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Top 10 Worst Things Sonic Has Done

He may be the fastest thing alive but Sonic is also a world class menace like Mario.
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    1Abusing Tails - Various
    Only in Gameplay when Tails follows Sonic around that is.
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  • 2Kick Away Eggman's Cacophonic Conch - Sonic Lost World
    That probably was the biggest mistake he made, he doesn't even know how it works and kicks it away for no reason. Way to break it hero
  • 3Damaging Public Property - Various
    The total cost for all the damages he caused would cost millions of rings.
    When Sonic is blasting through at high speeds in levels that are in a heavily populated area he damages cars, tables, windows, and etc.
  • 4Trusting Eggman To Shut Down Extractor Instead of Tails - Sonic Lost World
  • 5Fighting G.U.N. - Various
    The boss Big Foot is piloted by a GUN soldier.
    The Blue Eagles (jet fighters) are piloted by human pilots. Is it worth the 500 points, Sonic?
    Most notably Sonic Adventure 2. Others include Huge Crisis in Sonic Rush and both versions of Sonic Generations (Radical Highway in the 3DS and City Escape in the consoles).
  • 6Refusing to be Birdie's Bodyguard - Sonic Adventure
    Sonic saved countless animals and he doesn't want to protect a Flicky because of Amy.
  • 7Abusing Chao in Chao Gardens - Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2
    The Player is more likely to do this
  • 8Running Away From Amy - Various suggested byChristopher Nedrick
    Only those times when Amy isn't angry.
    Is this a bad thing?
  • 9Blowing Away Eggman With Amy Being Held Hostage - Sonic Riders
    He use a whirlwind attack on Eggman and Amy at the end of Heroes Story. He did it even though he knew Amy is there. Sonic deserves a Piko Piko Hammer to the head.
  • 10Competing With His Friends During The Wrong Times - Various
  • 11"I Hate it When he Doesn't Listen" - Sonic Adventure suggested byCuriousUserX90
  • 12Doesn't Mind Being A Bad Guy - Sonic and the Black Knight
    to fair he was being used
    Being a king slayer and ending the kingdom.
  • 13Want to Leave Sinbad Imprisoned- Sonic and the Secret Rings
  • 14Abusing Villagers - Sonic and the Black Knight
  • 15Gathering the Seven World Rings For Erazor Djinn - Sonic and the Secret Rings
  • 16"I don't get involved in fights I can't win" - Sonic X suggested byAiden Topping
  • 17Being a Selfish Hero - Sonic Boom (TV Series) suggested byChristopher Nedrick
    That horrible show don't count.
    It wasn't Horrible.
  • 18Not Listen to advice from Elders suggested byAiden Topping
  • 19Teaching Emerl How To Fight - Sonic Battle
    If he haven't teach the robot about fighting, maybe Emerl wouldn't become destructive.
  • 20Causing a City Blackout - Sonic The Hedgehog Movie (2020) suggested byChris Guará
  • 21Not knowing the importance of patience and going slow suggested byAiden Topping
  • 22Letting go Metal Sonic, which caused Metal Virus Outbreak (IDW Sonic the Hedgehog) suggested byGor Gevorkyan
  • 23Always slacking off while laying a thumb up his ass suggested byAiden Topping
  • 24Having the ladies like Amy, Cream and Sally Acorn do all the hero work while he gets all the credit to himself suggested byAiden Topping
  • 25Animal Capsule Trap - Sonic Lost World
    Can't really blame Sonic for that.
  • 26Stop Eggman's "Announcement" suggested byInnerAgent
    "I've come to make an announcementt"
  • 27Hating anyone for beating him in a race when they are much slower but smarter then him suggested byAiden Topping
  • 28having a complete lack of respect for authority suggested byAiden Topping
    Maybe Sergeant Slaughter whip Sonic's ass up into shape just like back then when tried to do it to Mario on The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! in the Episode Caught in a Draft
  • 29Refusing to go to Emerald Coast with Amy because of hating water - Sonic X suggested byAiden Topping
    I think this list is meant to be about the games.
  • 30Fucking up Thomas the Tank Engine suggested byAiden Topping
    Characters who don't even co-exist?
    Thomas the Tank Engine is 10 times more bluer in loyalty then Sonic will ever be.
  • 31Those times in Games where he's not Fast Enough suggested byCuriousUserX90
    You can't blame him for those times for trying his best.
  • 32Nigga suggested byKourtney Butler
    "I don't get involved in fights I can't win" - Sonic X

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