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Top 10 Worst Decisions by Disney Animated Villains

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    1Becoming a Genie - Aladdin
    Aladdin tricks Jafar into using his final wish to become an all-powerful genie, completely unaware of all the things that go into becoming a genie.
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  • 2Hyena Excuse - The Lion King
  • 3No Capes! - The Incredibles
  • 4It's My Word Against Yours - Zootopia
    Believing that she has the upper hand, Dawn Bellwether brags about her plot to drug predators with her night howler serum, completely unaware Judy was recording her rant with her carrot pen.
    But still, she fell into the trap most movie and tv villians fall for: telling their plot to the heroes before killing them
    yeah but its never a good idea to revel your evil plans to the heroes in genral
    This likely dosen't count, because she had no idea she was being tricked.
  • 5I'll Kidnap a Thousand Children Before I Let This Company Die! - Monsters, Inc.
    Waternoose angrily reveals his plot to kidnap children to Sulley during their confrontation in the training room, unaware that Mike is recording the conversation.
  • 6Cutting the Wrong Vines - Tarzan suggested byTheMichaelCityMaker
    Angry after being outsmarted by Tarzan and tangled in some vines, he recklessly starts slashing with his machete, failing to cut the one vine wrapped conveniently around his neck before falling.
  • 7Betraying Anna - Frozen
  • 8Off Balance - Beauty and the Beast
    After stabbing the beast in the back as thanks for the beast sparing his life, Gaston loses his footing on the tower and falls to his death.
  • 9Left the Others for Dead - Toy Story 3
  • 10Bird Provoking - A Bug's Life
  • 11Wardrobe Malfunction - The Emperor's New Groove
  • 12Trying To Get Rid Of The Cats - Edgar The Aristrocats suggested bybobbylashley18
  • 13Having The Hyenas Kill Simba When He Could Have Done It Himself - The Lion King suggested bybobbylashley18
  • 14Trying To Kill Quasimodo Instead Of Getting Himself Off The Ledge suggested bybobbylashley18
  • 15Yelling It Out - Coco
    i think the stupidest thing he ve ever done is when he recreated Hector's death in one of his movies.
  • 16Cheating - The Sword in the Stone suggested byTheMichaelCityMaker
  • 17Lack of Security - Robin Hood
  • 18Merging with the Cy-Bugs - Wreck-It Ralph
    In fairness, Turbo definitely did not DECIDE to merge with the Cy-Bug. He just greatly enjoyed the results of it.
  • 19Vowed Never to Return Until He Captured the Bird - Up
  • 20Shooting John - Pocahontas
  • 21Not Disposing the Key - Cinderella
  • 22Creating A Whirlpool In The First Place - The Little Mermaid suggested byVeronica Piccinini
  • 23Recreating His Best Friend's Murder In One Of His Movies - Coco suggested byVeronica Piccinini
  • 24Not change Rapunzel's birthday - Tangled suggested bySelim Bradley
  • 25Being a Sore Loser - Cars
  • 26Caught Off Guard - The Princess and the Frog
  • 27Having Jasper and Horace to do all the work- 101 Dalmatians suggested byjhwoe6
  • 28Accepting Forbidden Power - Brave
  • 29Nobody Is Guarding the Cauldron - The Black Cauldron
  • 30Not killing Basil him self- The Great Mouse Detective suggested byjhwoe6
  • 31Get Distracted By Baloo And The Vultures - The Jungle Book suggested byVeronica Piccinini
  • 32Framing Mater For The "Oil Incident" - Cars 2 suggested byVeronica Piccinini
  • 33Gloating that he killed Mufasa - The Lion King suggested byMichael Ross
  • 34Solid gold hubcabs - Robin Hood suggested byMichael Ross
  • 35Calling ZPD - Zootopia suggested byMichael Ross
  • 36Trying to destroy the eagle's eggs - The Rescuers Down Under suggested byMichael Ross
  • 37Driving on the train tracks - Oliver and Company suggested byMichael Ross
  • 38Inventing something that can kill toons - Who Framed Roger Rabbit? suggested byMichael Ross
  • 39Doing the exact same thing that presumably got his second brother killed - Brother Bear suggested byMichael Ross

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