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Top Reasons Why Star Wars The Last Jedi Doesnt Deserve The Hate Its Getting

If You Didn't Like The Movie This List Isn't Meant To Change Your Mind Just Argue That The Movie Isn't That Bad.
Why The Last Jedi Doesnt Deserve The Fan Backlash It Has Gotten
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    1It Was Just Trying To Do Something Different Which Was What Fans Wanted
    Basically Fans Complained That Force Awakens Was To Similar To New Hope So This Movie Decided To Subvert Expectations
    It Does Something Different By Combining Empire Strikes Back And Return Of The Jedi But Having The Opposite Results Of Those Movies
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  • 2It's Flaws Aren't That Bad
    Main Point The Movie Has Flaws Buts Its Not Worth Getting So Bent Out Of Shape Over
    Some Of The Best Movies Also Have Plot Holes, Not Giving Enough Information, And Unnecessary Sub Plots But Fans Didnt Rage And Disown Those Movies Over It.
  • 3Its Okay Not To Like The Movie But Bullying Is Going Too Far
    Basically you can have your own opinion about the movie but don't try to force people who didn't like it to hate the movie with you and threaten the actors and crew.
  • 4Alot Of Star Wars Fans Do Love The Film Despite The Fan Backlash
  • 5Fans Would Have Been Disappointed No Matter What The Film Decided To Do
    Like If Rey's Parents Turned Out To Be Skywalker Or Solo Or A Past Jedi Character It Really Would Have Been Accused Of Copying The Original Trilogy
  • 6The Movie Wanted To Challenge Fans Ideas About The Franchise
    For Example The Characters Do Represent The Different Points Of Views Of Star Wars Fans Such As Rey Assuming Just Like The fans That Luke Was A Perfect Hero Who Would Come In And Save The Day.
  • 7Fans Just Overhyped The Movie
    Overhyped whose Rey's parents are, Luke's role in the movie, and the overall mysteries of the villains and heroes.
  • 8Some of the plot holes it make could get resolved in episode IX suggested byAnonymous
    The next movie could still reveal something about Rey's parents, background on Snoke training Kylo, and other things.
    good point
  • 9It's Ultimately Just A Movie And It Is What It Is
    And you can't change that people have seen the movie and it exists no matter what pettion you sign
    And if you decide not to ever watch a Star Wars movie again that is your problem not anybody else's.
  • 10You Really Expect A Studio To Do A Movie Again After It Already Has Made Money And Critical Acclaim
  • 11Some Fans Who Hated The Movie At First Started To Like It After Giving It A Second Viewing And Giving It More Thought
    Though I am Also Acknowledging That Fans Had The Opposite Reaction As Well
    Or At Least They Hated It Less Than Before
  • 12Being A So Called Bad Star Wars Movie Doesnt Make It A Bad Movie In General
    Also think about what if it was a standalone film or was apart of a different franchise would you still hate it
    Generally fans felt this movie contradicted the original trilogy.
    Basically There Are People Who Are Not Star Wars Fans Who Liked The Movie
  • 13None Of The Star Wars Movies Are Perfect
  • 14Despite The Negative Reaction The Movie Does Have Great Moments
  • 15The Movie Was Never Going To Answer All The Questions Or Give The Answers Fans Wanted
    Obviously some answers are being saved for the sequel
  • 16Episode 9 Might Make You Want To Revisit This Movie Later On
    If it brings this Movie's Decisions full circle and gives a great conclusion
  • 17If You Didn't Like The Force Awakens This Movie Was Never Going To Change Your Mind About The New Trilogy
  • 18Some Fans Decided They Hated The Movie Before It Even Came Out
  • 19Ultimately Some Fans Will Never Like The New Star Wars Movies But They Should Still Let Those Who Do Enjoy Them
    Basically stop saying that people who like this movie aren't true fans.
  • 20The Fans Who Didn't Like This Movie Just Need To Be More Calm And Rational About Their Criticisms
  • 21While The Movie Should Have Done Some Things Differently, The Movie Is Made And Can't Be Changed And The Creators Don't Want Too
  • 22Some Fans Might Change Their Minds About The Movie If Episode 9 Does A Good Job Of Wrapping Up The Story
  • 23Some Of It's Problems Aren't Really Problems Just Fans Being Nitpicky About The Changes
  • 24There Are More Important Things In Life Than Complaining About A Movie
  • 25Alot Of Movies Would Have Been Better If They Did Things Differently But We Ultimately Have To Accept That This Was The Movie We Got
  • 26The Fact Fans Are Willing To Defend This Movie Should Let You Know It Is Not Complete Trash
  • 27The Original Movies Have Some Of The Same Flaws
    The Originals Also Had Comedy And Subplots That Didn't Go Anywhere
    Example The Emperor Didn't Get Much Backstory Before Getting Killed
  • 28The Subplots Have A Purpose That Some Fans Do Understand
  • 29The Story Shows That The Heroes Aren't Perfect Which Is Why They Made The Decisions Fans Don't Agree With Or Understand
    Example Luke wasn't perfect in the original trilogy and just like a real person is capable of continuing to make mistakes despite getting older.
  • 30Some Of The Criticisms Are Sexist
  • 31The Finn And Rose Subplot Has Good Commentary On War And The Rich And Wealthy
  • 32Technically All Jedi's Parents Were Nobodies Since Jedi Aren't Allowed To Have Relationships
    And the reveal is supposed to establish that anyone can be a Jedi including the slave child at the end of the movie
    Mostly The Main Point Is Rey Didn't Need To Have Important Parents The Previous Movie Just Hyped Up Their Identity Too Much.
    Though one thing they could do is have one of her parents be a former Jedi who became an alcoholic or an alcoholic who is force sensitive.
    Another Detail Is That Jedi Are Taken From Their Parents When They Are Very Young
  • 33Luke's Death Would Upset People No Matter How He Died
  • 34The Questions Asked By Force Awakens Didn't Have Answers
    Basically the director had to make up answers with a limited amount of time to make it to the release date
    Which is the problem with most JJ Abrams projects
    They asked the questions but didn't have a clear plan for what the answers would be
  • 35Characters Change Just Like Real People After Many Years
    So Luke's change in character is not a plot hole we just didnt see everything he went through during the time gap inbetween the original and new trilogy.
    And remember the movies ignore the graphic novels and comics
  • 36Critics Mostly Liked The Movie
  • 37The Movie Didn't Set Out To Please The Fans Just To Tell A Story Necessary To The Franchise And Make It Different From The Originals
    The director said so himself and expected that fans would be divided.
  • 38Movie Is Ultimately About Failure And Learning From It
    For Example Rose And Finn's Plan Wasn't Bad It Just Failed Because Of Things Going Wrong, Mistakes Being Made, And Not Having All The Right Information And Would Have Worked In Any Other Movie Despite The Issues
  • 39The Movie Combining Empire Strikes Back And Return Of The Jedi But Changing The Results Of Both Actually Works To Make The Upcoming Sequel Unpredictable
    The Sequel now can't really be like any of them now and can be more original
  • 40It Addresses The Flaws From The Original Trilogy And The Prequels
    Specifically the flaw of the Jedi code.
  • 41The Sequels Of The Original Star Wars Were Divisive As Well When They First Came Out But Are Now Considered Classics
    And they both had different directors that had their own vision for the film's even going against George Lucas himself
    And fans were conflicted at first about the Darth Vader twist and what happened to certain characters
    And technically both Sequels made less money than the first
    Because remember people didn't like the ewoks in return of the Jedi
  • 42Some Of The Fans Don't Have A Plausible Reason For The Things They Hate About This Movie
    They are just being nitpicky and don't like change
  • 43Some Of The Angry Fans Are Just Acting The Way They Are Because They Want Attention
  • 44Some Of The Hate Is Mostly About The Movie's Political And Social Message
    Example The Finn And Rose Subplot Is A Criticsm Towards Rich People And The Movie Has A General Anti War Message.
  • 45It Wouldnt Have Been A Good Plot To Give Every Character A Flashback Or Use Most Of Their Screentime Explaining Their Backstory To Another Character
  • 46Some Fans Are Still Bitter At George Lucas Not Being Involved With The New Movies And Disney Owning The Franchise
    Even though the same fans hated him for making the Prequels And Changing The original trilogy
  • 47The Villains You Feel Got Killed Off Too Soon Might Still Get Spin Off Material
  • 48Fans Are Misinterpreting The Message
  • 49The Director Just Had A Different Vision Than The Fans Had
  • 50Some Fans Eventually Changed Their Minds About The Prequels
  • 51There Would Have Been Plot Holes If Some Fan Predictions Ended Up being Correct Such As Rey Being A Kenobi or A Skywalker
  • 52Kylo Was Always The True Villain Snoke Was Just A Way To Help Develop His Character Just Like The Emperor To Darth Vader
    In defense of him getting killed off so soon
  • 53While The Twists Were Anticlimatic They Did Do Their Job Which Was To Shock Us
  • 54The Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score Is Not 100 Percent Accurate About How Fans Feel And The Scores On Other Websites Were More Positive
    And not all fans who liked it feel the need to defend the movie
    Because remember not everybody posts reviews on the internet
  • 55Whatever Answer The Movie Gave For Why Luke Went Missing Would Still Feel Out Of Character For Him
    If he was the Luke fans imagine him to be it still wouldn't justify abandoning a war and never doing anything about Kylo even if it was out of guilt
    And still would be messed up if he was on the planet for the same reasons as Yoda was but yet still allowed the first order to rise and letting Everybody else deal with it, so it makes more sense for him to be the way he was.
    It would also be anticlimactic if he just accidentally got stuck there which would be the only other explanation that keeps him in character with the old movies
  • 56The Twists Actually Gurantee That Episode 9 Can't Be Like The Return Of The Jedi
    Or at least less than it could have been
  • 57Movie Should Be Respected For Taking Risks Even If Not All Of Them Paid Off
  • 58The Movie Contradicted The Original Trilogy So It Could Tell It's Own Story
  • 59The Movie Adds More Depth Too The Rivalry Between Kylo And Rey And Generally Gives Kylo More Character Development
  • 60Finn's Sacrifice Would Have Been Senseless
  • 61Generally Do The Things Fans Hate About The Movie Really Outweigh The Things That Are Good About It
  • 62The Movie And The Advertisement Actually Told You That The Movie Wasn't Going To Go The Way You Think
  • 63Fans Love The Movies But Do See The Flaws That Other Fans Hated
  • 64Luke Skywalker's Story Arc Is Basically The Same As The Movie Logan
  • 65It's been given Critical Acclaim suggested byEj Bonvenca


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