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Top 10 Video Game Franchises that Failed to Change Genres

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    1Medal of Honor (WW2 shooter to Modern shooter with "Medal of Honor", the reboot tried to go modern day but it didnt work)
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  • 2Banjo Kazooie (Platformer to Car Sim with "Nuts and Bolts", the fundamental core of the franchise was drastically changed and it pissed lots of people off)
  • 3Mortal Kombat (Fighting game to Adventure platformer with "Sub Zero", they used the exact same gameplay mechanics found in the fighting games and used them in a
  • 4Star Fox suggested byFastTquick
    Instead of sticking only with what made the series fun, the devs tried experimenting with gimmicks like RTS, co-op, and tower defense elements for Command, Zero and Guard respectively.
  • 5Tony Hawk (Skate sim to Motion Control game with "Tony Hawk Ride", the added skateboard peripheral ruined the experience...because it DIDNT WORK)
  • 6The Legend of Zelda suggested byFastTquick
    The series changed from being an action-adventure to an open-world, side-scrolling RPG with Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. The game was criticized for being too difficult for most gamers and abandoning what made the series so great. The less said about Link's Crossbow Training, the better.
  • 7Earthworm Jim suggested byjctoenges
    From 2D Platformer to 3D platformer
  • 8Silent Hill (Survival Horror to Hack n Slash with "Book of Memories")
  • 9Mega Man (2D to 3D action platformer with "Mega Man Legends", what was once a fast paced series turned into a slower, duller experience)
  • 10Animal Crossing (Life sim to Party game with "amiibo festival", basically an excuse to sell amiibo figures in a half-assed mario party clone)
  • 11Syndicate (Original was an isometric strategy game, this one was a First Person Shooter) suggested byDaveVsTheWorld
  • 12Castlevania suggested byFastTquick
    The series failed to make a transition into a 3D action-adventure with Castlevania 64, and it also failed to do well as a fighting game with Castlevania: Judgement.
  • 13SOCOM suggested byFastTquick
    The series changed from being a tactical third-person shooter to a Gears of War-style cover-based shooter with its 4th installment. The game was not well received and sold poorly at retail.
  • 14Cory In The House suggested byZ Force
    Old. Used to be very funny.
  • 15Ratchet & Clank suggested byFastTquick
    All 4 One tried to mix up the formula by turning into 4-player, linear, third-person shooter, but it ended up being the black sheep of the series. The series also tried to experiment with tower defense elements with Full Frontal Assault with mixed results.
  • 16Dino Crisis (Failed at going from Dinosaurs vs. Humans to Humans vs. Aliens) suggested byRazorRex
  • 17Punch-Out!!! (with an obscure one and done spin-off called Arm Wrestling, which had nothing to do with Punch-Out if Bald....Imena Mr. X wasn't in the game) suggested byTrueBackLash
  • 18Mega Man (platformer to sports with Mega Man Soccer, with a genre out of left field, average gameplay and a weak plot) suggested byTrueBackLash
  • 19Golden Axe suggested byFastTquick
    After the first 3 games, the series tried to mix things up by changing into a fighting game with The Duel and a 3D God of War-style hack n' slash with Beast Rider. Neither of them were any good.
  • 20Double Dragon suggested byFastTquick
    The series tryed to mix things up by becoming a fighting game with Double Dragon V, but it failed miserably.
  • 21Metroid suggested byFastTquick
    The series changed into a linear, third-person action game with Other M, then changed into a Borderlands-style 4-player Co-op FPS with Federation Force. Neither game were as well-received as the standard Metroid and Prime series games.
  • 22Red Faction suggested byFastTquick
    The series did well when it changed into an open-world third-person shooter with Guerilla, but when it became a linear, third-person shooter with Armageddon, it was slammed by critics and fans alike.
  • 23Harry Potter and Deadly Dreadful suggested byGor Gevorkyan
  • 24Bubsy (From 2D to 3D plataformer) suggested byDigoBlaze12
  • 25Sonic The Hedgehog (2D-3D platformer with "Sonic Adventure" and every sonic game being worse and worse afterwards)


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