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Top 10 death battles we want to see

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    1Thanos from Marvel vs Darkseid from DC
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  • 2Galactus from Marvel vs Unicron from Transformers
  • 3Black Cat vs. Catwoman suggested byRazorRex
  • 4Bullseye vs. Deadshot suggested byRazorRex
  • 5Killer Croc vs. Leatherhead suggested byRazorRex
  • 6Monkey D. Luffy vs. Natsu Dragneel suggested byMark Fitzgerald
  • 7Ben 10 from Ben 10: Omniverse vs Danny Phantom from Danny Phantom
    that can't be fair because ben has multiple form and danny only has 2 (ghost form and human form) so ben will win in an instant
  • 8HAL-9000 from 2001: A Space Oddesy vs Glados from Portal
  • 9Doctor Doom from Marvel vs Darth Vader from Star Wars
  • 10Kiryu(MechaGodzilla 3) vs MechaGodzilla(Show) vs MechaGodzilla(Heisei) suggested by19cheeksjar@nilesmck
  • 11Blade vs Simon Belmont (Marvel vs Castlevania) suggested bycarlos blanco
  • 12Sonic the Hedgehog vs The Flash suggested byDavid Byrd
  • 13Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) vs. Kazuki Muto (Buso Renkin) suggested byMark Fitzgerald
    Who and why?
  • 14The Elric Brothers (Fullmetal Alchemist) vs Kazuki Muto and Tokiko Tsumura (Buso Renkin) suggested byMark Fitzgerald
  • 15Lelouch VI Britannia (Code Geass) vs. Charles Xavier (X-Men) suggested byMjlyden
  • 16Team Marvel (Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Doctor Doom, Rogue, and Deadpool) vs. Team Nintendo (Link, Samus, Kirby, Fox, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Peach, and Blastoise) [Battle of DB winners] suggested byMjlyden
  • 17the Headless Horseman vs. Slender Man suggested byRazorRex
  • 18Little Mac vs. Rocky Balboa suggested byRazorRex
  • 19Smaug vs. Vermithrax Pejorative suggested byRazorRex
  • 20Grima vs. Alduin suggested byRazorRex
  • 21Cate Archer vs. Joanna Dark suggested byRazorRex
  • 22Darknut vs. Iron Knuckle suggested byRazorRex
  • 23Zartan (G.I. Joe) vs the Chameleon (Marvel) suggested byRazorRex
  • 24Gandalf vs. Dumbledore suggested byRazorRex
  • 25Mechagodzilla vs. Trypticon suggested byRazorRex
  • 26Zick form Monster Allergies vs Zack Saturday suggested byZ-ro
  • 27Gohan vs Superboy (Conner Kent) suggested byMjlyden
  • 28Rayne vs. Blade suggested byRazorRex
  • 29Shedder vs. Silver samurai suggested byRazorRex
  • 30Sub Zero and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat vs Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter
  • 31Darkrai from Pokemon vs Zs'Skayr from Ben 10
  • 32Master Roshi from Dragon Ball vs Jubei Yumada from King of Fghters
  • 33Alien vs Predator
  • 34Yugo from Wakfu vs Nightcrawler from the X-Men suggested byZ-ro
  • 35Mewtwo from Pokemon vs Cell from Dragon Ball
  • 36The Joker vs Sweet Tooth suggested byBrian Walsh
  • 37Kirk vs Picard suggested byBrian Walsh
  • 38luffy vs nartuo suggested byluigiman
  • 39Rocket Raccoon (Marvel) vs Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect) suggested bySimon Stewart
  • 40Genesect vs Predator suggested bySuperSaiyun
  • 41Spider-Man vs Scott Pilgrim suggested byBLA5T3R Productions

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