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Top 10 Wasted Opportunities With Game Of Thrones

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    1The Battle Of Winterfell With The Night King Should Have Been A Ninth Episode
    And the season finale ending on the death of her second dragon.

  • 2More Character Development For Bran Stark's Three Eyed Raven Persona
    Also exploring his decision to become King despite not wanting it.
    Showing More Of His Human Side

  • 3More Characters Dying In The Battle With The Night King
    Also could have killed Jaime since some fans didnt like him dying with Cersei
    Why not also have it that Missandei and Rhaegol die in the battle instead of by Cersei and have the beginnings of Danaerys going mad start from that point.
    A fan pointed out they could have had Brienne die in the battle and this be the reason why Jaime goes back to Cersei

  • 4Not Exploring Why Grey Worm Kept Tyrion And Jon Alive After What Happened With Danaerys
    Though one theory is because as a Unsullied he needs someone to order him to do it.
    Because in the end it doesn't seem in his character that he would let them live after her death

  • 5Arya Still Kills The Night King But Both Her And Jon Fight Him

  • 6Ultimately Seasons 7 And 8 Should Have Been The Usual 10 Episodes
    Generally would have provided more screen time for certain characters
    It would have provided more set up for what happens in the end.

  • 7Having Sansa Actually Being Able To Manipulate Ramsey When They Were Married

  • 8Some Things From The Books Should Have Stayed The Same
    Specifically The Dorne Storyline And Sansa's Arc

  • 9Having The Mission Beyond The Wall To Get A Wight Actually Be A Full Battle To Stop The Night King From Crossing The Wall
    Then It Still Ends With The Night King Killing A Dragon And The Long Night Still Happens
    Basically that Jon takes a full army and have it that Danaerys and her dragons goes on the mission with them

  • 10Having It That Danaerys Actually Captures Jaime And Cersei And They Are Executed By Dragon In Front Of Tyrion

  • 11Having More 2 Hour Episodes Especially With The Series Final

  • 12Having It That Danaerys Also Has Sansa, Sam, Arya, And Bran Locked Up Along With Tyrion

  • 13Certain Characters Should Have Played A Role In The Final Seasons

  • 14Revealing Bran Knew Everything That Was Going To Happen And Orchestrated Everything To Prevent A Dark Future

  • 15Seeing More Of Danaerys' Point Of View As She Goes Mad

  • 16Having Bran Talk To The Night King In Their Final Confrontation

  • 17The War Between Danaerys And Cersei Lasting For Years

  • 18Having Danaerys Start Having Hallucinations Including Her Talking To Missandei After Her Death

  • 19Keeping Up With How Long It Takes To Travel In Seasons 7 And 8
    For Example Have It That Jon And The Others Had To Wait For Days For Daenerys To Save Them From The White Walkers

  • 20Danaerys Becoming The Mad Queen Should Have Had A Season To Itself
    Then it could have been better explained for the people who couldn't understand why
    Basically It Would Have Been Interesting If The Final Season Focused On Her Reign As The Mad Queen And Jon Struggling Longer To Decide To Kill Her.

  • 21The Events In The Series Final Should Have Been Separated Into More Episodes
    For Example The Vote For The Next King Should Have Been A Longer Conversation

  • 22Having A War Between Danaerys' Army And The North Before Or After Jon Kills Her
    If it's before this is why Jon kills her after she captures Sansa

  • 23Cersei Actually Sending Her Army To Help With The Night King But Then Setting The Trap That Results In Rhaegal And Missandei's Deaths

  • 24Not Getting To See Wight Versions Of Hodor And Other Characters Who Were Killed In The Past In The Long Night

  • 25Have It That Tyrion Intentionally Gave Danaerys Bad Advise To Save His Family

  • 26Nobody Bringing Up That Jon Is A Targaryen Too Grey Worm At The Trial

  • 27Jon Doesn't Ride A Dragon Until After Finding Out His Heritage And Only During The Battle With The Night King

  • 28Meera Reed Not Getting A Scene With Bran After He Becomes King

  • 29Danaerys Experiencing Hallucinations

  • 30Jon And Danaerys Didn't Need To Be A Couple

  • 31Some Characters Should Have Lived Until The Final Season
    What if Littlefinger stayed around and he was the one manipulating the rivalry between Sansa and Danaerys.

  • 32Jon Not Being At The Council To Decide His And Tyrion's Fate

  • 33Having Theon Actually Stop Sansa From Being Raped

  • 34Having It Be No King At All And Ending With All The Kingdoms Becoming Independent

  • 35Having Varys Betray Danaerys After She Burn King's Landing

  • 36Danaerys Kills Everybody In King's Landing Because They Refuse To Bend The Knee Sometime After She Defeats Cersei

  • 37The Sand Snakes Actually Trying To Go After Cersei Instead Of Her Daughter
    And They Get Into A Fight With The Mountain

  • 38Using Huge Time Skips Or Making It More Clear That They Happened In Seasons 7 And 8

  • 39The Council Not Discussing Why Arya, Gendry,Sam,Sansa And Jon Couldn't Be The Ruler

  • 40Moments That Happened Off Screen In Season 8 Should Have Been Shown

  • 41Danaerys Actually Showing Guilt For Burning Kings Landing During Her Final Conversation With Jon

  • 42Danaerys And Cersei Having A Conversation Before The Decision To Burn King's Landing

  • 43Danaerys Actually Burns Euron's Fleet During His Surprise Attack And Missandei Actually Dies In The Attack

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