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Top 10 Video Games where you play the Bad Guy

Games that set you up as, or allow you the option of being, a force of evil. One game per franchise.
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    1Prototype suggested byChris Tanner
    You play as a sentient shapeshifting virus with a mean streak the size of New York. And you're always hungry.
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  • 2Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 suggested byChris Tanner
    You're Dracula. That's all you really need to know
  • 3DEFCON suggested byChris Tanner
    Don't let the simplistic graphics fool you. By the end of a game of DEFCON, you'll be responsible for millions of deaths. Billions, if you're really good.
  • 4Dungeon Keeper suggested byChris Tanner
    The precursor to games like Overlord, this strategy gem has you building dungeons full of monsters and traps to torment the innocent.
  • 5Destroy All Humans! suggested byChris Tanner
    Despite the camp and parody, this is a game whose objective is to commit genocide.
  • 6Grand Theft Auto: Vice City suggested byChris Tanner
    Tommy Vercetti is a life-long career murderer with no remorse, but a whole lot of love for his work.
  • 7Star Wars: The Old Republic suggested byChris Tanner
    BioWare offers you many choices in this MMORPG. [Shock him/her] may end up being one of your favorites.
  • 8Overlord suggested byChris Tanner
    Ever wanted to be Sauron?
  • 9Spec Ops: The Line suggested byChris Tanner
    Your character, Cpt. Martin Walker, has the option of doing some pretty terrible things.
  • 10Soul Nomad and the World Eaters suggested byChris Tanner
    While you can play the hero in this RPG, the "Demon Path" allows you to become a truly reprehensible scion of destruction.
  • 11Star Wars: Bounty Hunter suggested byFastTquick
  • 12Warcraft III suggested byChris Tanner
  • 13Rampage suggested byChris Tanner
  • 14BlazBlue suggested byChris Tanner
  • 15Twisted metal series suggested bycarlos blanco

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