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Top 10 Unanswered Science Questions

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    1Are we alone in the universe? suggested byRich Hart
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  • 2Will we ever be able to predict the future of economic, political and other social systems? suggested byRich Hart
    Human civilization is very complicated and getting more complex all the time. If we could predict the future of how our civilization will develop, we might be able to avoid things like poverty, war and societal collapse all together.
  • 3What is consciousness? suggested byRich Hart
    Answering this question would likely lead to the invention of 'true' artificial intelligence.
  • 4Do we live in a universe or multiverse? suggested byRich Hart
    Are there multiple versions of yourself living in parallel universes? Could you ever meet them? It's fun to think about.
  • 5Can we beat the law of entropy? suggested byRich Hart
    This is what causes things in the universe to break down and change. It's the reason why nothing in the universe seems to be eternal. To figure out a way to beat the law of entropy would be to conquer death itself.
  • 6How do we beat bacteria and viruses? suggested byRich Hart
    Eradicating these diseases will likely take technology and coordination that doesn't exist today but if we succeeded it would greatly improve the human condition.
    Medical science has had some success against these disease causing micro-organisms with the invention of antibiotics and vaccinations. But these treatments have fallen short of winning the war against infectious diseases due to the shear diversity of these pathogens as well as their ability to quickly replicate and evolve. To eradicate these dise
  • 7Is time travel possible? suggested byRich Hart
    It's theoretically possible in certain scenarios but it has never been confirmed.
    ... Because it would be tempting to go back and convince Hitler to just stay in art school.
  • 8What's inside of a black hole? suggested byRich Hart
    Understanding what is inside a quantum singularity or (black hole) would likely lead to a unified theory of physics. In other worlds, humans would have full understanding of how all the forces universe work together to create what we experience as reality.
  • 9What makes us human? suggested byRich Hart
    Why are we the only species on earth that writes music, builds cities, travels into space, and asks questions about our place in the universe? This might very well be the greatest question of all.
  • 10Can we travel faster than the speed of light? suggested byRich Hart
    General relativity states that the speed of light is a universal constant that sets a limit on how fast we can travel through space. It might be possible build ships that warp space and time to overcome this speed limit (NASA is researching this). But right now it only exists in science fiction (star trek).
  • 11Why have humans evolved music? suggested byRich Hart
    This is likely a subquestion of 'what makes us human?'.
  • 12How did life begin? suggested byRich Hart
  • 13To other spatial dimensions exist? suggested byRich Hart
    Is up down, left right, forward and back the only directions we move? Or is there another undiscovered direction that we could use?
  • 14What's at the bottom of the ocean? suggested byRich Hart
  • 15Is there a theory which explains the values of all fundamental physical constants? (Theory of Everything) suggested byสุทธิศักดิ์ วิเศษวงษา

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