pinochio suggested bybobbylashley18 Make Your Case
  • 14Why did Cruella de Vil want a fur coat made from Dalmatian puppies - 101 Dalmatians (1961 film) suggested byAdam Garfinkel
    Because she is a selfish woman who want high quality fur for her coats and would go as far as skinning live animals to acquire it

  • 15What Did The Hyenas Do To Have Their Race Banished From The Pridelands - The Lion King suggested bybobbylashley18 Make Your Case
  • 16How did Bagheera know Shere Khan has returned sometime after Mowgli is adopted by wolves? - The Jungle Book (1967) suggested byCoolZDane Make Your Case
  • 17How are Dumbo's ears big? - Dumbo suggested byCoolZDane Make Your Case
  • 18How come the Glass Slippers didn't disapper after the stoke of midnight like the rest of Cinderella's outfit? - Cinderella suggested byJesse Goodwin
    I think either the magical connection the slippers had were lost when. Cinderella loses one of them on the stairs or the Fairy godmother intended for the slippers to stay behind to provide Cinderella a way to forever escape the abuse inflicted on her by Lady Tremaine and the two stepsisters

  • 19Who becomes the mayor of Zootopia after Dawn Bellweather gets arrested? - Zootopia suggested byAnonymous
    This is basically the only plot hole this movie had in it

  • 20Who was Nala's father? - The Lion King suggested byAdam Garfinkel Make Your Case
  • 21What was the true agenda of the enchantress when she went to Beasts Castle - Beauty And The Beast suggested byAnonymous
    I personally believe that she somehow heard of the Beasts selfish and vain behavior and that such behavior was negatively affecting the kingdom. She may have went over to the castle to test him, intending to curse him and the whole castle and inhabitants as punishment if he failed the test. Why else would she disguise herself as an old lady and p

  • 22what happen to nick's family?-zootopia suggested byAbby Peterson Make Your Case
  • 23What happened to the enchantress after she cursed Beast - Beauty And The Beast suggested byAnonymous
    The live action version addressed this by making her a character who lived in the village and they gave her a name as well

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