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Top 10 jokes only adults would get in SpongeBob SquarePants

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    1Here lies Squidward's hopes and dreams
    What a crybaby.
  • 2SpongeBob telling Gary don't drop the doubloons
    It involves jail, soap, and rape.
    I don't get it
  • 3Mr. Kraid suggesting Sailors no more profane words
  • 4Sandy and SpongeBob use protection before engaging
  • 5Spongebob watches sea anemone on tv, then changes channel when Gary comes in suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 6SpongeBob wearing a French maid outfit for Squidward
  • 7The Entire Setting of the Show suggested byKarma
    Bikini Bottom...Krusty Krab...
  • 8Patrick telling SpongeBob let's have another
  • 9Squidward stating how every 11 minutes in his life is torture
  • 10Mrs. Puff has bad thoughts about doing her job forever
  • 11Spongebob, Patrick, and Mr. Krab's panty raid suggested byHpatterson
  • 12Plankton's red zeppelin and that time again suggested byJacob Koopmann
  • 13Nosferatu reference suggested byLyleVSXyle
  • 14'It's that time of the month...' suggested byKarma
  • 15Squidward is like a steamed vegetable, but smarter suggested byWHoopes311
  • 16Squidward Asking if There Should be Seven Bad Words suggested byEj Bonvenca
  • 17people only like spongebob because it debuted after a kids award show suggested byJohnny Fountains
    I did not know that
  • 18I got better heroes than just a square sponge suggested byJohnny Fountains
  • 19The Silver Surfer is a better show than spongebob suggested byJohnny Fountains
    Why do we care
  • 20Bray Wyatt is more entertaining than spongebob suggested byJohnny Fountains
  • 21Spongebob died after the first movie suggested byJohnny Fountains
  • 22Squidward said he can think of a few reasons why superheroes run around and funny cord underwear
    I meant to say running around in funny colored underwear

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