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Top 5 NASA facts (suggested 3 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

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Top 5 NASA facts

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    1NASA was sued by three men from Yemen for trespassing on Mars. They claimed that they had inherited the planet from their ancestors thousands of years ago. suggested byMikeyP
  • 2Bill Nye the Science Guy originally wanted to be an astronaut, but NASA kept rejecting him. suggested byMikeyP
  • 3As part of its staff training, NASA will show the movie Armageddon and asks the trainees to identify as many scientific inaccuracies as they can. suggested byMikeyP
  • 4The toaster in your kitchen contains a more powerful computer than the one used by NASA to send astronauts to the moon. suggested byMikeyP
  • 5To be officially considered an astronaut by NASA you must travel at least 50 miles above the surface of the Earth. suggested byMikeyP
  • 6NASA estimates that the value of minerals in the asteroid belt amounts to about $100 billion for every human on the planet. suggested byMikeyP
  • 7NASAs goal is to have humans on Mars by some point in the 2030s suggested byMikeyP
  • 8Just in case life is found on some other planet, NASA actually has an Office of Planetary Protection suggested byMikeyP
  • 9In 2006 NASA admitted to having accidentally recorded over the original tapes of the moon landing. Fortunately NASA wasn't the only group recording. suggested byMikeyP
  • 10NASA will pay you to lay in bed for months at a time so they can study the effects of prolonged weightlessness suggested byMikeyP
  • 11In 1991 NASA discovered a small body near Earth that is now listed in their Astrophysics Data System as a possible alien probe. suggested byMikeyP
  • 12NASA will send you a text message whenever the International Space Station passes over your location suggested byMikeyP
  • 13Lonnie Johnson, the man who invented the Super Soaker was a NASA scientist. He also helped develop the Stealth Bomber. suggested byMikeyP
  • 14The area code for Kennedy Space Center and its surrounding regions is 321 (imitating the countdown before liftoff) suggested byMikeyP
  • 15In 1979 when Skylab crashed in Australia upon reentry, NASA was fined $400 by the Australian government for littering. It was just recently paid. suggested byMikeyP
  • 16In 1999 NASA lost an orbiter because half of the engineers were using metric measurements and the other half were using imperial measurements. suggested byMikeyP
  • 17In 2008 NASA worked with Speedo to create the most drag resistant swimsuit ever. It was so successful that swimmers were actually banned from using it in many competitions. suggested byMikeyP
  • 18Since the Space Shuttle electronics were so outdated and nobody made them anymore, NASA actually resorted to buying spare parts on websites like eBay suggested byMikeyP
  • 19A man named Gregory W. Nemitz claimed ownership of Asteroid 433 Eros, on which the spacecraft NEAR Shoemaker landed in 2001. his company Orbital Development issued NASA a parking ticket for $20 suggested bymultiyapples
  • 20Neil Armstrong's NASA application was late by a week, if it weren't for his friend, Dick Day's effort to secretly slip his application into the pile he would have been rejected suggested bymultiyapples
  • 21According to polls, most Americans think that NASA funding accounts for roughly 20 percent of the national budget. In reality NASA receives $0.005 cents of every dollar. suggested byMikeyP
  • 22Cape Canaveral in Florida was chosen as a launch site because its proximity to the equator gives it more linear velocity than any other location in the United States. suggested byMikeyP
  • 23This way, if NASA launches its rockets eastward they can take advantage of the Earth's rotation. suggested byMikeyP

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