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Top 10 Wasted Opportunities In The Arrowverse

When The Shows Should Have Done Something Different With Their Plots And Characters And Missed An Opportunity To Do Something Great.
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    1Flashpoint Lasting For More Episodes
    Like Maybe Spending Half The Season On It Then He Changes It Back And This Would Have Made The Villain Conflict More Shorter After Complaints It Went Too long

  • 2A Nazi Version Of Barry Allen In The Crossover
    and we didn't need the reverse flash back
    He did a good performance as Salvitar, good have played another evil Flash

  • 3Wally Being The Flash For More Episodes
    During The Time Barry Was In The Speed Force And Him Being Brought Back In The First Episode

  • 4Laurel And Oliver's Relationship Make Your Case
  • 5Actually Having Oliver Queen Become Evil In Season 3
    On the show it turned out he was undercover but did bad stuff to maintain it, but it would have been better if he did get legitimately brainwashed and the team having to fight him in the final.

  • 6Killing Off More Characters In The Season 5 Finale Of Arrow
    Felicity and diggle should have died
    Killing off more Characters would have made the island blowing up more impactful then just one Character we don't care about dying.
    They Only Killed Off William's Mother And Injured Two Characters Everybody Else Got Off The Island With No Problems

  • 7More Superman Appearances
    Of course the actor is busy but could have least have him do video calls to check up on Kara or make him a series regular

  • 8Supergirl Characters In The Crossovers
    The closest they got was in the musical crossover with martian and Mon El and Alex in the crisis Crossover
    Bring in Martian Manhunter on the next Crossover

  • 9Black Siren Becoming Black Canary Make Your Case
  • 10How The Legends Are Used In The Crossovers
    They're not even going to be in the Batwoman Crossover
    i think the legends should be utlized more in the crossovers rather than them just coming in last minute to save the day cause we hardly get interactions with the legends characters and the other 3 shows characters

  • 11More Consequences Of Flashpoint On The Other Shows Make Your Case
  • 12Identity Of Salvitar Being Revealed Earlier In The Season
    Season 3 would have been better if we knew his identity earlier, Instead Of 3 episodes into the final

  • 13Letting The Supporting Heroes Save The Day
    Basically Oliver,Barry, And Kara Don't Always Have To Be The Ones Who Beat The Villains, Let The Other Protagonists Do It More
    Especially Martian Manhunter, Cisco, Wally, And The Members Of Team Arrow

  • 14Where Is Maxwell Lord Make Your Case
  • 15Daxamite Invasion And The Final Battle
    Should have been more of the other characters teaming up

  • 16Alex's Hunt To Find Her Father
    Though It might be because of Dean's schedule
    They ignored it in favor of her coming out as gay and now in season 3 she is more worried about her break up with Maggie

  • 17Seeing Sara Lance Prevent Her Sister's Death With The Spear
    Actually Showing Why It Would Be Bad To Do So.

  • 18Killer Frost Would Have Made A Great Main Villain For Season 3 Make Your Case
  • 19Nazi Versions Of Arrow And Supergirl Getting To Live Make Your Case
  • 20Opportunities To Kill Off Felicity
    felicity should stay so should have laurel
    Could have killed her off instead of Laurel

  • 21Martian Manhunter Why Don't You Help More
    The behind the scenes reasons are the budget of using his powers and showing his true forms, but there needs to be better reasons why he doesn't help Kara more when she is in trouble.

  • 22Suicide Squad
    They couldn't be used because of the movies but they could have let them live and the studio did eventually let them use Superman

  • 23Being Connected To More DC Shows Make Your Case
  • 24Michael Emerson Should Have Played A Different Arrow Villain Make Your Case
  • 25How Did Rip Create The Time Bureau Make Your Case
  • 26Opportunities For The Flash To Help Team Arrow
    Also it doesn't seem right that they don't ask for his help especially when the city or world is in danger
    Could Of Had A Face Off With Damien Darhk And Helped Them Like He Did With Ra's Al Ghul Despite Being Busy With Another Villain

  • 27Opportunities To Bring Back Laurel Lance From The Dead
    But You Could Also Respect Their Dedication To Keeping Her Dead So That Fans Can't Expect Every Character To Come Back Just Because They Didnt Like The Death

  • 28Oliver And Barry Asking For Each Other's Help More Make Your Case
  • 29Flashpoint Being More Like The Comics And Being Used As A Crossover Event Make Your Case
  • 30Captain Cold Never Being A Main Villain On The Flash For A Season Make Your Case
  • 31Supergirl Vs Superman
    Also should have been a better reason for why she was able to beat him besides being stronger since technically Superman was on earth longer and would be stronger because of that.
    Either Superman beating her or saving the fight for the final battle

  • 32How Laurel Lance And Sara Lance Should Have Died Make Your Case
  • 33Legion Of Doom's Alternate World Make Your Case
  • 34Lance Not Getting To Talk To His Daughter Sara Before He Dies Make Your Case
  • 35Oliver and Felicity Should Have Got Married On Their Own Show Instead Of At Barry and Iris's Wedding Make Your Case
  • 36Krypton In The Earth One Universe
    Also It Would Have Explained Oliver Getting Kryptonite

  • 37Ra's Al Ghul's Ultimate Plan
    Example did it really need to include destroying the city

  • 38Constantine Coming Back In The Final Episodes Of Season 4
    Mostly Having Him Participate In The Final Battle With Mallus

  • 39Salvitar's Plan Make Your Case
  • 40Not Being Able To Use Harley Quinn Make Your Case
  • 41The Arrowverse Not Being Apart Of The DC Extended Universe
    Like having the DCEU be it's own multiverse and the Arrowverse Characters appear in the movies

  • 42Constantine Not Being A Main Cast Member On Legends In Season 3 Make Your Case
  • 43Flashpoint Not Having More Changes On The Other Shows
    Like Laurel's death happening under different circumstances
    More than just diggle's baby changing genders

  • 44Barry's Trial Should Have Lasted More Episodes Make Your Case
  • 45Not getting Megalyn E.K.s Vixen for Legeends of Tommorrow season 2 suggested byTrueBackLash Make Your Case
  • 46The Other Two World Killers Living Longer Make Your Case
  • 47Having More Consequences For Changing Time And Both The Flash And The Legends Getting Equally Punished For It Make Your Case
  • 48More Discussion About The Legal Ramifications Of Locking Up Metahumans With No Trial Make Your Case
  • 49Music Meister's Motivation For Trapping Kara And Barry
    And In Hindsight It Was Pointless Helping The Mon El And Kara Relationship
    Doing It Just To Help Their Relationships Was Stupid Should Have Been More To It.

  • 50Henry Allen Being Revealed As Zoom suggested byDaniel John Make Your Case
  • 51danny trejo as lobo suggested bydbskeetdude37@yahoo. Make Your Case
  • 52Someone Else Being Revealed As Dr Alchemy
    It was too obvious that Julian was him, should of actually have it that someone on the team was

  • 53The Reasons Behind Team Arrow And The New Recruits Breaking Up
    Like Oliver Actually Being Wrong About Someone Betraying Him, Making Them Leaving More Justifiable

  • 54Introducing The Earth One Versions Of Supergirl Characters
    Or just if Krypton is around in that universe
    Like a human or metahuman version of Kara

  • 55EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!! suggested byMr.Paçoca Make Your Case
  • 56Laurel's Further Development as the Black Canary suggested byTyler Wade Make Your Case
  • 57Kara And James's Romantic Relationship And Why It Ended Make Your Case
  • 58Kara's Racism Towards Daxamites Make Your Case
  • 59Heatwave Having Skills From His Time As Chronos Make Your Case
  • 60Killer Frost and Caitlin Being One Personality Instead Of A Split Personality Make Your Case
  • 61Sara and Snart Never Becoming A Couple
    They only get to kiss before he dies, they would have been interesting as a couple

  • 62John Noble Not Playing Mallus In The Flesh
    Like He Still Turns In To A Demon But Also Has A Human Form

  • 63Some Of The Protagonists, Specifically Supergirl, Alex, Laurel, Lena, Mon El, And Others Would Be Interesting If They Were Bisexual Or
    For Example Alex Does Have Some Chemistry With Some of The Male Characters And There Was An Opportunity For Her To Be Revealed As This Instead Of Just Being Gay

  • 64Iris Getting More Skills And Having A Different Career To Explain Why She Became The Leader After The Consequences Of Flashpoint
    Like She Temporarily Became A Cop Like Her Earth 2 Counterpart

  • 65Using the Spear of Destiny to make Lily Stein real suggested byhulkfan Make Your Case

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