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Top 10 blue Rangers from Power Rangers

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    1Billy Cranston/Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger suggested byZachle Mentor
    The first Blue Ranger, and by far the best.
    Also, you have to give it up for actor David Yost for putting up with all the homophobia he had to deal with on set from cast and crew. He is an inspiration to us all, as Billy and as David.
    Billy is a technical genius, having created the communicators that make the famous beep. He is also the only original Power Ranger to make it all the way though his series, starting from episode 1. He is also one of the only six rangers to appear in over 100 episodes.

  • 2Theodore T.J. Johnson/Blue Space Ranger suggested byZachle Mentor
    Was the leader in Turbo, and basically was still the leader in In Space. He was coming up with plans, taking charge, and leading his team alongside Andros.

  • 3Rocky Desantos/Zeo Ranger Three Blue suggested byZachle Mentor
    Like T.J. he was also previously a red ranger, stuck around for 2 1/2 seasons of the series. He's super fine, and cmon he broke his leg in the Turbo movie, just give it to him.

  • 4Kai Chen/Galaxy Blue Ranger suggested byZachle Mentor
    His face is adorable.

  • 5Sky Tate/S.P.D. Blue Ranger suggested byZachle Mentor
    Plus, he 's the only Blue Ranger to get Promoted to a Red Ranger, and get the chance to use the Red Ranger powers in order to get revenge for his. And went from one of the jerk douchebag sexist rangers to an honorable second in command and great addition to the SPD team.
    Sky had GREAT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Sky 's powers are reflective mirrors which show that he puts barriers around himself in order to hid his insecurities. His dad was killed and he wants to be a red ranger just like his dad. His rivalry with Jack eventually turned to friendship.

  • 6Tori Hanson/Blue Wind Ranger suggested byZachle Mentor
    She's super hot, the first female blue ranger, and a surf queen/master of water.
    She's number 1 because she is hot.

  • 7Chad Lee/Blue Lightspeed Ranger suggested byZachle Mentor
    Fun fact, he trained Taylor Launter. Yes that one. Plus Chad 's friendship with Kelsey was reminiscent of the Billy Trini relationship. not only can do martial arts, he has a mermaid girlfriend.

  • 8Koda (Dino Charge) suggested bytrainlover476

  • 9Flynn McAllistair/Ranger Operator Series Blue suggested byZachle Mentor
    Why should he be in the Top 10? Two words: IM SCOTTISH! And what ranger has ever went back into a war zone to try and save dozens of people in a SCHOOL BUS and destroy a Grinder with a window ceil!

  • 10Ethan James/Blue Dino Ranger suggested byZachle Mentor

  • 11Max Cooper/Wild Force Blue Ranger suggested byNyan-Giraffe
    Consistently laughed at by several of his team for being the youngest, but still managed to prove himself. Also he has a giraffe zord, that's the best zord you could ever ask for.

  • 12Lucas Kendall/Time Force Blue Ranger suggested byNyan-Giraffe
    He's a cool guy

  • 13Justin Stewart/Blue Turbo Ranger suggested byZachle Mentor
    Justin wasn't as bad as people sad he was. Rather, he 's the only one written competently. When people start disappearing, he instantly suspects the villains. When a villain spends time gloating, he goes in secret with Alpha to uncover his plans in the meantime.
    No, even Tanya was through with him...

  • 14Madison Rocca/ Blue Mystic Force Ranger suggested byOnofre Ramirez

  • 15Preston Tien-Ninja Steel Blue Ranger suggested byStrider Xanthos

  • 16Noah Carver-Megaforce suggested byStrider Xanthos

  • 17Theo-Jungle Fury Blue Ranger suggested byStrider Xanthos

  • 18Shark Ranger/Jungle Fury Shark Ranger suggested byStrider Xanthos

  • 19Cestro suggested byRickey A. Layman II
    What was wrong with him? Alien Ranger by the way.

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