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Top 5 Dumbest Reasons Why Fans Hated Star Wars The Last Jedi

Dumbest Reasons Fans Got Mad At The Movie That Shouldnt Have And Dont Really Make The Movie Bad
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    1Luke Drinking Alien Milk
    I definitely think a lot of Star Wars fans forgot Luke was raised by Moisture Farmers back at the Original Trilogy and Beru did said Luke is not just a farmer.
    As pointed out by some fans on youtube, he was a farmer so he probably always drunk milk straight from the animal.
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  • 2Not Explaining How Luke's Lightsaber Was Found
  • 3Leia Looking Funny When She Used The Force
    Some Fans Actually Thought It Was Awesome To See Her Use The Force, So This Scene Didn't Deserve Hate.
    Basically Not Everybody Saw It As A Funny Scene
  • 4The Rose Tico Character
    Also some Fans still Loved the movie even though they Considered her a bad Character
    In my personal opinion, the character is not terrible and even is she was she shouldnt have been able to ruin the whole movie for fans.
    Mostly Some Of The Reasons Why This Character Is Hated Are Dumb
  • 5The Female Characters Taking Charge
    Basically Some Male Fans Saw This As The Writers Trying To Force Feminist Beliefs On Them.
  • 6Rose Saving Finn From Sacrificing Himself
    Basically your angry that a character didn't die, thats messed up.
  • 7Lack Of Scientific Explanations
  • 8Fan Theories About Rey's Parents Didn't Come True
    Also Because Her Parents Not Being Anybody Was Also A Theory From Some Fans And They Turned Out To be Right
  • 9Luke Wasn't A Perfect Badass That Just Takes On An Army By Himself
    He technically does and if he really was there it might have had a bad outcome
  • 10The New Force Powers
    Mostly all the star Wars Movies introduce new powers
    Some fans felt that the powers were a plot hole even though they were shown on the tv series and other media.
  • 11Luke Throwing The Lightsaber Away
    It's also meant to show how he has become so anti jedi
    Because it would make sense for him to do that sense the last time he saw it he found it his father was Darth Vader and he lost his hand, so it would bring bad memories for him.
  • 12Didn't Answer All Are Questions
  • 13They Made Rey More Perfect
    They Actually Showed That She Had A Flaw If People Paid Attention
  • 14The Social Justice Warriors Trying To Force Their Views On Us In This Movie
  • 15Rey's Parents
  • 16Holding for Hux prank suggested byAnonymous
    And The Prank Was Also To Distract Him So It Did Have Meaning
    Because Han Technically Did Something Similar In A New Hope
  • 17It Ruined The Original Star Wars Trilogy
    It Actually Praises The Original Trilogy
    Not Only Ruined But Disrespected It According To Fans
  • 18Toxic fans thought Luke was out of character, but he makes a mistake like a human being. suggested byMatthew Kelly/DigiPe
  • 19Attempting to press fans with things that were new suggested byAnonymous
  • 20Space Physics
    The Franchise Never Obeyed Physics And The Movie Just Added New Technology
  • 21Holdo Having Purple Hair
  • 22Alien Casino
  • 23Kylo And Rey Didn't Get Together And Rey Should Have Joined The Dark Side
  • 24Luke Not Using The Green Lightsaber In His Fight With Kylo
  • 25Luke Didn't Use His Green Lightsaber In the Final Fight
  • 26The hyperspace ramming And bombs in space suggested byAnonymous
  • 27The Answers The Movie Gave
  • 28Rose Kissing Finn
  • 29The Porgs
  • 30Kylo's Scar
    The issue fans had before the movie was even released is that the scar moved to over his eye instead of in the middle of his face and wanted to boycott just because of that.


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