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Top Ten Crossovers that Would be Interesting to See Happen

Crossovers between two universes that have never been done before and seem to be unlikely choices for crossovers.
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    1The Matrix/ Terminator
    The Machines have taken over, but what would happen if Arnold was in the Matrix fighting Neo?
  • 2Street Fighter/ Mortal Kombat
    This one is obvious; Street Fighter has crossed over with Marvel, SNK, and Tekken. Mortal Kombat has crossed over with DC. This one is long overdue.
  • 3God of War/ Attack on Titan
    Kratos has killed Titans; but could he defeat an entire army? He also has is own version of the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear: his chainblades.
  • 4The Land Before Time/Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra suggested byEsteban Tomás Guirao
    I would really love to see Littlefoot, Korra and Aang together in one huge and enormous adventure from an univerasl level. They would be like the special best siblings of the entire world.
    against an old and same time new threat for time-space and the universe.
    Dinosaurs are always incredible animals, and for the Avatar World it would be something new and challenging, even spirits can fear these prehistoric creatures, for unknown reasons connected with Raava and Vaatu. Besides, i always dreamed about Littlefoot with Aang and Korra and all their friends and allies fighting together against an old and same
  • 5The Land Before Time/Ice Age suggested byEsteban Tomás Guirao
    Both are about a group of prehistoric animals fighting for survive. besides, one of the groups of one of the prehistoric eras have faced the other ancient field. This would make it more interesting.
  • 6Lord of the Rings/ Game of Thrones
    Game of Thrones is today's closest version of Lord of the Rings; minus the sex. Imagine the powers of Westeros competing for the One Ring. Add the Mother of Dragons, Ring Wraiths, White Walkers, Urah-kai, and the Night Watchmen together and you have one helluva epic on hand.
  • 7The Hunger Games/ The Walking Dead
    How would Katniss and a handful of Tributes against a horde of zombies?
  • 8Giant robots that transform into vehicles fighting each other. Humans piloting giant robots fighting each other.
  • 9characters from Pixar films/ characters from DreamWorks films suggested byAndyAlan
    Both are computer animation studios that have made a name of themselves in the animation industry, and I would be interesting to see some of there characters interacting (e.g Sulley and Mike interacting with Shrek or Lightning McQueen interacting with Turbo)
  • 10Pokemon with Godzilla suggested byEsteban Tomás Guirao
  • 11Aliens vs Species suggested byEsteban Tomás Guirao
  • 12Final Fantasy/ Pokemon
    Both are RPGs from Japan wiith a huge bestiary of odd and powerful creatures. Could Ash and Pikachu be able to handle facing a summon such as Bahamut?
  • 13DC/ Dragonball Z
    Superman. Super Saiyan. Enough said.
  • 14Star Wars/ Mass Effect
    Star Trek would be too obvious of a choice; The Reapers are very much like the Borg, biotic powers combined with The Force, and a Skywalker/Commander Shepard duo would be awesome.
  • 15Marvel/ Bleach
    Huge casts of characters with a wide range of unique powers. Just look at Head Captain Yamamoto and the Human Torch. Toshiro Hitsugaya and Iceman. The Wolverine and Kenpachi Zaraki. Spider-Man and Soi-Fon.
  • 16Transformers/ Mobile Suit Gundam

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