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Top 10 Worst Things Patrick Star Has Done in SpongeBob SquarePants

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    1Tormenting Gary By Starving Him
    He also tormented Gary by drying him and threatening him with fire
  • 2Having the Great Time By Himself With SpongeBob Stuck in the Wringer
    So bad and he never once did ask spongebob hey are you ok should we leave or if that sort
  • 3Lying About Mad Snail Disease
    He didn't lie about it, he was just stupid enough to believe in that Urban Legend
  • 4Tricked SpongeBob in the Plan to Impress His Parents
    To be fair, that trick was helping him impress his parents by pretending to be an idiot to make him look smarter, then winding up believing it thanks to being the actual idiot.
  • 5Pretending to work and leaving SpongeBob to take care of a baby scallop suggested by635535
  • 6Being a Fake Doctor
  • 7Stinging Squidward's Tongue With a Jellyfish
  • 8He constantly got Spongebob in trouble at boating school suggested byAnonymous
  • 9Secret Box
    Everyone has secrets. And it's not nice to just pry yourself into someone's personal life. Although, Patrick was hellbent on keeping a secret from his best friend.
  • 10Eating Krabby Patties Without Paying
  • 11Kept eating Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's Tartar Sauce weapon when they went back in time suggested byBrennan Young
  • 12Ruining a Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy Collectors Card SpongeBob Wanted, and then Admitting It was to Intentionally Harm SpongeBob suggested byFerb Flynn-Fletcher
  • 13Taking Part in National No SpongeBob Day (and Admitting He Sometimes Wants Time Away from Him) suggested byFerb Flynn-Fletcher
    Granted, everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, needs time away from Spongebob's antics.
  • 14Showing Off His Driving Life
  • 15Scaring Squidward to Sell Ink Lemonade suggested by635535
  • 16Eating Sponebob's chocolate bar and dramatically accusing him of stealing it suggested bymac121mr0
    Episode: Life of Crime
  • 17Joys of Unemployment
  • 18Kept the camera lens on during filming of their Mermaidman and Barnacle boy movie suggested byDirector22
  • 19Stealing people's stuff when he's king. suggested by635535
  • 20Hitting SpongeBob aggressively with his rock home suggested bymac121mr0
    Episode: Home Sweet Pineapple
  • 21Betraying his best friend Spongebob by joining Plankton's evil side to defeat Mr. Krabs suggested bymac121mr0
    Episode: The Fry Cook Games
  • 22DOING IT ALL ON PURPOSE! suggested byJeremy Zupke
  • 23Abusing his Power After Learning He was a King suggested byFerb Flynn-Fletcher
  • 24Destroying the Krusty Krab and shredding Mr. Krabs' money suggested byDirector22
  • 25Scamming clients about the fake benefits of eating chocolate suggested bymac121mr0
    Episode: Chocolate with Nuts
  • 26Made SpongeBob's oral exam review worst suggested byT.j. Worthington
  • 27Endangering one of Sandy's bosses and almost getting her deported suggested byRobintheFrog


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