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Top 10 video game controversies (suggested 4 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

Top 10 Videogame Controversies

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    1Grand Thief Auto series suggested byMargaret Rd

  • 2Mortal Kombat Fatalities suggested byJustin Kennon

  • 3Manhunt suggested byJosh Sinclair

  • 4Postal suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 5Wolfenstein 3D suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 6nude Tomb Raider suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 7Hot Coffee - GTA San Andreas suggested byWhatDaFluck13

  • 8Modern Warfare 2: No Russian Level suggested byrma2098

  • 9Pokemon Lavender Town suggested byJackthalegend

  • 10Doom suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 11Pokemon Jynx skin colour suggested byJackthalegend

  • 12Bully suggested byJosh Sinclair

  • 13school shootings suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 14Night Trap suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 15Custer's Revenge suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 16sex, nudity and other sexual themes suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 17GTA V torture mission suggested byLucasMota

  • 18Modern Warfare 2: No Russian suggested byrma2098

  • 19addiction suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 20LGBT characters suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 21crime and violence suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 22portrayal of gender suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 23Mass Effect 3 Ending suggested byTGTITU2

  • 24biological links to aggressive behavior suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 25biological links to aggressive behavior suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 26first person shooter games suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 27physiological effects suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 28Duke Nukem 3D suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 29publicized incidents suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 30Death Race suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 31Columbine Massacre/ Doom Media Scare suggested byTheBaconTerminator

  • 32Every school shooting suggested byTheBaconTerminator

  • 33Modern Warfare 3 London Child Death suggested byRobert Harris

  • 34Gotcha suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 35177 suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 36J.B. Harold Murder Club suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 37SimCopter suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 38Playing as Raiden - Metal Gear Solid 2 suggested byshepardcommander17

  • 39Pokmon - Satanism suggested byDKBetiza

  • 40RapeLay suggested byTheBaconTerminator

  • 41Hitman: Absolution Facebook Marketing suggested byDKBetiza

  • 42Pkemon Lavender Town Theme Song suggested byDKBetiza

  • 43Far Cry 3 - Join Citra Ending suggested byDKBetiza

  • 44Phantasmagoria Rape Scene suggested byDKBetiza

  • 45Arma 3 - Arrested Developers suggested byDKBetiza

  • 46Diablo 3 - Error 37 suggested byDKBetiza

  • 47The War Z - Walking Dead Zombies suggested byDKBetiza

  • 48The War Z - The Whole Game suggested byDKBetiza

  • 49The War Z - Developer Blackmailing suggested byDKBetiza

  • 50Street Fighter X Tekken - On-Disc DLC's suggested byDKBetiza

  • 51Sega's Shining Force 3 Copyright Scandal suggested byDKBetiza

  • 52Mass Effect's 3 Ending suggested byDKBetiza

  • 53Fatal Frame Rituals suggested byDKBetiza

  • 54Brazilian Kid kills family because of Assassin's Creed suggested byDKBetiza

  • 55GTA V is Inspiration for the ""Knockout Game" suggested byDKBetiza

  • 56Carmaggedon suggested byDKBetiza

  • 57Far Cry 3 - Drug (Mushrooms) Use suggested byDKBetiza

  • 58Resident Evil 5 - Racism suggested byDKBetiza

  • 59Silent Hill - Pyramid Head's Rape Scene suggested byDKBetiza

  • 60God of War 2 Decapitated Goat Event suggested byDKBetiza

  • 61Resistance: Fall of Man - Manchester Cathedral suggested byAugust Rae Moise Tomm

  • 62L.A noire development Controversy suggested byMustafa Hussein

  • 63GTA V: By the Book suggested byrma2098

Top 10 Video Game Controversies

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    1Manhunt 2 - violent deaths suggested bymrthinkerable

  • 2Mortal Kombat - Influencing the creation of ESRB suggested byKendyl Clem

  • 3GTA San Andreas - Hot Coffee mod suggested bymrthinkerable

  • 4Pokemon - Satanic/Animal Abuse/Epilepsy/Jynx's Face suggested byDaveVsTheWorld

  • 5Resident evil 5 - racism suggested bymrthinkerable

  • 6Hitman 2 - Killing turban wearing "terrorists" suggested bymrthinkerable

  • 7Carmageddon - running down innocent civilians suggested bymrthinkerable

  • 8Grand Theft Auto - Glamorization of sex, violence, and profanity suggested byKendyl Clem

  • 9Mass effect - sex suggested bymrthinkerable

  • 10Rule of Rose - sadomasochism, torture and kidnap suggested bymrthinkerable

  • 11Hot Coffee suggested byJustin Kennon

  • 12Dante's Inferno's Marketing suggested bySloth Eye

  • 13Limbo Of The Lost- Plagarism suggested byDiscipleOfAnakin313

  • 14Pokemon- Giratina being Satan suggested byGardevoirDaGreat

  • 15Guitar Hero - Use of Kurt Cobain suggested byuprising1234

  • 16Postal 2 - Animal Cruelty, profanity, racial stereotypes and violence suggested byCory Markwick

  • 176 days in fallujah - iraq war suggested bymrthinkerable

  • 18Night trap - trap and kill women suggested bymrthinkerable

  • 19Thrill kill - senseless violence suggested bymrthinkerable

Top 10 video game controversies

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    1Hot Coffee suggested byJustin Kennon

  • 2Manhunt 1 suggested byDavid Juarez

Top 10 controversies in video games

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    1Hot Coffee suggested byJustin Kennon

  • 2Jynx (Pokemon) suggested byGardevoirDaGreat

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