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Top 10 Worst Things Peter Griffin Has Ever Done

This list is for, as the title already suggest, is for all the worst things Peter Griffin from Family Guy has ever done. It could be to his own family, friends, someone else or to everyone
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    1Bullying his own daughter Meg suggested byAnonymous
    As happens with every opportunity he gets
  • 2Blowing up a children's hospital suggested byzendaddy621
    & only a week in jail, He should have gotten life in prison.
    In a scene when Peter visits a Brewery factory, he tells asks a secretary to look at the window, specificly a billboard from a rival company, and peter press a button to explode it.....only to accidentally putting the bomb at a Children's Hospital right next to it. 2 things: 1. How does Peter did not realize he put a bomb in a hospital in first pla
  • 3Breaking Brian's Face
    In an attempt to take Brian's rope toy, Peter wraps it with another rope and drive in a car, pulling the poor family dog. The end result is nasty: Brian goes face first right into a hydrant, breaking his face. It's a miracle how Brian manages to survive this accident, but it's a very cruel prank from the so called Family Guy.
  • 4Killing Several People in a Marathon
  • 5telling kids how to kill their selves by teaching them how to Slit their wrists - Brian's a bad father suggested byStacy Picard Mcdowell
    this quote on quote joke seriously got past the censors?! What was Fox and the writers of that episode even thinking?!
  • 6Trying to Marry Chris for Money suggested byRazorRex
  • 7Killing Quagmire's Cat
  • 8Stealing jet fuel from a commercial airliner suggested byzendaddy621
    For his pickup truck; the plane then ran out of fuel and crashed, causing Quagmire to lose his job...
  • 9Shooting Quagmire in the arm suggested bytruminat
    For no reason, might I add.
  • 10Crashing the Internet
    Let Peter to ruin everyone's Internet all because he though Boop's mainframe was a "Japanese High-Tech Toilet"
  • 11Knocked over the TV Satellite and framed Meg for it suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 12saying he hates spending time with his kids suggested byFelix Wood
  • 13Blowing up a bridge suggested byzendaddy621
    In the episode when Peter converted to Islam...
  • 14Throwing a Woman off a Cruise Ship suggested byAdriana De Leon
  • 15Shooting Joe's Eye out with a BB Gun suggested byBrennan Young
  • 16Karate Kicking People after watching Roadhouse suggested byBrennan Young
    That was pretty far from the worst thing he ever did...
  • 17Leaving Meg with her Kidnapper suggested byAdriana De Leon
    To be fair, he was giving some poor advice to his daughter.
  • 18Taking child pornography pictures suggested byFreemantle_uk
  • 19Beating Up Chris' Bully
  • 20Negligently causing Loretta's death suggested byzendaddy621
    Loretta wasn't a good person, but she deserved better than that...
  • 21Accidentally killing his father suggested byzendaddy621
    Francis, not his biological father (Mickey McFinnegan)...
  • 22Abusing boy scouts suggested byFreemantle_uk
  • 23Running over Joe's Legs suggested byKarma
  • 24Putting his mouth between Susie swanson's legs and 'blowing a raspberry' suggested byAlphonseElric27
  • 25Paying Quagmire and joe to let him bully them suggested byDirector22
  • 26He convinced Joe to cheat on Bonnie - Internal Affairs suggested byAnonymous
  • 27Releasing a sexist comic strip on the newspaper. suggested byEj Bonvenca
  • 28Shooting Joe in the eye with a BB gun suggested byDirector22

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