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Top 20 Ways Movie Heroes Could Have Won Sooner

Either How They Could Have Beaten The Villain Early Or There Were More Simple Solutions To Their Problem They Could Have Used
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    1Cut His Hand Off - Avengers Infinity War
    Or calm down Star Lord
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  • 2Letting Sadness Do Her Job - Inside Out
    Because Ultimately It Was The Solution To Everything And If Joy Didn't Try To Stop Sadness Everything Could Have Been Prevented
  • 3Django Really Could Have Just Buyed His Wife Back In The First Place - Django Unchained
  • 4Indiana Simply Didn't Need To Look For The Ark And Even If The Nazis Found It They Would Have Died Anyway - Raiders Of The Lost Ark
  • 5Not Accepting Killmonger's Challenge - Black Panther
  • 6Ask The Neighbor For The Ball Back - The Sandlot
  • 7Bring Quicksilver With Them To Stop Mystique And Leaving Magneto Out Of It - X-Men Days Of Future Past
  • 8Generally Superheroes Or Characters With Powers Using Their Powers More - Various
  • 9Inviting Belle's Father Back To The Castle Or Arranging For Her To Check On Him Frequently- Beauty And The Beast
  • 10Putting More Police Security To Guard The Joker - The Dark Knight
    Of course Rachel Or Dent Would Have Still Died But At Least The Joker Would Still Be In Jail
  • 11Not Killing The Villain When Given An Opportunity Early In The Plot - Various
  • 12Calling The Ambulance - Knives Out
  • 13Having Security Watch Over Troy's Body While He Is In A Coma - Face/Off
  • 14Taking Marty To The Future Was Unnecessary - Back To The Future Part 2
    Because Ultimately It is a future event and doc simply could have told Marty what happens with his son to prevent it
  • 15The government not using the Oxygen Destroyer-Godzilla King of the Monsters suggested byElisabeth Nunez
  • 16Telling Jasmine The Truth And Keeping His Word To Free The Genie Immediately After Outing Jafar - Aladdin
  • 17Could Have Called On The Iron Man Suits Earlier - Iron Man 3
    Specifically when his house is attacked
  • 18Kevin could have called 911 on the Wet Bandits early on in the film- Home Alone suggested byTorchBurst
  • 19Don't Read The Book Or Don't Read It Aloud - The Mummy
  • 20Just Arresting Le Chifre - Casino Royale suggested byaldengarrett


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