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Top 10 yellow Rangers from Power Rangers

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    1Trini - Mighty Morpin' Power Rangers suggested byJim Gorr
    And a moment of silence for the death of her actress Thuy Trang.
    Trini was the best. She overcame her fears early on, translated for Billy, fought had for what she wanted, and despite the stereotype, who wouldn't want to be a intelligent martial artist environmentist badass like her.

  • 2Calvin Maxwell (Ninja Steel) suggested byStrider Xanthos
    The best dancer! %uD83C%uDF1F
    He had good dance moves!
    He's got great timing, loves his friends, overcame fears, and his zord rocks!
    Best smile! And super funny. :)
    First half of Power Rangers interracial relationship couple and really good at mechanics. Plus in his first zord fight, he slashed a monster in the face!

  • 3Kira Ford (Power Rangers Dino Thunder) suggested byNom de Plume
    Kira definitely wasn't a singer jerkbag wannabe, helping Tommy out whenever, being part of Trent turning good, the only one with wings, and she took on a monster with her zord UNMOPRHED flying in the sky.

  • 4Ashley - Power Rangers Turbo & In Space suggested byJim Gorr

  • 5Taylor - Power Rangers Wild Force suggested byJim Gorr
    She was the leader before Cole showed up and had a lot of character development towards her, most notable in the Reinforcements From the Future. Like Gia, she kept the rangers in line whenever Cole wasn 't around.

  • 6Aishia - Mighy Morphin' Power Rangers suggested byJim Gorr

  • 7Tanya - Power Rangers Zeo & Turbo suggested byJim Gorr
    She's badass. And that leg move she did on the creature on the boat in the Turbo movie tho.....

  • 8Maya - Power Rangers Lost Galaxy suggested byJim Gorr
    She talks to dead animals, fights monsters with or without her morpher, her actress is freaking hot and amazing, what more could you want from her?

  • 9Katie - Power Rangers Time Force suggested byJim Gorr
    Best and strongest Black female ranger ever. Went back in time and beat the crap out of preppy rich white guys, has the most adorable hugs, and is always ready for a challenge.

  • 10Dustin - Power Rangers Ninja Storm suggested byJim Gorr
    He's hot!
    He's funny, interesting, the muscle, tried to have romance with a villain and almost caused a Heel Face Turn, and he can make shadow clones!

  • 11Kelsey - Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue suggested byJim Gorr
    Her friendship with Chad mirrored that with Trini and Billy, she can do multiple sports, which allows to think of new ways to save the day whether it 's stopping monsters or saving lives.

  • 12Gia - Power Rangers Megaforce & Super Megaforce suggested byJim Gorr
    She also returns in dimensions in danger
    Gia 's lack of focus episodes does not hide that she is the second in command, able to do it all, strogn, couragous, powerful, and has one heck of a male gaze. She and Jake finally hooked up, acutally questioned Gosei, and damn she can fight.

  • 13Chip - Power Rangers Mystic Force suggested byJim Gorr
    Chip is freaking awesome! He 's super smart about science, magic, and Knight folklore, his friendship with Vida is cute, Daggeron even trained him to be a knight, and he has lightning powers, and one cool crossbow.

  • 14Summer - Power Rangers RPM suggested byJim Gorr
    Summer better make the top 10 or else.

  • 15Elizabeth "Z" Delgado (Power Rangers S.P.D) suggested byJerusalen Garcia Jordan
    Z shows everyone you can have a love life, and grow up to become something great. Thanks to her, she inspired one certain kid to become a Power Ranger in the future, and she can make clones of herself. Z also fights Morgana a lot on occassion.

  • 16Emily - Power Rangers Samurai & Super Samurai suggested byJim Gorr
    I don 't hate her, but she honestly was wasted potential. Adorable and suffered from depressions plus her relationship with Mike was a stretch, but then again her flaw was that EMily revealing herself to be a replacement for her sister would've made a more interesting development.

  • 17Tideus suggested byRickey A. Layman II

  • 18Ronny - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive suggested byJim Gorr

  • 19Lily - Power Rangers Dino Thunder suggested byJim Gorr

  • 20ashley yello space suggested byBrandon Wilson

  • 21tanya yellow zeo suggested byBrandon Wilson

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