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Top 10 Ways Game Of Thrones Foreshadowed Danaerys Targaryen Becoming The Mad Queen And Her Death

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    1Her Punishments Towards Enemies Is Usually Questioned
    Also Her Execution Of The Tarlys Is Criticized By Tyrion
    For Example Jorah Questioned Her Decision To Crucify The Slavers And Felt She Should Have Just Imprisoned Them.

  • 2She Has Threatened To Burn Cities Several Times Make Your Case
  • 3She Is Shown To Struggle With Her Dark Side Make Your Case
  • 4Similarities Between Her And Cersei's Story Arcs Make Your Case
  • 5Most Of The Characters Who Pursue Or Gain The Iron Throne Die Or Become Corrupted Before Death Make Your Case
  • 6Her Family's History With Madness And The Characters Fear It Will Get Her
    In A Way Tyrion And Varys's Attempts To Prevent It Help Cause It

  • 7Her Motivation For Why She Wants The Iron Throne
    Specifically it's not too free people it was because she saw it as her birthright.
    Also, Slavery in Westeros was illegalized long before the Targaryen dynasty began their reign

  • 8The Throne Room Being Destroyed In Her Vision Make Your Case
  • 9Her Relationship With Jon Reflected His Relationship With Ygritte
    Ultimately one thing Ygritte and Danaerys have in common is having a justifiable goal but they had to be stopped because of them killing innocent people to achieve it.
    And Olly killed Ygritte because of her part in the death of his family and village.
    But Jon did not kill Ygritte, Olly did
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  • 10Brans vision of a dragon flying over Kings Landing suggested byAnonymous Make Your Case
  • 11She Is Shown To Be Better At Conquering Than At Leading Make Your Case
  • 12She Starts Experiencing Several Losses When She Comes To The Seven Kingdoms Make Your Case
  • 13Her Execution Of The Tarlys For Not Bending The Knee
    As Tyrion States She Didn't Have To Burn Them And Dickon Was Just Being Honorable And Didn't Deserve To Die.

  • 14Fire Being The Focus Of Her Story And Ultimately The Nature Of Fire
    Because Fire Can Be Helpful If Used Properly But It Can Very Easily Spread And Destroy Everything
    You Can Even Say That Danaerys' Kindness And Love Was Keeping The Fire At Bay Until Hatred And Pride Added Fuel To The Fire

  • 15She Actually Doesn't Believe At First That Her Father Was Mad And That Her Whole Family Were Just Innocent Victims In The Rebellion
    Also Not Seeing Any Problems With How Her Family Ruled And Their Tactics

  • 16Missandeis last words before her beheading suggested byAnonymous Make Your Case
  • 17Bran's Visions Of The Mad King And A Dragon Flying Over King's Landing Make Your Case
  • 18Mostly All Of Her Victories Were Massacres Make Your Case
  • 19One Of Her Character Flaws Is That She Doesn't Consider The Consequences Of Her Actions Make Your Case
  • 20Bran's Reaction To Meeting Her Make Your Case
  • 21The White Walker Symbols Looking Similar To Her House Symbol
    And The Night King Not Taking Opportunities To Kill Her Possibly

  • 22Her Reaction To Executing Enemies Compared To Other Protagonists Who Clearly Don't Enjoy It. Make Your Case
  • 23Being More Concerned About Losing The Throne Than The Fact Jon Is Her Nephew And Last Relative Make Your Case
  • 24Things Only Work Out For Her When She Uses Violence While Being Merciful Backfires Make Your Case
  • 25At First Her Ultimatum That Jon Gives Her The North In Exchange For Her Help With The Night King Make Your Case
  • 26Her Council Describe Themselves As Keeping Her Worst Impulses In Check Make Your Case

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