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Top 10 Worst Things Spongebob Squarepants Has Ever Done

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    1Crippled Mrs. Puff (Demolition Doofus)
    On A new driving day, SpongeBob causes Mrs. Puff to permanently deflate and the so-called Protagonist revels in her misery. Mrs. Puff tries to kill him. SpongeBob never got any karma for what he has done.

  • 2Pressured Sandy into ditching her suit, then taunted her about how she couldn't breathe (Pressure)

  • 3Abused Gary (A Pal for Gary)
    Instead of saving Gary, Spongebob accuses him for being a jealous bully. Even when Puffy Fluffy was getting ready to eat Gary, Spongebob yells at him instead of the monster

  • 4Copied Squidward's house COMPLETELY down to the very last detail (Squid's Visit)

  • 5Crushed Squidward's foot and ripped off Squidward's toenail (House Fancy)

  • 6Killerjoy (Party Pooper Pants)
    Spongebob basically acts like a brat instead of having a good time.

  • 7Helped poison the health inspector and hide his body (Nasty Patty)

  • 8Fell in love with a Krabby Patty (To Love a Patty)

  • 9Disregarded Mr. Krabs' warning about not making stupid faces (Face Freeze!)

  • 10Helped Mr Krabs torment Plankton (One Course Meal) suggested byAnonymous

  • 11Gave Patrick the idea of torturing, scaring, and killing Squidward (Ink Lemonade)

  • 12Stalked and upstaged Squidward (Choir Boys) suggested bytrainlover476

  • 13Disturbing Clamu (Smoking Peanut) suggested bytrainlover476

  • 14Kidnapping Bikini Bottom (Rodeo Daze) suggested bytrainlover476

  • 15Gets jealous of New Squidward (A Breath of Fresh Squidward) suggested bytrainlover476

  • 16Got Squidward kicked out of the Cephalopod Lodge (Cephalopod Lodge) suggested bytrainlover476

  • 17Embarassed Sandy with his Squirrel Jokes (Squirrel Jokes) suggested bytrainlover476

  • 18Made Sandy take off her air helmet (Pressure) suggested bytrainlover476

  • 19Taking his Ripped Pants jokes too far (Ripped Pants) suggested bytrainlover476

  • 20His note to Mrs. Puff (Summer Job) suggested bytrainlover476

  • 21Helped Mr. Krabs scare Plankton (One Coarse Meal) suggested bytrainlover476

  • 22Tricking Mister Krabs and Plankton into working together (The Other Patty) suggested bytrainlover476

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