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Top 10 Worst Things Tony Stark has done in the MCU

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    1He neglected Pepper Potts
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  • 2He created Ultron
  • 3He tried to kill Captain America and the Winter Soldier
  • 4He recruited a teenager
    It's especially bad since he threatened to expose Spider-Man's identity to his Aunt May
  • 5He gave the Mandarin his address suggested byNathaniel Preston
  • 6Refused to listen to Captain America when he told Iron Man that Bucky was framed suggested byDirector22
    And this is why I don't like Tony anymore. This should be number 1 on this list.
  • 7Going To Fight Thanos With Just Spiderman And Doctor Strange suggested bybobbylashley18
    And The Decision Came Down To His Character Flaw Of Trying To Do Everything Himself Which Also Lead To The Creation Of Ultron
    In Hindsight It Would Have Been Better If He Went Back To Earth To Be With The Other Avengers And Fight Him There Or At Least Get Them To Come With Him To Titan
  • 8Being A Weapons Manufacturer Whose Weapons Were Used By Terrorists suggested bybobbylashley18
    Including Bombs That Killed Wanda And Pietro's Parents And Almost Killed Them
  • 9Supporting The Sokovia Accords suggested bybobbylashley18
  • 10Put Adrian Toomes out of the job suggested byThomas Bates
  • 11He refused to help with figuring out how to use the Quantum realm for time travel suggested byDirector22
    He may have come around eventually, but the fact that he wouldn't even try at first is still pretty low
  • 12Putting On His Iron Man While He Is Drunk suggested bybobbylashley18
    meant putting on his iron man suit
  • 13Being A Narcissist In General suggested bybobbylashley18

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