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Top 10 Ways Game Of Thrones Foreshadowed Danaerys Targaryen Becoming A Villain

Things That Happened In The Plot And In Her Character Development That Possibly Set Up Her Becoming A Villain In The Final Episodes.
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    1The Whole Conflict Of The Last Seasons Was If There Was A Way She Could Win Without Killing Civilians But The Other Options Ended Up Costing Her
    This Factoring Into Her Decision To Just Burn Them All Because She Could Have Easily Won Without Losing Any Of Her People If She Didn't Delay To Come Up With Another Plan

  • 2Her Desire For The Iron Throne Was Always Motivated By Revenge And Feeling It Is Rightfully Hers Make Your Case
  • 3Despite Her Good Intentions She Was Technically A Dictator When She Took Over The Cities
    Because yes she freed slaves but ultimately forced everyone to obey her under the threat of death

  • 4Some Of The Characters In The Past She Has Killed Didn't Actually Deserve To Die Or At Least Not In The Way She Does It Make Your Case
  • 5The Concern That She Shouldn't Continue To Pursue Her Goal For The Iron Throne And Just Rule Where She Is Make Your Case
  • 6Her Growing Isolation After The Death Of Jorah And The Truth About Jon Make Your Case
  • 7She Was Always Awarded For Her Good Deeds As It Added To Her Power Make Your Case
  • 8She Has Killed Innocent People Before Even Though It Wasn't Her Intention
    And letting her dragons fly freely led to the death of a child
    Like when it turned out some of the slave masters she crucified didn't have anything to do with the crime she was punishing them for.

  • 9Her Decision To Fight The Night King Was Partly For Political And Selfish Reasons
    Then There Is The Fact That She Can't Rule The Kingdom If The Dead Take It Over But This Is Why I Said Partly
    But she did help Jon escape from the white walkers at the wall which costed her viserion and Jon bent the knee afterwards. Cersei was much worse as she promised to send troops to fight the walkers and broke that promise
    For Example She Refused To Fight Unless Jon Gave Her The North And Bent The Knee

  • 10One Of Her Character Flaws Was Her You Are Either With Me Or Against Me Attitude Make Your Case
  • 11Going Mad Was Treated As Her Destiny That Her And Everyone Else Was Trying To Prevent Make Your Case
  • 12While Preparing Too Fight The Night King The Characters Spent More Time Talking About What Kind Of Ruler She Would Be, But Sansa And Others Having Concerns Make Your Case
  • 13Her Declaration About The People Of The Seven Kingdoms, They Will Live In My New Or They Can Die In Their Old One Make Your Case
  • 14They Will Live In My New World Or They Can Die In Their Old One Make Your Case
  • 15While Other Characters In A Leadership Position Have Had Too Execute People They Don't Enjoy Doing It While She Seems To Be Emotionless When She Does It Make Your Case
  • 16While She Has Avoided Killing Children And Innocent People And Even Locked Up Her Dragons When One Killed A Child She Has Stated She Will Do Anything To Destroy Her Enemies And Accomplish Her Goals Ev Make Your Case
  • 17Her Family's History Of Going Mad Because Of Incest And Having Dragon Blood
    It was even stated that her father started on the same path of helping people like she did but eventually started seeing everybody as the enemy turning him mad.
    Her family history also consisted of family members committing incest to keep their bloodline pure
    It is ultimately having dragon blood that eventually drives members of her family mad especially if they are in power.

  • 18She Has Always Been Willing To Burn Cities To The Ground If Things Don't Go Her Way Make Your Case
  • 19Her Reaction To Jon's True Heritage
    She also later sees that the people of the north would want him to rule if they found out the truth
    She immediately sees him as a Threat and doesn't consider ruling with him

  • 20She Can Be Ruthless With Her Enemies
    Like the fact she usually burns them

  • 21The Other Characters Have Always Feared The Things She Could Do If She Gained More Power Make Your Case
  • 22She received a vision where she was in front of the Iron throne covered in ashes suggested byAnonymous
    Ultimately showing that her quest for the throne would lead to destruction.

  • 23She Has Struggled With Her Anger That Tempted Her To Just Use Her Dragons To Solve A Problem Make Your Case
  • 24Growing Jealousy Of Jon While Also Being Rejected By Him Romantically Make Your Case
  • 25She was focused more on taking the Iron Throne for herself than on abolishing slavery suggested byAnonymous
    Slavery has been banned in Westeros even before the Targaryen dynasty began so her anti slavery views are part of her upbringing from Westeros

  • 26Bad Things Have Been Happening To Her Ever Since Coming Back To The Kingdom Make Your Case
  • 27She Lost Friends And Two Of Her Dragons Because Of Trying To Save And Spare People
    In Hindsight She Really Could Have Taken Kings Landing And Eventually Fought The Night King If It Wasn't For The Fear She Would Cause Collateral Damage Towards The People.

  • 28She Starts Demanding Loyalty Over Earning It Since Coming To The Kingdom Make Your Case
  • 29She Gets Affected By How The Other Characters Don't Trust Her Even After Fighting The Night King Make Your Case
  • 30She Has An Obvious Messiah Complex And Getting Recognition For Her Many Good Deeds Fed Into It Make Your Case
  • 31Her Story Arc Actually Parallels To Stannis's Who Also Was Corrupted By His Quest For The Throne
    And Remember How Stannis Refused To Sacrifice His Daughter But Later Changed His Mind Out Of Desperation
    There is also a parallel to Cersei

  • 32While She Generally Loves People She Has Shown Resentment Towards The People Of Kings Landing For Turning Against Her Family Make Your Case
  • 33Her Conflict With Sansa Was Based On The Fact She Is Basically Forcing The North To Serve Her Despite Them Becoming Independent
    Just The Fact That Jon Gave Her The North Without Talking To Them Became A Problem

  • 34Most Of Her Best Decisions Came From Her Council And They Mostly Were Trying To Make Sure She Didn't Go Too Far Make Your Case
  • 35The Parallels Between Her And Cersei's Story Arcs Make Your Case
  • 36It Always Disturbed Her Council When She Refused To Show Mercy Make Your Case
  • 37As Stated By Tyrion In The Final, We Cheered For Her Actions Because She Was Only Killing Evil Men Make Your Case
  • 38The Symbolism In The Colors Of Her Clothing Make Your Case

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